41 of the Best Gift Baskets for Women

Updated: Apr. 09, 2024

They deserve everything—luckily, these gifts provide that. We found the best gift baskets for women, no matter the occasion, their lifestyle or their hobbies.

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The hardest part of gift-giving is zeroing in on the exact perfect item. Do they already have this? Is this what they want? Will they use it, or will this be tossed in a closet? That’s why, in my humble opinion, gift baskets are some of the best presents you can send—as long as it’s tailored to the person receiving it.

“A good gift is not dictated by the cost or size, but rather, the genuine thought that goes into it,” Elizabeth Noel Jones, founder of GiftMeChic, told us.

We dug into gift basket ideas for women, whether you’re shopping for new moms, moms who’ve been in the game for a while and desperately need an at-home spa day, college students living off of ramen, grandmas who love to garden or at-home chefs.

All of our selections contain a variety of items, with a range of themes, preferences and prices. There’s decadent, traditional gift baskets and gift boxes from beloved brands, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, lifestyle and hobbies. And don’t forget a note!

“It’s important to take a few minutes to think about the person you are gifting and their likes, dislikes, hobbies, lifestyle, aesthetic and taste,” explains Jones. “Adding to this, a handwritten note expressing the sentiments for your gift is also the ideal way to make the gift recipient feel cared for and special.”

For Any Occasion

Taste for Everyone Gift Basket

The ideal gift baskets for women keep us going all day. This gift basket set is stuffed with sweet and salty snacks to answer any craving. Available in three sizes in either a wooden crate or a tote bag, every gift contains chocolate almond bark, white chocolate pretzels and roasted salsa, but going bigger adds in artichoke lemon pesto, coconut raspberry cookies and—we’ll stop there, because we’re getting hungry.

For the At-Home Gourmand

Brightland Luminous Capsule

There’s olive oil, and then there’s Brightland olive oil, made with Arbequina olives grown along California’s central coast and pressed quickly after harvesting. In this gift set, it’s paired with raw Champagne vinegar that’s fermented with Valencia oranges, along with California orange blossom honey. It’s one of the most perfect gift baskets for women who appreciate the finer things—especially when those things are condiments.

For the One Who Craves Coziness

Chai & Cookie Gift Set

Whether your friend is known for their blanket collection or they need to unwind after a long week, this gift set is as indulgent and warming as, well…vanilla bean shortbread cookies dipped in chai tea. For a little extra sweetness, this box includes a cinnamon and vanilla-infused maple syrup, all in beautiful packaging. It’s the perfect excuse to put on sweats and open up Netflix.

For the One Who’s Streaming Barbie on Repeat

Happy Moments Gift Tower

This gift tower’s pink packaging is fun enough to put you in a good mood. And the treats inside will make that mood even better. Inside, they’ll find a scented candle, different types of sour candies, sugar cookies and marshmallow-granola bites. It’ll look great on the birthday gift table, but is just as good for someone who needs a pick-me-up. For even more color, add in a flower delivery.

For the One Who Watches ‘Hot Ones’

Fly by Jing Set

If they prefer their meals with a little spice, then this gift box packed with Fly By Jing favorites is in order. Each of these spicy gift baskets for women feature the brand’s heavy hitters, like the infamous Sichuan Chili Crisp. And—if that’s not enough heat—it comes with the Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp, that’s three times as spicy as the original. There are also options that are sweeter, tangier, and a little less hot.

It’s impossible to create a list of gift baskets for women without one that offers a spa-in-a-box. A little self-pampering is always called for, and this relaxing collection features cherry blossom products for a dose of springtime. It includes a pumice stone, body butter, body scrub, body lotion and body wash so every morning and night is instantly more nourishing and serene.


For the New Mom

Oh Baby Boxes

They’re celebrating the miracle of life—you can celebrate them with one of these gift baskets. The box features 6-8 full-sized products, and everything is customized based on the new mama’s due date, so they can make the most of the products they receive. These gift baskets for women are available both as one-time gifts or a regular subscription boxes.

For the One You Love a Latte

Aeropress Brew Anywhere Kit

A good cup of coffee makes any day better, and this coffee set will brighten the days of friends hustling to work or always on the road. Each of these gift baskets for women includes a bag of delicious Bean & Bean coffee (I’ve tried several of their blends and have been fans of them all), along with a sloth-adorned tote bag and an AeroPress, so they can make coffee on the go.

For the One Who Loves a Gourmet Slice

Pizza Party Gift Crate

The next hottest pizza restaurant in town? Their kitchen. This pizza party crate includes crust mix, two types of gourmet pizza sauce (including an artichoke and garlic option that we’re eyeing), pizza seasoning, and a cookbook, so they can get creative. We know: this is one of those gift baskets for women that’s also kind of a gift for you, too, once you become their taste tester as they work their way through all the recipes.

