6 Fruit of the Month Clubs Worth Joining

Updated: Mar. 15, 2024

Whether you're giving it as a gift or enjoying it yourself, fruit of the month clubs offer a delicious surprise in every box.

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Nothing beats biting into a perfectly juicy piece of fruit. When you can’t head to an orchard and pick ripe fruit fresh from the tree, a fruit of the month club is the next best thing. These services source top-quality produce from across the country, package it up and ship it directly to your door. There’s no trip to the supermarket required for these delicacies, and much like a traditional gift of the month club, each shipment offers something a little different.

From tropical finds like guava and papaya to more classic picks including juicy pears, crisp apples and refreshing oranges, there’s a fruit of the month club that fits every taste. We even found a few options that include extras like cheese and chocolate, making these boxes bona fide snack subscriptions. Because setting up a delivery is as simple as a few clicks, they even make a fast, thoughtful gift for those who enjoy the sweeter things. After all, it’s hard to say “no” to a shipment of handpicked (and sometimes even organic) produce!

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member or yourself, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of options available. That’s why we did the hard work for you. Our team of subscription-savvy editors and fruit enthusiasts researched, tested and enjoyed a number of the picks on this list personally to ensure quality. No matter what fruits you prefer, prepare to be wholly satisfied month after month.

Frog Hollow

Best Overall

Frog Hollow Farm Box


  • Choice of three-, five- or 10-pound shipments
  • Each box contains two fruit varieties
  • Farmed using regenerative organic practices
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • Freshness guarantee
  • Choice of weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries


  • Pricier than other options
  • No way to change the type of fruits in each shipment

Fruits on table

At the top of our favorite fruit of the month club list is none other than Frog Hollow Farm’s Farm Box membership. From juicy apricots to sweet persimmons, this three-, five- or 10-pound shipment delivers fresh, organic produce without the fuss of running to the store. A box containing two types of seasonal fruits, grown fresh and harvested 48 hours prior to shipment, arrives right to your doorstep each month. We love the ability to choose from a weekly, biweekly or monthly subscription to best suit your family’s needs.

Apart from the organic farming practices that produce some of the sweetest and juiciest fruit we’ve ever had, Frog Hollow Farms uses carbon neutral shipping and secure packaging to ensure each box arrives in perfect condition. The box I received contained evercrisp apples, mineola tangelos and sanguinelli blood oranges, though shipments typically contain only two fruit types. Each inclusion comes from one of their own farms in  California, Oregon or Washington.

I received my box in the middle of a Michigan winter and found myself absolutely shocked by the quality. I’d never be able to find such beautiful produce on a typical February grocery run in the midwest! All the fruits were absolutely delicious, and I could definitely tell that they were freshly plucked from the tree just before shipping out to me. The packaging was secure, and my fruit had zero bruises or spoil spots upon arrival. This would make both an excellent comfort gift for friends and family and a solid replacement for weekly trips to the farmers market. You could also pair it with one of the best wine clubs for a super-sweet surprise.

Misfits Market Box
Bryce Gruber For Taste of Home BRYCE GRUBER FOR TASTE OF HOME

Most Sustainable

Misfits Market


  • Fresh, perfectly ripe produce
  • Up to 40% off supermarket prices
  • Mostly organic and non-GMO
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Easy online ordering interface
  • Also offers additional grocery types like veggies and meat


  • $15 order minimum
  • Produce may not look perfect, but it's still perfectly edible and tasty

food inside a Misfit Market Box
Bryce Gruber for Taste of Home

Those looking to replace their frequent produce shopping trips with a fruit of the month club will find Misfits Market an invaluable service. Every shipment includes produce that would normally be sent to salvage stores in order to curb waste. These picks may be a little “ugly,” but they’re still perfectly tasty! The best part? It saves so much time that would otherwise be spent shopping in a grocery store.

First, fill out a short quiz detailing how many people you’re shopping for, desired delivery dates and dietary preferences. From there, Misfits Market generates a recommended cart filled with items that meet your quiz results. You can customize the contents before each box ships out, so it’s easy to remove anything you don’t like or add additional picks. Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, ordered a variety of groceries—including dairy, bakery, snacks and, of course, fruit. 

