14 Snack Subscription Boxes to Feed Your Cravings

Calling all snackers! From savory and sweet options to global treats, we found the best snack subscription boxes to satisfy cravings.

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As a self-diagnosed snack addict, I’m pretty savvy when it comes to choosing munchies. After years of experimentation, I have a good idea of what I like. But I’m also eager to try new brands and specialty flavors. Luckily, there’s an easier way to find my next obsession than perusing the endless (and frankly, overwhelming) aisles at the grocery store.

Say hello to a snack subscription box. These genius clubs make it a breeze to discover new foods and brands. Plus, they ship directly to your door. Talk about a total life hack!

Our editors researched dozens of boxes—and tested several in our home kitchens—to find the very best. Trust us when we say there’s something for everyone. Whether your snack indulgences are sweet, savory or a little bit of both, we’ve got you covered. There are also options for almost any dietary lifestyle, including keto, gluten-free and vegan.

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Best Overall Snack Subscription Box


When it comes to the best overall snack subscription box, nothing beats Bokksu. A Japanese snack subscription with an elevated look and feel, Bokksu offers a snack experience that goes beyond a full belly.

Each box arrives with a culture guide detailing the contents and highlighting each snack’s region of origin. It was fun to see options included from different places like Hiroshima, Kyoto, Okinawa and Osaka. A brief profile for each snack makes it easy to learn about every inclusion. There’s even info about the history of the snacks, offering valuable insight into Japanese culture. Bokksu also includes any noted allergens in this section.

What really stood out to me about this food-of-the-month club is the sheer variety included in the box. Most flavors go far beyond what’s available in the U.S. Some of my favorites include the Yokohama butter cookie with images of the city printed on them and the Iburigakko smokey chips. I never would have thought that I’d enjoy the pickled radish flavor, but I’m hooked! Each inclusion tastes fresh and feels cohesive.

The best part is that most snacks are available at the Bokksu Boutique, so it’s easy to repurchase anything you fall in love with.


  • Culture Guide included with lots of information on the snacks and regions
  • Elevated look and feel; snacks are well-packed and fresh
  • Most inclusions available at the Bokksu Boutique
  • Past box options and special gift boxes available for purchase
  • Gorgeous, gift-ready packaging
  • Amazing variety
  • Common allergens clearly listed


  • A bit pricey
  • Some offerings include only 1-2 servings, but there are lots of snacks included
  • Each box includes exotic flavors, so may not be ideal for picky eaters

Take a trip around the world with this international snack subscription. A variety of sweet and savory bites come in each Universal Yums box, featuring flavors from a different country every month. There are three different sizes to choose from, and each box includes six to 20 snacks, plus trivia and games to learn more about the featured country.

“I received the Yum Yum Belgium Box with 10 snacks,” notes Product Testing Manager, Annamarie Higley. “Unpacking this box made me want to pack my bags and head back to Belgium. The snacks were so authentic—every one of them was made within the country’s borders, excluding the chips, and this fact was very prominently noted. Snackers of any age will most definitely look forward to the next month’s delivery. I’m sold after this Universal Yums review experience—and also feeling some wanderlust. Coincidence? I think not.”


  • High-quality and authentic
  • Affordable for a subscription box, especially the Yum Box
  • Fun interactivity makes for experiential snacking
  • Option to buy previous snacks or one-off boxes through the Yum Shop
  • Free shipping within the U.S.


  • Few servings per snack (some only included one serving)
  • Some of the games and activities had unclear instructions
  • No customization
  • Can’t repurchase past boxes

Healthyme Living Snack Box NANCY SNYDER/TASTE OF HOME

Best Healthy

HealthyMe Living Snack Box

“As a dietitian, I’m always encouraging whole foods whenever possible,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Nancy Snyder, MS, RD. “But for people who are pressed for time, always on-the-go or don’t have access to a fridge, that’s not always feasible. That’s when it’s best to be equipped with convenient, healthy snacks to fuel you in between meals and set you up for success.”

The HealthyMe Snack Subscription Box takes the guesswork out of healthy snack selection. Plus, it’s conveniently delivered right to your door each month so you don’t have to worry about running low.

“My box arrived with 10 goodies neatly wrapped in blue tissue paper, and with the exception of one item, they were all items I had never tried before,” notes Nancy. “From protein bars and popcorn to infused almonds and ginger chews, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of each snack. I also loved having the variety, as well as the ability to sample new snacks I likely wouldn’t find at my local grocery store.”