For the One Who Loves Picnics

Cheese & Savory Gift Crate

Everything they need for a picnic or a very tasty night in. This savory gift crate is filled with gourmet cheese (including goat’s milk and cheddar), smoked salmon, salami and the toppings and crackers every memorable cheese board requires. The delicacies are sourced from the U.S., France and Australia, and each of these gift baskets for women conjures up the sense of an overseas vacation on a plate.


For the Bookworm

Book Gift Box

The best gift for people who love books…is always more books (speaking as a professional book lover). Enter the blind date with a book gift box, which lives up to the name. Each box includes a mystery book (you select the genre to ensue your giftee will receive something they love) and all sorts of bookish goodies, from keychains to cozy socks to cookies, tea bags, a succulent that will look adorable on their bookshelf and more. It’s not just one of the best gift baskets for women—it’s also a great option as a care package.

For the Coworker

Buds & Blooms Gift Box

This cheese and meat gift box brings a little taste of warm, lazy days. Savory summer sausage, hot mustard and cheeses are balanced by the sweetness of taffy. We love this as a treat to send to friends (especially those who love to host—this is perfect for setting out as a spread) or for people you don’t know as well. It’s tasty, shareable and a delicious surprise.

Inspired by these gift baskets for women? We love these other charcuterie gift baskets.


For the One With a Mindfulness Routine

Hygge Gift Box

They can cozy up with their meditation app and a cashmere scarf or fuzzy socks thanks to this Hygge gift box. There are multiple gift box options, all of which bring the definition of coziness to your friend’s doorstep. Expect heart-warming items like a notebook (which can be engraved), organic shea butter, tea and brownie brittle.

For the One Always Firing Up the Grill

Best of Porter Road Box

This is not your grocery store’s steak in these gift baskets for women. This collection of Porter Road‘s best meats (including pork chops, steaks, ground beef and sausage) stocks your friends’ fridges and freezers with pasture-raised meat sourced from small farms throughout the United States. The taste and quality are unparalleled, sure to be a hit with your meat-loving giftees.

Candy Land Gift Box VIA MERCHANT

For the Sweet Tooth

Candy Land Gift Box

It’s like having a piece of Willy Wonka’s factory delivered to your house. This gift box is packed with gourmet twists on traditional candy favorites to appeal to the nostalgia and taste buds of sugar-lovers of all ages. While substitutions may be made, expect delights like rainbow chocolate bark, toffee brittle, gummy worms and bacon peanut butter cups.

For the One Who Always Bookmarks Recipes

Pasta Cookbook & Tools

If their algorithm is a solid stream of recipes, then this gift set will help them take pasta night to the next level. Each of these gift baskets for women come with “Pasta Every Day,” a cookbook that will walk them through the art of pasta making and crafting dough, fillings and sauces. They’ll also receive three tools to create ravioli, pappardelle and campanelle-shaped pasta.

For the Snack Lover

Snacks Gift Basket

We didn’t know snacking could get any better until we saw this gift basket. She can nibble on chocolate chip cappuccino cookies or vanilla caramels if a mid-day sugar craving hits or tomato crackers for something more savory. Each of these gift baskets for women, which come in sophisticated packaging, include a whole host of gourmet treats that say “congrats,” “happy birthday” or “you deserve it.”

For the One Who Always Suggests Brunch

Juice Bar Breakfast Basket

The secret to a perfect morning? This charming breakfast gift basket, which features a delectable assortment of baked goods. They can enjoy muffins, apple-filled croissants, danishes, tea bread and more while sipping on a hand-crafted cocktail (or mocktail) thanks to two mixers. We’re sending it to our friends who love sleeping in and who have busy mornings and can use gourmet food delivered to their doorstep.

For the One Always at the Farmers Market

Farm to Table Garden Basket

Evoking Mediterranean snack time, this gift basket will dazzle all of your veggie-loving friends. Heavy on the savory, it includes a variety of marinated vegetables and crackers, with spinach dip, fresh avocados and sharp cheddar cheese. No meal is complete without a little dessert—they can enjoy cinnamon glazed almonds and key lime cookies. Giftees will also receive a tray and serving board that they can use for future meals.

Treat Yourself Box VIA MERCHANT

For the Self-Care Queen

Treat Yourself Box

If your friend is very well-versed in self-care products, this gift box adds an international twist to their relaxation routine. The box is curated with selections from smaller Japanese companies, including a beautiful mug with a stained glass-like pattern, sandalwood incense, multiple face masks, balm with botanical oils, green tea, bath tablets and more. They’ll be texting you “thank you” from their bath.

