10 Best Food Gift Baskets, Tested and Reviewed by Our Editors

Updated: Apr. 25, 2024

From sweet to savory, we found the best food gift baskets for every occasion.

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When someone is celebrating a birthday or milestone, getting over an illness or simply needing a pick-me-up, food never fails to secure a smile. After all, the saying goes, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” Food gift baskets have come a long way since the days of yore, when the only options were shipping off a simple fruit assortment or assembling something yourself.

Nowadays, there’s a pre-made food care package for almost every occasion and taste, with options tailored to coffee lovers, ramen fiends and beyond. And, with innovations in packaging methods, it’s now possible to snag things like cheese, cookie dough and even ice cream without worrying about them spoiling in shipment!

The Taste of Home team has decades of combined experience trying and covering all types of food gifts, from fruit baskets to gifts for grillers. To help you find the best gift, we compiled our favorites in the list below. No matter your budget or occasion, these options—all tested and recommended by our staff—are sure to impress with their presentation, quality and thoughtfulness.


  • Comes with an assortment of snacks, from sweet to savory
  • Packaged in a gift-ready Harry & David box
  • Inclusions are fresh and high-quality
  • Works for a number of occasions, from sad to celebratory
  • Optional wine add-on available
  • Affordably priced


  • Not as fancy as some of the larger Harry & David gifts

No matter the occasion, there’s bound to be a suitable gift at Harry & David. With food gift baskets that span bakery treats, chocolates, candy-coated popcorn, nuts, tea, coffee and a whole bunch of other goodies, it’s no wonder folks keep turning to the trusted retailer for housewarming parties and birthday bashes. One of our favorite Harry & David gifts is the classic snack box, which combines a handful of the brand’s signature sweet and savory flavors into a crave-able, mouth-watering assortment.

Inside the gift-ready box are enough snacks to hold over a small gathering: A package of hickory-smoked summer sausage, aged white cheddar cheese, honey hot mustard, three-seed crackers, mixed nuts and classic caramel Moose Munch popcorn. There’s even the option to add a bottle of wine for celebratory occasions!

This snack crate served me well in a number of social settings thanks to its simplicity and affordable price. It makes a thoughtful get-well gift, new job celebration and “just because” present. Each time I send it out, the snack box is a total hit, with recipients commenting on the freshness of the Moose Munch, the flavors of the summer sausage and perfect portions that easily feed up to three people.

Heck, it even received the stamp of approval from my in-laws, who brought up the tasty hot mustard spread even months later. Talk about an impressive food care package!

Cheers Gift Set

Best for Celebrating

Cheers Gift Set


  • Comes with an assortment of celebratory snacks
  • Sparkling drink is nonalcoholic to suit a range of tastes
  • Two party noisemakers for celebrating
  • Each purchase plants a tree
  • Coconut wax candle included
  • Satin bow and sleek box make it very giftable
  • Option to include a handwritten message with a wax seal


  • Pricey

When the occasion calls for the “pop!” of bubbly, why stop at a bottle? Instead, spring for a cheers-worthy chest of champagne-inspired treats. The perfect accompaniment to a cheese board gift, this Cheers Champagne gift set comes with a bottle of TÖST sparkling nonalcoholic white tea rather than a traditional bubbly bottle, making it a thoughtful pick for anyone limiting their alcohol intake.

A champagne candle, wine-flavored gummies, white chocolate champagne popcorn, two party noisemakers and a champagne stopper accompany the bottle of nonalcoholic bubbly in a sleek, gift-ready box. Include a handwritten note adorned with a wax seal for extra fancy flair. They’ll love unboxing this stunning assortment, and you’ll love that each purchase plants a tree.

“The curators did an excellent job collecting celebratory and festive items,” our tester and Executive Culinary Director, Sarah Farmer, says of this charming gift basket for women and men. “From the superior packaging to the array of products, this box nails it for any occasion that calls for a cheer.”

Mrs Fields Fruit Bowl
Caitlyn Fitzpatrick/Taste of Home CAITLYN FITZPATRICK/TASTE OF HOME

Best with Fruit

Mrs. Fields Pop Up Basket


  • Giftable with reusable bowl
  • Fun presentation
  • Nice variety of fruit
  • Fresh, non-bruised fruit
  • Reasonably priced


  • You can’t select the fruit

Fresh fruit gifts are a classic food care package option for a reason—but not all fruit baskets are equal. This Mrs. Fields pop-up fruit bowl gift contains up to 17 pieces of fresh, farm-picked fruit. Inclusions span oranges, apples, pears, lemons, limes, mandarins and kiwi, making for a colorful and flavorful assortment. In addition, each box of juicy produce comes with a reusable pop-up bowl that transforms the contents into a display-worthy gift.