“Whether by design or coincidence, all of the items in my box were vegan (a pleasant surprise and personal plus in my book), and many were labeled as ‘non-GMO verified,’ ‘certified gluten-free’ and ‘USDA organic’ for those interested in specific dietary preferences,” Nancy explains.”Most snacks also contained minimal, quality ingredients and lacked fillers and artificial sweeteners.”


  • 8-10 healthy snack items carefully selected by a Certified Health Coach and delivered right to your door
  • Most items contain minimal ingredients with no filler, added sugars or artificial flavors
  • Majority of items tailored toward health-conscious individuals (or those with specific allergens or dietary preferences)
  • Convenient way to sample a variety of snacks and identify favorites for purchasing


  • A few items are “bite-size” and appear to be more of a sample than a full serving
  • Pricey, although a longer subscription will bring down the cost

An approachable Japanese snack subscription box, TokyoTreat blends international flavors with a modern and educational experience. The box I received was the February Valentine’s Day box—and it fully leaned into that theme! I loved the booklet detailing cultural facts about how the Japanese celebrate the holiday, along with sections detailing each snack (including common allergens). It also had a list of Valentine’s Day anime recommendations. As a self-described anime nerd, I really appreciated this cute inclusion.

The very first treat beneath the flier was a full-size bag of strawberry shortcake Kit-Kat, which set the tone for the rest of the box. While Bokksu offers elevated flavors and elegant packaging, TokyoTreat is more of an approachable and fun snack subscription box. I saw several recognizable brands like Hello Kitty make an appearance on packaging—again, anime nerd here. Overall, it’s the perfect food subscription box for the typical Japanese snack fan or those interested in experimenting.

Some of my favorite inclusions were the Cola Bubble Candy and the Pirikara spicy ramen. While past boxes aren’t available for purchase, it’s fun to look through their catalogue to see what other goodies they’ve included in recent shipments. Lots of the treats included in the boxes can also be purchased separately at the MiniMart. That’s perfect, since I’m pretty much hooked on that spicy ramen now.


  • Approachable flavors are perfect for kids and adults
  • Included booklet offers fun cultural facts and excellent info on the snacks
  • Bright, colorful packaging makes unboxing into an event
  • Variety is good; each box includes sweet, savory, spicy and fruity flavors
  • Less pricey than similar Japanese snack subscriptions
  • Snacks available for purchase at the MiniMart


  • Past boxes not available for purchase
  • Not customizable, so may not be the best options for those with dietary restrictions

The Lollybox lollypops place on a table EMILY WAY/TASTE OF HOME

Best for Kids at Heart

The LollyBox

Who doesn’t love a lollypop? Kids at heart will adore this colorful and sweet snack subscription box. Lollies by Leah combines a monthly theme—in my case, Zodiac—with an assortment of uncommon candy flavors. While the box itself is rather small, don’t let the compact size fool you. Each boasts 14 gourmet, handmade lollypops, which is more than enough to satisfy anyone’s sugar cravings.

Looks-wise, these lollies are absolutely beautiful. Some have vibrant swirls, others include herbal sprinkles, but all of them offer a mouthwatering eyeful. They’re so pretty that it was hard for me to pick which one to start with. I eventually settled on my star sign, Capricorn—a coconut almond brownie lolly with a big brown swirl that looks as absolutely decadent as it tastes. The flavors aren’t artificial at all—nothing like the average Dum Dum.

The concept of gourmet lollypops may fall short for some, but I guarantee they’re not your average candies. It’s clear that there’s passion and love behind each box, which makes the already affordable $25 price tag more than reasonable. Those with a sweet tooth and folks seeking interesting flavor combinations (lychee taro tea or passionfruit chili, anyone?) will find themselves satisfied with each shipment.


  • Cute themes in every box
  • Handmade lollypops with interesting flavor combinations
  • No artificial or fake-tasting flavors
  • 14 generously-sized lollypops in every box
  • Pretty and thoughtful packaging with a card detailing each flavor
  • Very affordable


  • No option to select flavor preferences
  • Allergen information not included
  • No preservatives used, so proper storage is required

Products of the Tinned Fish Club on a table EMILY WAY/TASTE OF HOME

Best for Fish Lovers

Tinned Fish Club

Any self-respecting a-fish-ionado knows that not all tinned fish is created equal. That’s the theory behind the Tinned Fish Club, which pairs flavorful and uncommon tinned seafood with mouthwatering seasonings shipped directly to your door. Offerings come with a brochure detailing optimal pairings and information about the picks. The tins in my box had zero dents or dings; everything was perfectly packed.