“I typically love going to the grocery store. But in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, I don’t always enjoy leaving my house,” Katie says in our Misfits Market review. “Misfits Market is such a cool concept because I can shop for organic produce and groceries while keeping sustainability top of mind. It’s a win-win! Everything was delicious and so fresh,” she says.

Fruit Gift Of The Month Club Ecomm Via Greatclubs.com

Best Budget

Fruit Gift of the Month Club


  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other options
  • Flexible start dates and free shipping
  • Fruit Expeditions newsletter included
  • Choose between deliveries monthly, every two months or every three months
  • Longer subscription lengths offer reduced prices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Two different types of fruit per each shipment


  • No choice of shipment size
  • No option to choose fruits

At under $50 per month, the fruit gift of the month club is our favorite budget-friendly find. Every four weeks, enjoy a shipment containing 7-13 pieces (or five pounds) of two different types of fruit, picked fresh and shipped directly from one of their farms across the globe. Farmers harvest each pick by hand, so you know you’re only receiving the very best quality in every box.

Flexible shipping options—including a choice of shipments monthly, bimonthly or every three months—make this a good pick for both gifting and enjoying yourself. Each box comes with a copy of the monthly Fruit Expeditions newsletter, which contains valuable information on the produce along with fun facts and other insights. Free shipping, flexible start dates and lower prices on longer subscriptions round out this budget-friendly fruit club. Just don’t forget to grab a produce keeper to prevent your picks from turning too soon!

Harry And David box

Best for Cheese Lovers

Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club


  • Ability to see fruit and cheese pairings prior to signing up
  • Each box contains fresh fruit and an expertly-paired cheese
  • Choice of 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month shipments
  • Trusted brand with a good gifting reputation


  • No choice of shipment size
  • Pricey

Oranges and cheese cubes

Prefer to pair your fresh fruit with artisan cheese? We found the fruit of the month club for you! Harry & David’s monthly clubs are some of the most well-loved subscription gifts available, with thousands of satisfied customers. Their fruit and cheese of the month club is no exception. This epicurean club combines fresh, juicy fruit with expertly paired cheeses for a flavorful treat. Choose from a three-, six-, nine- or 12-month subscription and enjoy a gourmet experience that you’ll eagerly anticipate each month.

Our March shipment came with six huge HoneyBells accompanied by an eight-ounce slab of Wood River Creamery cheddar gruyère. As someone notoriously picky about her oranges, I was super impressed with the quality of the produce. The HoneyBell citruses were big, juicy and offered just the right touch of sweetness. The cheddar gruyère was creamy and offered a pleasant sharpness that contrasted well with the HoneyBell’s mild flavor.

Overall, I was impressed with the pairing, and the healthy amount of packaging ensured that nothing was bruised or spoiled upon arrival. Prefer to snack on dairy alone? Die-hard cheese fans can find their fix by snagging one of these cheese clubs instead.

Yes Apples

Best for Apple Fans

Yes! Apples Subscription


  • Choose from eight farm-fresh apple varieties
  • Choice of biweekly or monthly deliveries
  • Brochure containing information and a QR code with recipes
  • Comes with stickers and temporary tattoos
  • Packaging is secure and apples arrive bruise-free
  • Step-by-step preservation instructions and flavor notes included
  • Free ground shipping


  • Subscriptions limited to a single type of apple
  • Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes
  • Will not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California or Hawaii

Yes Apples

Apple tart, apple pie, apple crisp… see where we’re going with this? Apples are some of the most versatile and hearty fruits available, so we see the appeal of having a box fresh-picked apples delivered to your doorstep every month. Yes! Apples offers free ground delivery, plus your choice of one of eight different varieties. From Honeycrisp to SnapDragon, enjoy a box of nine pieces of fruit either biweekly or once per month.

Apples have always been my favorite fruit, so I consider myself something of an amateur apple connoisseur. Upon receiving my Yes! Apples shipment, I was thoroughly impressed. Shipping apples makes me nervous thanks to the propensity for bruising from bouncing around in transit. However, my box of nine Fuji apples were perfectly unblemished and super fresh. A brochure detailing preservation instructions, flavor notes, a QR code with recipes and a little about the company really rounded out this shipment. I also thought the inclusion of a few stickers and temporary tattoos was a cute touch.