“Whether it’s a birthday gift or bereavement gesture, I love giving people food-related items. Sometimes it’s just nice to feed people,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Caitlyn Fitzpatrick. “I would absolutely send the Mrs. Fields pop-up bowl to someone. I like that it has a reusable component so the gift isn’t over once the fruit is eaten.”

Caitlyn notes that apart from the gorgeous wood bowl, the fruit is vibrant and ripe. Each piece arrived without bruises or soft spots, in part thanks to the generous packing materials that keep each piece separated in transit. Once assembled, the bowl is very full and offers a generous assortment.

“As someone who has bought many flower arrangements and fruit bouquets online, I think the price tag on this pop-up bowl is totally fair. The fruit was high quality, and the adorable apple-shaped bowl will last for many refills,” says Caitlyn.

Levain Assorted Cookies in the package

Best for a Sweet Tooth

Levain Cookie Tin


  • Decadent, delicious cookies that taste homemade (or better!)
  • Gift-ready tin included
  • Sizable, six-ounce cookies
  • Novelty of the Levain name
  • Secure packaging prevents breakage
  • A wide assortment of flavors available


  • Requires some preparation

Levain Bakery makes some of the most famous cookies in the world—and not just because of the dozens of dreamy flavor combinations like chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate peanut butter. Each behemoth cookie weighs in at a whopping six ounces, making their assortment tins some of our favorite indulgent gifts for foodies.

Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, tried a whole host of their famous flavors, including the iconic chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, oatmeal raisin and caramel coconut chocolate chip. She used her oven to heat each cookie as instructed, resulting in ooey, gooey goodness.

“My first sample was the caramel coconut chocolate chip cookies. They tasted like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie and a chocolate chip cookie had a baby. The result was warm and tender with crunchy flakes of coconut. As the cookie cooled, the caramel turned deliciously chewy and added an even deeper texture,” she notes in her cookie review.

“I can confirm that Levain cookies are the real deal. I’ll certainly be ordering again for myself and my loved ones. The signature cookie assortment makes a delightful gift for any occasion—even ‘just because.’” Want a gift that keeps on giving? Consider opting for a cookie of the month club instead.

opening a sugar wish candy box to see sis small circular containers with lids labelled with pictures of the snacks and candies that are inside
Madi Koetting/Taste of Home MADI KOETTING/TASTE OF HOME

Most Customizable

Sugarwish Box


  • Choose from a number of gifts, including candy, cookies, coffee, cocktails and more
  • The recipient picks their own goodies
  • Packaging is pretty and gift-ready
  • Shipping is fast and secure


  • No option to add mixed inclusions, e.g. part cookies and part coffee

Candies and cookies and coffee, oh, my! For the friend that’s hard to shop for, turn to Sugarwish. This clever service offers a range of treats and snacks, from flavored popcorn to cocktail mixers to savory snacks and more. Even better, there’s no need to know what your recipient prefers—they pick their own options out of the categories you select, making it the perfect present for colleagues or picky eaters. And no matter which option they end up with, we guarantee they’ll find an assortment of flavors they adore.

“With six candies to enjoy, I enlisted the help of my sister/roommate to help me eat this sweet gift,” says Product Reviews Home Editor, Madi Koetting, in her Sugarwish review. “We treated ourselves to a movie night and indulged in all the sugary goodness. Afterward, there were still plenty of treats to go around for quick indulgences. Even on day five, the candy tasted as fresh as it did on day one.”

I tested Sugarwish’s cocktail mixer gift as part of our piece on the best cocktail kits. Like the candy, coffee and cookie options, shoppers choose the number of mixers (anywhere from two to 12). From there, Sugarwish does the rest. Your recipient selects their picks from a list of over 20 options that span a range of flavors and alcohol pairings. My “large” box contained four options—I enjoyed the simple margarita, blackberry lemonade, spiced cherry mule and pineapple mule options. They weren’t overly saccharine or artificial—nothing like those $5 mixers you spot in the grocery store.

Sending a Sugarwish gift basket is even easier than sending a gift card, and it’s so much more personal (and delicious)!