I enjoyed learning about small companies I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. As a big time tuna fan, it was great receiving a tin of Santa Caterina tuna in Molho Cru sauce along with a small packet of mayo, crushed red pepper and pink sea salt to enjoy alongside. The veggies in the Molho Cru sauce are all chopped by hand—something I found absolutely fascinating.

For fans of sardines, mussels and other seafood, this box is an absolute must-have. For outdoorsmen or those who often find themselves on the road, the Tinned Fish Club in an indispensable way to add a big dose of variety to an otherwise ho-hum product category.


  • Each box includes three seafood tins, plus pairings and utensils
  • Comes with a brochure that details each inclusion and its best pairings
  • Toppings like mayo and seasonings included
  • All fish sustainably farmed
  • Recipe ideas included


  • Some may find the price a bit steep
  • Crackers and other pairings not included

Product of Sakuraco in a box EMILY WAY/TASTE OF HOME

Best for Gifting


Looking for the perfect gift? We suggest springing for a Sakuraco subscription. Each box comes with a handy booklet containing cultural information related to the theme of the box. I had a great time reading about the Kamoi foods industry and learning about the red thread of fate, an intriguing part of Japan’s rich mythology. But my favorite part was by far the snacks, of course!

The flavors of the Mentaiko Senbei offered the perfect balance of savory and spice, while the fermented chocolate danish was large enough to feed both my husband and I. This box also included a collectable Gifu ceramic plate, which was a fun and unexpected inclusion.

The exterior of the box is absolutely stunning. There is no mistaking how gorgeous and gift-able this snack subscription box is—just look at the pretty gold inlays and eye-catching floral pattern! If I received this in the mail, it would be obvious to me that someone wants me to feel pampered. Heck, even if I’m ordering it as a gift for myself!


  • Show-stopping packaging—it’s truly a giftable box!
  • Booklet with snack information, interesting facts and allergens included
  • A good mix of familiar flavors and less common snacks
  • Each box comes with a home goodie sourced from Japanese artisans
  • The monthly themes are fun and creative


  • Past boxes not available for purchase
  • No storefront available to repurchase any favorites

Comphivi Artisanal Desserts Box VIA MERCHANT

Best Desserts

Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

Looking for a cookie subscription box that also offers a few non-standard desserts? Phivi Artisanal Desserts comes packed with a range of bakery-based box options, including a cookie and brownie box, macaron box and their signature dessert box. I sampled their standard dessert box. Each comes with eight full-sized desserts that are freshly baked for delivery.

My box—received in January 2024—was a travel-themed box. It arrived well-insulated and with an ice pack, which was a nice touch considering the amount of chocolate in the box. Inside was a classy little envelope containing a card with the box’s theme along with a list of the contents. There was also a printout with nutrition facts, which I found to be a thoughtful addition for those with allergies.

Now, the fun part. I received an amazing variety of artisanal desserts, each with its own flavor profile. Included was a Nanaimo bar (coconut graham cracker with custard icing and chocolate ganache), Tim Tams (chocolate sandwich cookie coated in chocolate with malted milk buttercream filling), a Biscoff blondie, Ube crinkle cookie, tiramisu brownie, Pfeffernusse (a spiced cookie with lemon icing) and a brown butter matcha brownie. All were delicious and fresh!

Sweets lovers, you’ll appreciate these baking subscription boxes, too.


  • Desserts baked right before shipping
  • Well-rounded selection of flavors and treats
  • Packaged with ice packs for freshness
  • Nutritional information included
  • Vegan dessert box available


  • No option to tailor to dietary requirements like gluten-free and nut-free
  • One of the pricier options on this list

Platterful Charcuterie Kit on white surface EMILY WAY/TASTE OF HOME

Best for Charcuterie


Charcuterie is arguably the perfect meal. For a gathering of a few folks, it’s a complete dinner. For a party, it’s the ideal starter. After all, who doesn’t love a hors d’oeuvre spread of meats, cheeses and sweet and savory accoutrements? Platterful’s offerings of regular, gluten-free and vegan charcuterie kits are a welcome addition to the world of cheese-of-the-month clubs.

A choice between a small board (which feeds up to four) or a large board (which feeds up to eight) makes it a good pick for both singles and families. An average large month’s snack subscription box typically contains three cheeses, two meats, cracker packs, spreadables and three or more accompaniments (dried fruits, olives, candied nuts, chocolate or pickled items). We especially love the inclusion of an instructional sheet for a show-stopping board.

“I felt I had a well-rounded board with some less-common inclusions,” notes Deputy Shopping Editor, Reina Galhea. “The dried mulberries were particularly surprising; I’d never had them before. My group of four finished the whole board over the course of an evening. This is a great fit for someone who isn’t super picky about having the highest quality ingredients, but rather wants an economical choice that still impresses with variety and solid flavor.”

