The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies to Order Online

To find the ultimate chocolate chip cookies you can order, we put 10 options to the test. Here's what we learned.

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multiple Chocolate Chip Cookies in a pile on a kitchen countertopMOLLY ALLEN FOR TASTE OF HOME

No cookie flavor is more classic than chocolate chip. The combination of brown sugar, vanilla and sweet chocolate is timeless. But let’s face it, there is definitely some debate as to what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate chip cookies can be incredibly soft, or you can find cookies on the crispier side that are great for dunking in milk. Some offer a crisp exterior, paired with a chewy center for delicious balance. And while it’s always great to make your own batch at home, sometimes you want a chocolate chip cookie delivery option to make life easier. (These cookie delivery clubs are pretty sweet, too.)

With so many delivery options available, which should you choose? We put 10 different chocolate chip cookies you can order online to the test.

To help you find the tastiest cookies, we tested options from these bakers:

Keep reading to find out just how they ranked.

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Molly Allen for Taste of Home

How We Tested the Chocolate Chip Cookie

The first step to finding the best chocolate chip cookie delivery options was ordering them online. Each option was ordered from the bakery’s website or through Goldbelly. Once the fresh cookies arrived at the front door, they were tasted. Each cookie option was judged based on ease of ordering, packaging, texture and flavor.

Magnolia chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Magnolia Bakery Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Magnolia Bakery has a reputation for its tasty cupcakes and banana pudding, so there were high hopes for their chocolate chunk cookies. The Magnolia Bakery chocolate chunk cookies arrived in a box of six. The packaging was as charming as can be with a light blue patterned box tied with a bow, and the cookies were a decent size. But the size and pretty packaging unfortunately didn’t make up for the flavor and texture. The cookies weren’t as chewy as described, and the vanilla extract overpowered the flavor of the entire treat, leaving a strange aftertaste.

Bottom line: If you love a strong flavor of vanilla in your cookie, or you’re planning to dunk your cookies in milk, these are a good fit. Otherwise, treat your sweet tooth to Magnolia cupcakes instead.

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Cravory chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Cravory Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cravory Cookies is a popular cookie bakery out of San Diego, California. We ordered the box of two dozen Cravory chocolate chip cookies from Goldbelly. Upon arrival, the cookies were packed in a cute carrying pack, with each cookie individually wrapped. These cookies looked absolutely delicious, and they had a delectable chewy texture with the right amount of crispiness on the outer rim. However, the flavor didn’t quite overwhelm our taste buds like we thought it would. The ingredients list includes natural and artificial flavors, along with caramel color, and it was evident from the lack of homemade taste.

Bottom line: For the person who loves a cookie with excellent texture and a chewy center, this is a great option. Plus, they come in a big pack and will last quite a while. But if you’re looking for that exceptional, homemade flavor, it’s best to skip.

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Ina Garten chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Ina Garten Chocolate Chunk Cookies

We all love Ina Garten for her incredible recipes, from her famous coconut cake to her lemon bars. But how are her cookies? This box of one dozen Ina Garten chocolate chunk cookies from Goldbelly arrived in a simple package, with tissue paper and colorful Barefoot Contessa stickers. Each of the cookies was a decent size, looked entirely homemade and was individually wrapped. The texture was absolutely spot on, with the ideal crispy exterior and chewy center. The flavor was decent, but left me yearning for more balance. They have plenty of vanilla flavor, but more chocolate chips would have driven this cookie option home.

Bottom line: Order these for the incredible texture and prominent vanilla flavor. If you prefer your chocolate chip cookie packed with chocolate chips, these may not be the best option for you.

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Cheryl's Cookies chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Cheryl’s Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cheryl’s chocolate chip cookies arrived in the most adorable box, complete with a light blue gingham pattern and a festive bow printed on the outside. Each cookie was well-packed and individually wrapped. The cookies are on the smaller side, but that just makes them easier to transport, whether gifting to friends or sneaking them in a lunch box. The cookies have great flavor thanks to plenty of brown sugar, with yummy chocolate chips throughout. The texture was chewy, but they were a tad dry.

Bottom line: Send these cookies as a sweet care package or grab a box to enjoy at home. If you don’t care about your cookies being on the drier side, or you plan to dunk them in milk, this is a flavorful option.