I live in Michigan, where apple orchards are pretty much everywhere. I’ve had apples picked right from the tree a number of times, and these New York Fujis were some of the sweetest, crispest apples I’ve ever enjoyed! They beat the grocery store offerings by a country mile, and I would never in a thousand years guess that they had been through the post. I’ll definitely keep this online grocer in mind when it comes time to re-up my stash.

Harvestclub Exotica Subscription Ecomm Via Thefruitcompany.com

Best for Exotic Fruits

HarvestClub Exotica Subscription


  • Choose from 4-, 8-, 15- or 30-piece shipments
  • Each month's choices available to view before you subscribe
  • Choice of 3-, 6- or 12-month subscriptions
  • Flexible start date
  • Free ground shipping
  • Shipments hand-packed the same day they ship


  • Expensive

One of the best things about splurging on a fruit of the month club is getting to enjoy fruit from around the world. The Fruit Company is a produce delivery service that offers an assortment of gifts and grocery subscriptions, but our favorite of their numerous monthly produce clubs is easily the HarvestClub Exotica club. Each three-, six- or 12-month subscription box arrives packed with one type of exotic fruit. Shoppers choose between four, eight, 15 or 30 pieces per box.

One aspect of the club that we really appreciate is the ability to see exactly what you’ll receive each month before you subscribe. Whether it’s sweet and juicy star fruit in February or champagne mangos in April, each box arrives brimming with produce that’s packed the same day it ships out. It’s an excellent gift for those who enjoy tropical fruit or anyone who wants to try new and exciting flavors that aren’t available in every grocery store.

What to Look For When Choosing a Fruit of the Month Club

Choosing a fruit of the month club is a lot like picking out fruit in a supermarket, but without the added trouble of checking for ripeness and quality. Instead, farmers handpick fruit for you to ensure that it meets their strict standards, saving you time. That means the only thing you have to worry about is picking a subscription that offers the type of fruit you enjoy eating.

Most of the time, fruit of the month clubs give you an idea of the type of produce you’ll be receiving, so always check the description to ensure you’re getting something you like. In addition, we recommend using these services to consider fruit that you may not otherwise find in local supermarkets, like regional produce or tropical flavors.

If you plan on sending a fruit of the month club as a gift basket, keep in mind the recipient’s tastes. While something like a tropical fruit basket is totally tantalizing, those that dislike pineapple may prefer something that includes traditional fruits instead. In addition, consider trying an offering that includes accompaniments like chocolate or cheese, which gives the gift a little extra zhuzh.

How We Found the Best Fruit of the Month Clubs

Finding the best fruit of the month club was a lengthy process that took several months of planning, sourcing and testing. While there are tons of options to choose from, we first looked at companies with a proven history of providing well-reviewed services and exceptional quality. From there, we gathered a small group of editors and collectively tested four of these six fruit of the month clubs in our own homes.

In order to make the list, each of these picks offered high marks in the following categories:

  • Cost compared to quality
  • Freshness of fruit
  • Shipping and packaging
  • Variety
  • Presentation

Whether you’re gifting or enjoying yourself, the fruit of the month clubs that made this list offer exceptional quality that will surely satisfy any sweet tooth.

Why You Should Trust Us

As Taste of Home’s resident food and drink expert, I’ve tasted everything from the best snack boxes to cookie of the month clubs and beyond. I live in a small apartment, which motivates me to err on the selective side with purchases. I would never recommend something that feels like a waste of space in my own kitchen! My passion lies in testing everyday kitchen items, food and other finds so that nobody has to experience potential disappointment after spending their hard-earned dollars on a subpar product.

Combined, our team has decades of experience testing and evaluating everything from the best flower delivery services to coffee clubs and baking boxes. While choosing inclusions for the best fruit of the month clubs, we focused on finding subscriptions that not only offer delicious fruit, but also a solid bang for our buck.