Now all we need is a wine club to go with it!


  • Vegan and gluten-free options available
  • Small option feeds up to four, while the large box feeds up to eight
  • Nuts can be removed upon request
  • Comes well-insulated and carefully packaged
  • Each box sold donates 10 meals to combat childhood hunger


  • Pricier than other options on this list
  • Not customizable, so some items may not be a hit
  • Fragile contents (like crackers) may arrive broken


Best Keto

Urthbox Keto

Finding a good keto meal service is difficult enough. Finding a keto snack subscription box that offers variety, flavor and costs around $20 per month? Now that’s what dietary dreams are made of! With Urthbox, enjoy a huge assortment of keto-friendly snacks delivered straight to your door every month. Customers choose between mini (6-7 snacks), small (12-14 snacks), medium (19-21 snacks) and large (25-28 snacks) boxes. From there, select the frequency of delivery, from a single month up to a full year. Pick the classic healthy box, or opt for a dietary-focused option like gluten-free, keto and vegan.

The boxes lean savory, but most also include a good sprinkling of sweets as well. Some shipments even offer drinks that go along with the snacking theme. Even those opting for one of the non-dietary boxes will appreciate that the included snacks are healthy, natural and GMO-free.


  • Several size options for families and singles
  • Loyalty points earned on every shipment for exclusive discounts
  • All snacks are GMO-free
  • 7-12 brand-new items per box
  • Classic, gluten-free, keto and vegan boxes available
  • Contains both snacks and beverages, with an occasional meal item
  • Free U.S. shipping


  • Expect a few repeats of perennial favorites and popular snacks
  • No option to receive past boxes

Lobby Box's Movie Night Themed Snack Boxes VIA MERCHANT

Best for Movie Nights

Lobby Box

Families that love sharing a flick together are in luck—the Lobby Box is like an at-home concession stand for two! Each box comes with its own theme based on a recommended movie. Previous boxes feature films like Muppet Christmas Carol, Little Giants and Everything Everywhere All At Once. Each box comes with a “movie ticket” that details the recommended viewing as well as where the film is streaming, so it’s easy to watch along.

Inside the snack subscription box, film buffs are greeted by two bags of artisan popcorn that yields two gallons when popped. In addition, enjoy a small bottle of popcorn seasoning, movie theater box candies, two handmade themed sweet treats—cookies, brownies or puffed rice treats are all past offerings—two cans of craft soda and decorated popcorn boxes for a little extra fun.


  • Movie recommendations included with streaming information
  • Each box comes with its own unique theme
  • Ample variety of snacks, with drinks included
  • Nearly everything included is artisan or handmade


  • No option to select film rating, so may not be good for young kids
  • A bit on the pricey side, but offers an experience rather than just snacks

Candy Experience Gourmet Treat Box VIA MERCHANT

Best for Candy

Candy Experience

Calling those with a sweet tooth! The Candy Experience subscription box is for you. Originating in Canada, this sweet and sour gift-of-the-month club comes brimming with up to seven candy selections. Each bag of candy arrives with its own heat sealed bag with reusable zip-locks, so there’s no shame in snacking on these treats all month long.

Customers can expect a few familiar flavors, but boxes occasionally include candy from foreign destinations. A brochure is included with information about the candies and nutrition facts on the flip side. The Candy Experience promises at least two chocolate options per box, along with assorted sweet, sour, fruity and—occasionally—spicy snacks.

Customer favorites may be repeated through the year, but not within a six-month period. Between the variety, thoughtful packaging and behemoth 2.5-pound yield, it’s easy to see why those with a sweet tooth can’t stop coming back.


  • Stand-up candy bags are heat sealed with reusable zip-locks
  • Includes 6-7 selections, plus a few bonus throw-in candies
  • Each box includes at least two chocolate options
  • Optional personalized gift note


  • Flat-rate shipping cost not included
  • Boxes not customizable
  • No option to receive past boxes

Whether you’re in the market for charcuterie, jerky or good old-fashioned cured sausage, Carnivore Club is the place to go. Plans offer an assortment of snack subscription box options sure to scratch the itch of any meat-lover. Lower tiers include the jerky box that includes two premium jerky selections and the snack box which comes stuffed with on-the-go sticks and pouches.

On the more sophisticated end, there’s the classic box with 4-6 salamis, prosciuttos, bacon or sausages and finally the complete box that boasts an assortment of two premium handcrafted cured meats and 3-4 complementary pairings. Pairings include mustard, olives, crackers, cheese, jams, dried fruits, nuts and pickled goods—a truly delicious charcuterie-in-a-box!