Spoonful of Comfort Box

Best for a Sick Friend

Spoonful of Comfort


  • Comes with two 32-ounce containers of chicken noodle soup
  • Includes six rolls for dipping
  • Chocolate chip cookies for a sweet treat
  • A keepsake ladle comes with every box
  • Bright, cheery packaging
  • Extra add-ons available, including pet gifts and cozy essentials
  • Optional personalized message


  • On the pricey side

Sending a care package to a sick friend is a time-honored tradition, as is bringing them a bowl of fresh chicken noodle soup. Combine the two, then add cookies, rolls and a gift-ready ladle and you get Spoonful of Comfort, a cozy gift delivered right to the recipient’s door.

“Whether you’re sending a ‘get well soon’ package or want to cheer up a homesick loved one going through a hard time, a spoonful of comfort is exactly what they’ll get inside this heartfelt box,” says Madi of these cozy food gift baskets. “Complete with all things warm—chicken noodle soup, grandma’s old-fashioned rolls and chocolate chip cookies—it lights up their soul. The box arrives with a shiny ladle and your personal message.”

“I was impressed with how everything heated up perfectly in the microwave and stovetop, and now I have enough chicken noodle soup for the week,” she notes. “I’m not exaggerating when I say I almost ate all the cookies in one sitting—they’re that good.”


  • Hot pot has a flexible temperature control dial
  • Includes two spicy hot pot mixes
  • Two serving ladles with slotted sides included
  • Comes with two sets of reusable chopsticks
  • Removable inner pot for easy cleanup


  • The brand's famous chili crisp isn't included

Food gifts come in many different forms. For the spice lover, consider sending this hot pot starter set from the chili crisp experts at Fly by Jing. My husband is part Puerto Rican and part Mexican, making him a pro for picking peppery dishes. I snagged him this set for his birthday, and we now use our hot pot at least once a week—sometimes more!

The set comes perfectly portioned for two people and includes a dual set of chopsticks, serving ladles with slotted sides and a hot pot with flexible temperature controls and a tight-fitted lid. These spicy food gift baskets also arrive with two packages of spicy hot pot base, enough for four servings of hot pot. Just add your favorite veggies, noodles and proteins for a filling and wholesome meal.

The reusable hot pot makes this a thoughtful gift that keeps giving even after the recipient finishes off their spicy bases. I suggest bundling this pick with the brand’s classic sauce trio, which includes the chili crisp Fly by Jing is famous for!

Shaker And Spoon
Cher Checchio/Taste of Home CHER CHECCHIO/TASTE OF HOME


  • Nearly 50 different options to choose from
  • Available as a one-time gift or a subscription
  • Covers a range of different tastes and preferences
  • Inclusions carefully packaged in a gift-ready box
  • Comes with cocktail recipes and instructions
  • Easy-to-send gifting options


  • Doesn't come with alcohol or barware

Budding bartenders and master mixologists alike enjoy Shaker and Spoon cocktail subscriptions and cocktail kits. These fun gift boxes include all the ingredients required for several cocktails using your choice of spirit (minus the alcohol). There are nearly 50 different kits to choose from, each covering a range of tastes and preferences. Between the variety and bespoke inclusions, each box offers a luxe feel that is perfect for those who never miss a happy hour.

“As a budding mixologist, I was blown away by the attention to detail included inside this Ginspirations cocktail kit from Shaker and Spoon,” says Madi. “Gin typically isn’t my spirit of choice, so I chose this kit to better understand what ingredients pair well with the liquor and sharpen my gin-based cocktail chops,” she adds.

“The box arrived with all the ingredients and recipe cards for mixing three different cocktail recipes to serve two people (minus the gin, of course). The special details like salted nori extract and lavender bitters spray truly made it feel like I was sipping drinks in a high-end cocktail lounge,” Madi says of these food gift baskets.

It’s also the perfect pick for newbies in the cocktail space. “I never would have thought to put some of these ingredients together, so it was nice to have these options to mix up my rum cocktails, especially as a Jamaican,” says former Senior Shopping Editor, Cher Checchio, who tried the Born to Rum kit.

Boarderie Boards

Best for Cheese Lovers

Boarderie Charcuterie Gift


  • Everything is pre-arranged—just unwrap and it's ready
  • Inclusions are fresh and high-quality
  • Reusable wood charcuterie board included with each purchase
  • Utensils like spoons and forks included
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and flavors
  • Secure shipping with cold packs for freshness


  • Pricey

Calling all hostesses, grazers and snack fiends—Boarderie charcuterie boards aren’t just for parties. In fact, what makes a better present than a gift-ready charcuterie board loaded with gourmet offerings? These artisan grazing boards arrive at the recipient’s door prearranged and carefully packed with dry ice, making them ready to enjoy straight from the box without any chopping or portioning required. Plus, each comes with a reusable wooden board for future gatherings.