Housewarming Gift Box Ecomm Via Skyesgiftshoppe Etsy.com VIA MERCHANT

For the One Who Just Finished Unpacking

Housewarming Gift Box

Help them inaugurate their new place with this gift basket, brimming with comforts to make a new space feel like home. It includes aromatherapy candles, tea, Himalayan sea salt, candies, kitchen towels and a wooden board. Add a bottle of wine to make it truly celebratory.

Note that while the gift is curated to order and items may change, you can request specific scents or flavors prior to purchasing.

For the New Neighbor

Antipasto Gift Set

You’ll win the crown of best gift-giver when they’re savoring freshly-baked bread in their kitchen (that required minimal prep). With different oils and spreads, this gift set brings Italian vibes to their home. We love it as a thank you gift, a present for your friends who always look forward to the bread basket at restaurants and a treat for new neighbors. The basket that it comes in can easily be repurposed as storage.

Is your giftee gluten-free? No worries. We have gluten-free gift baskets covered.

Some people are harder to shop for, but this gift basket is a gift that nearly everyone can appreciate. It’s packed with delicious pears to enjoy with white cheddar cheese, summer sausage, mixed nuts, crackers and classic caramel popcorn. We love that it’s well-suited for families—there’s plenty to share—but can just as easily be enjoyed solo for gourmet snacking all week long.

For the One Who Tracks Best Restaurants

James Beard Award Deluxe Gift Basket

If they’re constantly forwarding you lists of the best restaurants, then treat them to this gift box of snacks from James Beard Award-winning chefs from Chicago. They can explore the city through its food while enjoying the creations of culinary masters — think gnocchetti, sriracha honey turkey jerky and chili lime chili crunch (which the brand recommends adding to avocado toast). Don’t worry: There’s plenty more inside to expand your friend’s palette and inspire her own new recipes.

For the Grandma

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Basket

This charming tea gift basket feels like it should accompany a Bridgerton viewing party. She’ll unpack a selection of loose leaf tea (with tea infuser provided!), sweet treats including sugar cookies and marshmallow granola bites and a candle. While Grandma might be known for her cookies, this gift basket will let her take an evening off and unwind while letting her know that you’re thinking of her.

The Complete Truffle Collection VIA MERCHANT

For the Gourmand

The Complete Truffle Collection

If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, it would be truffles, and this gift set is stocked with everything your truffle-loving friends could imagine. There’s truffle oil to drizzle over avocado toast, truffle mustard to upgrade sandwiches, and truffle butter, honey and salt to elevate all of their eating. With black truffles hand-harvested in Italy and sea salt hand-harvested in France, the quality of these products is outstanding.

Gardener's Gift Box VIA MERCHANT

For the One with a Green Thumb

Gardener’s Gift Box

If they’re always playing in the yard, this gift set is prepared with their most-needed items. The essential oil soap (which smells amazing) is cleansing and moisturizing, while the hand & body lotion and healing salve will revive dry skin. The pumice stone and nail brush will also get out stubborn dirt after day digging in the soil.

(Hint: Mother’s Day is coming up…)

Cozy Gift Basket Ecomm Via Bellavibesandco via merchant

For the One Who Journals

Cozy Gift Basket

This gift basket is the definition of mindfulness and embracing the present moment. The knitted throw blanket, soy candle and chocolates set the mood for a cozy night in with their notebook, and a stainless steel water bottle lets them bring a reminder of your gift on the go.

For the One Who Always Orders Lox

Seafood Lovers Gift Pack

Crab cakes, smoked salmon and tuna steaks, oh my! Meet the Seafood Lovers Gift Pack, which delivers a combination of ethically-sourced seafood in pre-portioned packaging. As a lover of food subscription boxes and a born-and-bred Seattelite, I was impressed by Sizzlefish’s quality. And as someone who loves to cook but doesn’t always want to spring for the cost of seafood, receiving it as a gift is my adult equivalent of getting Pokémon cards as a kid.

For the One Who Loves TikTok Beauty Tutorials

Sunday Riley Gift Set

Return the favor for all of the skincare advice they’ve given you. This gift set from beloved Sunday Riley features an assortment of mini-sized products for some early morning brightening, from cleanser to Vitamin C serum to daily sunscreen. It’ll delight college students looking for a luxe addition to their bathroom cabinet and adult friends looking to add a little extra oomph to their morning routine.