Each meat delivery features new artisans every month, meaning a huge selection of new brands to enjoy throughout the year. While customers have the option to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, we love that there’s also an option for shipments every 2-3 months for those looking to enjoy the occasional snack.


  • Choose from jerky, snacks, classic or complete boxes
  • Every month features a new artisan
  • Buy individual products and past boxes in the marketplace
  • Jerky club box is very affordable
  • Complete box comes with custom charcuterie pairings


  • No customization (aside from box choice)
  • Free shipping only in select regions

Monthly Popcorn Subscription VIA MERCHANT

Best for Popcorn Lovers

Kernel Crate

Love the experience of munching on delicious coated popcorn at the county fair? Bring the excitement of enjoying crunchy, freshly-popped popcorn home every month—no ticket needed! Kernel Crate is one of the least expensive snack subscription box options on our list. Each box boasts three three-ounce bags of popcorn that’s popped and coated in-house mere days before shipping.

Flavors vary from familiar favorites like kettle corn to more exotic options like pickle, peaches and cream, cinnamon roll, horchata and ghost pepper. Bonus: Every bag is completely resealable for future snacking (if you don’t eat it all in one sitting, that is).


  • Three unique flavors in every shipment
  • Popped just a few days before shipped
  • Very affordable
  • Flavors blended in-house
  • Contains non-GMO kernels


  • Some flavors are more familiar, like cheese and kettle corn
  • Can’t choose flavor types—boxes contain a mix of sweet and savory

Eating vegan doesn’t mean enjoying boring snacks—at least, according to Vegancuts. Lizzy, the Snack Curator, does serious research each month, ensuring that each shipment arrives with an assortment of unique snacks. Each box contains at least 10 sweet and savory plant-based options, including beverages, boxed meals and—of course—snacks.

Picks typically include newly-released items, so it’s a great introduction to vegan food for plant-based newbies. Seasoned vegans will appreciate that the curated selection arrives right to their door. No trip to the grocery store required!

One aspect that makes this box a standout in the world of healthy snack subscriptions is that the proceeds from each box further an animal-related cause. Inside each snack crate is a brochure with information about the cause you supported alongside all the delicious treats.


  • Each purchase donates to animal sanctuaries
  • At least 10 items included, many of which are full-size
  • Thoroughly vetted to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Contains snacks, meal kits and drinks
  • Also offers a vegan beauty box option
  • Many items are also gluten-free


  • All items are vegan, but some are not particularly healthy
  • Items not guaranteed organic or non-GMO project verified
  • May contain repeat products from previous boxes

What to Look for When Choosing a Snack Subscription Box

When shopping for a snack subscription box, the first thing to consider is the recipient. If it’s you, great! You likely already have an idea of your preferences and dietary restrictions, which makes it much easier to find the right box. First, focus on diet. If you’re gluten-free or vegan, that drastically narrows the number of boxes available to you. Then, opt for a box that best fits your preferences. We found options that are sweet, savory or somewhere in between.

Those who plan on gifting a box (or a multi-month subscription) should first have an idea of what their recipient enjoys. If they like learning facts about different cultures, something like Universal Yums might be the best option. Folks with less eclectic tastes may appreciate Candy Experience or Kernel Crate rather than one of the Japanese options. While snack subscription boxes are an excellent gift, don’t sleep on other options like a coffee subscription box—there’s tons of different subscriptions out there!

Why You Should Trust Us

As a snack enthusiast, I have ample experience tasting a variety of regional and local flavors. I am also the Taste of Home shopping team’s resident food and beverage expert, with experience testing and reviewing everything from prebiotic soda to the best flavored coffee. When it comes to eating in-between meals, I take my consumables seriously—there’s no sense in snacking on food that isn’t enjoyable!

How We Found the Best Snack Subscription Box

First, we researched 50 different snack boxes, narrowing down our list to the top 30. From there, we looked into each box further, noting any customer reviews and ensuring that each pick offers top-quality curation. We wanted to ensure that our list included a nice variety of flavors while still adhering to our strict quality expectations. All said and done, we ended up with a list of our top 15 snack subscription boxes, nine of which were tested by members of our editorial team.

Emily Way
As Associate Shopping Editor of Sales and Deals, Emily helps readers find the lowest prices on the best products. An enthusiastic shopper, Emily is always on the lookout for the biggest bargains. When she’s not searching through flash sales, you can usually find her reading mystery novels or cuddling with cats.