“All I had to do was simply unwrap the individual trays and re-situate them on the serving board,” says Product Testing Manager, Annamarie Higley, in her Boarderie review. “This compartmentalization of the board’s toppings made it easy to set up and made it clear which accoutrements were to be paired together.”

“I’ll spare you a list of all 35—yes, 35!—ingredients on my Arte board and just hit the highlights. My friends’ and my favorites were BellaVitano espresso cheese, blueberry-vanilla goat cheese, Peppadew pepper white cheddar cheese, salami picante, everything-seasoning cashews and candied pecans. Is your mouth watering yet? Each board, big and small, boasts a similarly masterful assortment of hand-selected artisan munchies. Boarderie also offers holiday-specific boards, cheese-only boards, small-scale boards and the oh-so-alluring Deluxe Baked Brie Board (that’s next on my list!),” she says of these cheese-centric food gift baskets.

Driftaway Coffee Chocolate Box Copy

Best for Coffee Lovers

Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Box


  • Three 2 oz bags of coffee
  • Three single-origin bars from Raaka Chocolate
  • Includes a tasting and pairing guide
  • Option to include coffee-tasting glasses
  • Choice of whole bean or medium ground coffee
  • Free U.S. shipping


  • No option to select roasts or chocolate types

The only thing better than a steaming cup of coffee is a rich, chocolatey treat to go with it. When it comes to coffee gift baskets and chocolate boxes, there are tons to choose from, but only one that offers the best of both worlds. Enter: Driftaway Coffee’s chocolate and coffee pairing box. This coffee and chocolate-tasting gift set comes with three global coffees and three vegan chocolate bars that put your recipient’s tastebuds to the test.

Anyone who appreciates a nice cup of joe will enjoy the range of roast levels and origins that make up each two-ounce sample. Plus, they get to snack on three organic dark chocolate bars made in small batches with single-origin, unroasted cacao beans.

“You’ll also uncover tasting tips, pairing recommendations and tons of information on how the coffee is grown and roasted,” says Katie of this flavorful tasting experience. “It’s a great way to learn something new in the comfort of your home.”

What to Look for When Shopping for Food Care Packages

When shopping for a gift basket, consider the recipient’s interests. There are a variety of food gift baskets out there, including options with champagne, candy, savory snacks and even bespoke items like cocktail mixers and gourmet bakery items. The best food gift baskets include various items that go well together, and there should be enough of each treat for the recipient to share with their loved ones.

Why You Should Trust Us

As Taste of Home’s resident food and drink expert, I’ve sent and received my fair share of food gift baskets over the years, from basket gifts for bakers to chocolate gift baskets and beyond. I used my experience, along with the experiences of fellow editors, to inform this piece, focusing on only the best food gift baskets we’ve personally tested and enjoyed. No matter what type of epicurean you’re targeting, there’s bound to be an option on this list that tickles their tastebuds.

How We Found the Best Food Gift Baskets

During a typical workday, our shopping editors spend their time scouring the internet for the latest and best finds in food, kitchen and lifestyle categories. We found these gift baskets by looking at popularity, price, user reviews and well-loved brands, then brought them into our own homes to further evaluate each pick. With our combined decades of kitchen experience, the Taste of Home editorial team is more than qualified to assess the quality of food products, ingredients and—of course—gift-ability.

Some inclusions were found while testing for other gift basket pieces. Some were given by editors to friends and family and were well-received. Others still were sourced and tested specifically for this piece. Regardless of how we sourced each food gift basket and food care package, each was carefully tested and determined to be high quality and certifiably giftable. Our team looked for options that covered a number of occasions, tastes and ages.

Each of these picks was evaluated and scored based on a number of factors, including:

  • Shipping
  • Variety
  • Packaging
  • Freshness
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Price
  • Value

In order to make the list, each food care package had to receive high scores across the board and impress with its inclusions and quality.


Is a food basket a good gift?

Everyone loves receiving a basket (or box) bursting with goodies, which is why food gift baskets make a classic, thoughtful gift. No matter the occasion—be it a birthday, graduation gift, sick friend care package, new house or engagement present—nothing beats delicious gourmet snacks in a pretty package.

Do people still buy gift baskets?

Yes! Gift baskets remain one of the most popular gifts for various occasions. Today’s market goes beyond dried fruit, offering options for cheese, chocolate, wine and even ice cream.