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Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mrs. Fields cookies have been around since 1977, and since then, the company has developed a cult following. The Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies arrived in a box, with sets of two cookies individually wrapped in each sleeve. These cookies are super soft and chewy, without any hint of crisp or crunch, and they’re loaded with plenty of chocolate chips. Overall, they’re a solid, chewy cookie option, but I did wish they tasted a bit more homemade. A card in the package instructs how to warm up your cookies. A few seconds in the microwave improved the flavor, but the cookies fell apart.

If you love soft cookies, give these chocolate chip pudding cookies a try, too.

Bottom line: For an incredibly soft, chewy cookie, this is your best bet. Mrs. Fields has a longtime following for a reason. Order these as a gift to a friend or enjoy them at home warmed up.

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Jaques Torres chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jacques Torres is a world-famous chocolatier, so it only makes sense for him to offer a world-class cookie. The Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies from Goldbelly arrived in two small beautiful boxes, each with six cookies inside. At five inches in diameter, the cookies were huge. There was plenty of crunch on the exterior of the cookies, with a hint of a chewy center. Each cookie featured plenty of chunks of dark chocolate, with just a touch of sea salt on top. The only thing that was lacking was a bit more brown sugar and vanilla flavor to round it all out.

Bottom line: This cookie option is definitely a step up from your typical homemade chocolate chip cookie. The crunch provides the perfect cookie for dunking in milk. And the sea salt was the cherry on top.

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Christie Cookie Co chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Christie Cookie Co. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Christie Cookie Co. has been baking fresh cookies in Nashville since 1983. The company is also responsible for creating the ever-popular DoubleTree Hotel cookies. The Christie chocolate chip cookies from Goldbelly were super soft and chewy with incredible texture. But the flavor was even better. Each bite is jam-packed with brown sugar flavor and plenty of chocolate chips. There are even little pieces of toffee in each cookie as well. Truly, as delicious as it gets!

The only problem we had with these treats was the shipping. The 10-pack of cookies arrived in a lovely cookie tin, but unfortunately, many of them were squashed and broken. It was also a variety pack, rather than just chocolate chip. Luckily, the process to work with Goldbelly’s customer service to ship a replacement was quick and easy, and we ended up with a beautiful pack after the second try.

Bottom line: These are wildly flavorful and wonderfully textured cookies. The only reason they didn’t rank higher was due to the shipping snafu, which was taken care of quickly.

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Levain chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies

Levain launched in 1995 and has become a New York icon ever since. These Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies arrived in a lovely cobalt blue box, with four cookies in a cellophane bag tied with a blue ribbon. The cookies were massive, with an incredible soft and gooey center. The edges were beautifully golden and crisp to round out the ideal texture. The flavor balances notes of vanilla and brown sugar, plus a ton of rich chocolate chips.

Bottom line: These cookies have become world-famous for a reason, making Levain a must-stop for anyone visiting New York. Thankfully, you can experience just how tasty they are by ordering a pack to your door as well. Order these if you love a gooey center and plenty of chocolate flavor. (You can also try making copycat Levain cookies at home!)

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Martha Stewart chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Martha Stewart Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Martha’s giant chocolate chip cookies from Goldbelly arrived packaged in a beautiful turquoise box, with tissue paper and a Martha Stewart sticker to match. The cookies came individually wrapped and were truly giant, with each measuring six inches around. These cookies were the absolute ideal texture to bite into, with a great balance of crisp edges and a soft, chewy center. The flavor was incredible, with the perfect blend of brown sugar, vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Bottom line: This is the perfect cookie for those who love a bit of crisp, paired with a chewy center. The flavor is incredible and makes for an ideal cookie experience.

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Milk Jar chocolate chip cookie
Molly allen for taste of home

Milk Jar Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies

Milk Jar ships cookies from its Los Angeles bakery. They definitely have a more gourmet look and taste to them, with cookies baked daily in small batches. The Milk Jar’s chocolate chip cookies arrived in a beautiful bakery box, with festive packaging and individual wrappers. Each cookie was huge, with a slight rim of crisp edges. The real star of the show is the center. The big, soft, doughy center makes for the perfect bite. They have great vanilla flavor, without too much chocolate to overpower the warm notes of brown sugar. In one word: incredible.

Bottom line: These big cookies are perfect for those who love a doughy center. They’re soft, chewy and incredibly flavorful. The packaging also makes for a fun gifting option.

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Molly Allen
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