Omsom Try 'em All Set VIA MERCHANT

For the Hungry College Student

Omsom Try ‘Em All Set

If your favorite college student is living off of ramen, it’s time for a bit of an upgrade with this gift set of Asian noodles and sauces. The noodles can be microwaved—perfect for students living in dorm rooms—and the sauces are packed with flavor. They’re also all made with simple ingredients and no artificial flavors, so you can feel better about her college snacks.

If you’re feeling really generous, you can set up an ongoing subscription.

Birthday In A Box Ecomm Via Mouth.com VIA MERCHANT

For the Birthday Girl

Birthday in a Box

Birthday cake, who? This birthday in a box is stuffed with plenty of nods to traditional birthday cake (in the forms of marshmallows, popcorn and coconut macaroons) but surprises them with plenty of other indulgences. And since it’s their birthday, they’re not required to share.

You can choose between two different gift box sixes.

For the Hostess with the Mostest

Ultimate Hosting Gift Bundle

They always have an amazing dinner party waiting for you when you come over. Thanks to this hosting gift bundle, you can return the favor with an elegant addition to their hosting toolkit. It includes a serving paddle board made out of acacia wood, hand-blown small drinking glasses, pink marble coasters to keep their table ring-free and linen napkins.

For the One With the Best Bar Cart

Gourmet Craft Cocktail Set

Time for happy hour without having to leave the comfort of home. This craft cocktail gift set offers will elevate their bartending skills with a curated selection of mixers, garnishes and tools. The ingredients will prompt some creative cocktails: you’ll want to be around as they experiment with ‘Old Fashioned’ Chicago cocktail syrup, strawberry lavender rosemary tulsi, and a ginger lime and peppercorn concentrate.

To make it fully comprehensive, give it to them with their favorite bottle of liquor!

A delicious combination of healthy and indulgent, this fruit and sweets gift basket is for friends who are all about balance. Generously packed, it contains pears, apples, oranges, mandarins, kiwis and a mango (depending on which of the three sizes you choose), along with plenty of delicious cookies, pretzels, popcorn and other snacks that they can pack for a day in the woods or at the office.

Positive Vibes Gift Box VIA MERCHANT

For the One Who Brings Good Energy

Positive Vibes Gift Box

The first thing your friend might notice with this gift box is the stunning scent. That’s thanks to a combination of the crystal-adorned candle, the dried floral bundle, the floral fragrance oil and the floral bath salts, along with other soothing, centering items.

You’ll be able to select the fragrance, so you can ensure your giftee gets what she loves most.

Grande Gift Tower VIA MERCHANT

For the Chocolate Lover

Grande Gift Tower

A decadent selection from a gourmet chocolatier. Within this elegantly-wrapped gift tower, you’ll find an assortment of toffees, 16 truffles and caramels. The ingredients are creative and mouth-watering, from the truffle with ginger, wasabi and matcha to the blood orange caramels with crushed hibiscus.

It’s great for friends with sophisticated tastes or for clients you really want to wow. And, honestly, yourself. This is a treat you definitely deserve.

Thinking Of You Gift Box VIA MERCHANT

For the One Who Loves Wordle

Thinking of You Gift Box

They always text you about the New York Times crossword puzzle, and this game- and snack-filled gift box should be top of your list for them. They can unwind with mazes, movie trivia and crosswords while sipping chai tea out of their new mug. We love that there are a few other treats, like water crackers and dried lentils (they might also love these soup gift baskets), that they can enjoy at other points in the day.

Movie Night Gift Box Ecomm Via Baskits.com VIA MERCHANT

For the One Who Uses Letterboxd

Movie Night Gift Box

You can depend on them for a great movie rec. Celebrate their favorite activity with everything they need for a movie night at home. This gift box brings their favorite cinema snacks to the couch, from Reese’s Pieces to popcorn (popcorn popper included!) and red-and-white striped boxes that make it feel like you’ve just come from the concessions stand. After the movie is over, there’s a trivia game to let them test their knowledge.

Pickleball Gift Pack Ecomm Via Recesspickleball.com VIA MERCHANT

For the Trendy Athlete

Pickleball Gift Pack

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport—this gift set lets her get in on the fun. It includes one paddle with an artistic design with a fiberglass surface, three pickleballs, a rally bag and a paddle case cover. This paddle is on the pricier slide, but it comes with a few bells and whistles, including an edge guard for durability and a faux-leather grip that’s meant to resist sweat.

For the One Who Loves Springtime

Lemon Risotto Gift Basket

Conjure up some warm days with this lemon risotto (and wine!) gift basket. It contains everything they need to whip up a zesty dish—including a risotto mix, lemons, olive oil and Parmesan—and a bottle of Chardonnay. All they’ll need is to set out some fresh flowers to feel like sunny days have officially arrived. It arrives in a cheerful, lemon-covered gift box.