We Ordered New York’s Most Famous Cookies—And Yes, They’re Worth the Hype

Updated: Feb. 13, 2024

It doesn't get any sweeter than a Levain cookies delivery!

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As an avid home baker, I’ve spent countless hours (and used several pounds of butter) pursuing the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I’ve experimented with browning butter, chilling the dough, mixing types of chocolate—you name it. And while my efforts have certainly been sweet, I’ve never been blown away by a cookie.

I knew, however, that perfection was out there. In all my research, one name kept popping up as the crème de la crème of chocolate chip cookies: Levain. I knew I had to sample these mammoth morsels for myself. (And then spend the rest of my life creating a copycat recipe.) Luckily, I didn’t have to book a flight to New York to try them.

What are Levain cookies?

Levain Assorted Cookies in the packageKATIE BANDURSKI/TASTE OF HOME

Levain Bakery makes one of the most famous chocolate chip cookies in the world. What began as a humble bread shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan quickly spiraled into a cultural phenomenon.

Now, it’s not the quirky flavor combos that make Levain cookies so special—it’s their outrageous size. Each treat weighs in at a whopping six ounces!

Levain crafts a handful of classic flavors, including seasonal options, but it’s the signature chocolate chip walnut cookie I was vying to try. If possible, of course, stop by one of over a dozen bakery locations, but Levain does offer nationwide shipping as well.

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Why I Love Them

Levain Single Cookie With MilkKatie Bandurski/Taste of Home

I was lucky enough to try both the Levain signature cookie assortment—which features the iconic chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip and oatmeal raisin—and their caramel coconut chocolate chip cookies.

Both cookie four-packs arrived on my doorstep in perfect condition. Nary a loose crumb or crack in sight! The packaging was so cute, too, with a bright blue box and cellophane wrapping—complete with a pretty bow.

While I was eager to dig in right away, I decided to follow the brand’s care instructions. So, after a family dinner one night, I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and plopped the cookies on a baking sheet. They weren’t kidding about the size! Each one barely fit in the palm of my hand and was incredibly thick. I baked for about 8 minutes (Levain recommends 5-10) until warm and gooey in the center.

Then, finally, it was taste test time. I sectioned each cookie into fourths for easy sharing and poured a glass of milk.

My first sample was the caramel coconut chocolate chip cookies. They tasted like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie and a chocolate chip cookie had a baby. The result was warm and tender with crunchy flakes of coconut. As the cookie cooled, the caramel turned deliciously chewy and added an even deeper texture.

Next, I turned my attention to the dark chocolate peanut butter chip. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not the world’s biggest PB fan. I’ll enjoy a Reese’s cup now and again, but it’s typically not my favorite flavor profile. But man, this cookie changed my mind. It was an ideal balance between sweet and salty, and the dark chocolate was really dark, lending a deep, complex flavor that was more nuanced than I was expecting.

For round three, I picked up a bite of oatmeal raisin. I was confident that if anyone could elevate this old-fashioned flavor, it was Levain. Right away, I was impressed by this cookie’s texture. The oatmeal added heft without being too dense or dry, and the texture was somewhat like a scone. The real standouts were the juicy raisins. Yum!

Dark chocolate chocolate chip was intense. If you don’t love chocolate, this is not the cookie for you. The texture was slightly more cakelike than the others and tasted like a cookie-brownie hybrid. I loved the gooey chocolate chips in every bite. And, thanks to the extra-dark chocolate, the flavor wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet.

Finally, it was time to test the cookie I had been dreaming about for weeks: chocolate chip walnut. After one bite, I knew the hype was real. These cookies are truly perfect. They’re crispy around the edges, gooey in the center, studded with melty chocolate and crunchy walnuts. My journey for the best chocolate chip cookie was finally coming to a close.

Levain Cookie Cross Cut Levain Cookies Katie Bandurski Taste Of Home Jvedit Katie Bandurski/Taste of Home

After this eye-opening (and sweet tooth-stretching) experience, I can confirm that Levain cookies are the real deal. I will certainly be ordering again, both for myself and my loved ones. The signature cookie assortment makes a delightful gift for any occasion—even “just because.”

Where to Buy Levain Cookies

Levian Cookie Assortment via merchant

You can buy Levain cookies directly from the bakery. Choose from 4-, 8- or 12-packs of individual flavors or assortments. The brand also offers gift tins and even a cookie club. Prices start at $29. Trust me when I say: You’ll never get a sweeter delivery.

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