9 Keto Meal Kits That Fit Your New Lifestyle—and Taste Good

These keto meal kits make it easy to enjoy healthy, balanced meals without the added work of carb counting and ingredient prepping.

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Giving the keto diet a try? More than just a fad, many people have found that the high carb and low fat ketogenic diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle, especially for weight loss and improved blood sugar management.

But starting a new way of eating also means doing tons of ingredient research, grocery shopping and meal prep. Most people on the keto diet aim for 25 to 50 grams of net carbs, which are total carbs minus fiber, each day. If keeping track of that sounds overwhelming, consider going the easy route: keto meal kit delivery services.

We assembled our list of keto meal kits and delivery services based on the following criteria:

  • Price: How much does each serving cost? Is a subscription required?
  • Taste: Do they taste good so you look forward to eating them?
  • Ingredient quality: How are ingredients chosen, and are they high quality?
  • Availability: Can you get the keto meal kits nationally or just in major cities?
  • Customization: Can you customize your orders with add-ons or other options?

Looking for more dietary-specific meal delivery services? Check out diabetic-friendly meal delivery and gluten-free meal kits.

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Green Chef

We love Green Chef keto meal kits because they teach you step by step how to cook for healthier eating habits. And nothing is complicated—most of the organic-certified recipes are prepared in about 30 minutes with pre-measured supplies. Sourcing keto ingredients can be tough (um, which aisle has the hazelnuts?) but Green Chef supplies everything you need in color coded packages. Some fave dishes include smoky pork and kale salad and Parmesan-crusted chicken with marinated tomatoes. Yum! And if you’re worrying about all the extra packaging, know that Green Chef uses recyclable, reusable and compostable materials.

Availability: Green Chef delivers almost everywhere in the U.S. with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

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Keto chorizo chili, spicy turkey poblano bowls and shrimp alfredo are just a few of the many creative keto meal kits from Factor, which scores big points for variety and rotates meal choices weekly. Factor shops, preps, cooks and delivers fresh ready-to-eat meals to your door and heat up in minutes. Another healthy perk? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with a nutritionist and ask all your keto questions. There’s also a nutrition coaching program add-on for anyone who wants additional accountability and support.

Availability: Available everywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii.

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Snap Kitchen

If you’re looking for no muss, no fuss keto meal kits, Snap Kitchen is your best bet. Snap Kitchen keto meals arrive fully cooked and packaged in minimalist trays labeled with microwave heating instructions. Zap ’em for two minutes and you’re good to go. The ingredients are fresh, not frozen, and feature tasty entrees like a buffalo ranch burger with loaded cauliflower. All food is free of preservatives, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners and hormones. More good news for an easy keto lifestyle? Starbucks has keto-friendly drinks.

Availability: Snap Kitchen’s Weekly Shipping Subscription service is currently available in 46 continental states (although in some states, delivery is only within a handful of metro areas).

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Fresh N’ Lean

While some meal kit companies have repetitive keto offerings, Fresh N’ Lean rotates their menu weekly to keep your taste buds interested. Choose keto meals that are gluten-free or vegetarian, or that pack in extra protein. You can order a meal plan or choose meals a la carte, and can add on extra sides like veggies or bags of almonds so you always have enough to eat within keto guidelines. Much of the food comes from a farm in California.

Availability: Available nationwide in the U.S. Note that there is a $40 shipping fee for Alaska and Hawaii.

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Trifecta Nutrition Ecomm
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Trifecta Nutrition

If weekly, ready-to-eat keto meals delivered to your door is music to your ears, you’ll love Trifecta Nutrition’s keto meal delivery. Medical and nutrition experts craft meals to help you stick to a keto meal plan without lifting a finger. Plus, ingredients are locally sourced so you can trust you’re receiving high quality, pre-made meals. Choose how many meals you want delivered each week and select ingredient preferences (like if you prefer to stay away from tree nuts or shellfish) and look forward to mouthwatering, nutritious entrees. Deciding what to eat for lunch or dinner is officially a thing of the past!

Availability: Ships to all 50 states.

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Hello Fresh
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HelloFresh is one of the most affordable, popular and flexible meal delivery kit providers. While they don’t have a specific keto offering, there is a low carb delivery meal kit that can fall within keto guidelines. Carb smart tasty choices include soy glazed edamame bowls and steakhouse mushroom kale salads. For a more detailed look into how many carbs are in each meal, click on the “Nutrition” tag to get an exact amount. Once the box arrives to your door, pre-measured ingredients are ready to eat in about 30 minutes. One of our Taste of Home editors tried out HelloFresh in her own kitchen and ranked it one of the best meal delivery services for families.

Availability: HelloFresh is available throughout the U.S. Note that they deliver to select zip codes in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Anchorage, Alaska.

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Territory Foods

Territory Foods keto meal kit is for people who are serious about healthy eating. Along with low carb options, all of the meals are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugars. The brand also uses organic produce and meats whenever possible. To start, enter your zip code into the website and you’ll jump to a menu of available menus in your area. Sort them by nutritional preferences, including keto or low carb. All of the nutritional info is clear, making it easy to choose between lemon garlic chicken with vegetables for 23 grams of carbs or beef sofrito with zucchini for 22 grams of carbs. Check out this plant-based meal delivery for more easy, healthy eating choices.

Availability: Territory is available in most U.S. states, check the menu for local availability.

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Petes real food
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Pete’s Paleo

Paleo and keto plans go hand in hand, and you’ll find that many of the meals from Pete’s Paleo fall within keto guidelines. Pete’s sends low carb fresh or frozen meals so you can eat immediately or stock up for those nights when you want to avoid fast food. Pete’s also has easy add-ons like bacon and bone broth, two keto ingredients that can be hard to find without added sugars.

Availability: Nationwide, anywhere FedEx delivers.

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Provenance Meals

Provenance Meals aren’t explicitly keto, but are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, with plenty of low-carb options. It’s a natural fit for anyone looking to eat within keto guidelines. They also have a wellness shop with add-ons such as fish oils and teas, or you can order a three-day cleanse that comes with nutritious ready-to-eat plant based meals and herbal teas, plus a snack. Pro tip: Add these produce delivery services (we love Misfits Market!) to your weekly meal prep rotation.

Availability: Delivers nationwide.

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