14 Best Gluten-Free Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

We found the best gluten-free gift baskets for all occasions, from brunch to happy hour.

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Charcuterie KitVIA MERCHANT

It’s never been better to eat gluten-free. The recent spotlight on celiac disease means more gluten-free snacks gracing store shelves. Shopping for the gluten-free person in your life used to mean opting for non-food items and lackluster treats. Now, whether it’s a birthday, promotion or “just because,” there are plenty of gluten-free gift baskets that are just as delicious—if not more so—than their gluten-laden alternatives.

If you’re an individual with celiac disease or you have a gluten sensitivity, you’ll want to verify your packaged food has a “gluten-free” label before purchasing,” says Registered Dietitian Nancy Snyder, MS, RD. “In order for packaged foods to carry this label, they must contain no more than 20 parts per million of gluten. If there’s no label, be sure to also scan the ingredient statement.”

Nancy recommends that aside from avoiding top contenders—wheat, rye and barley—there are hidden sources of gluten that might not be as obvious. She notes that flavorings, hydrolyzed plant protein and modified food starch are just a few potential sources of gluten. Something to keep in mind is that because wheat is one of the top eight allergens, itor any ingredient containing or derived from wheatmust be declared on the label. “However, barley and rye are not subject to this same treatment,” Snyder warns. “When in doubt, reach out directly to the food manufacturer to request a gluten statement.”

Our list of the best gluten-free gift baskets only includes items that are naturally GF (like fresh produce) or include a certified label so you can shop with confidence.

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For the Happy Hour Devotee

Cheese and Wine Gift Basket

A happy hour-ready box that’s gluten-free? We’ll cheers to that. This elegant cheese and wine box pairs sweet pears with four different types of cheese and a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris. Gluten-free gift baskets like this are perfect for low-maintenance hosting or having on-hand gourmet snacks during a busy week. Note that the cheeses do err on the blue side of the spectrum to best suit the pears.

According to the site, Harry & David is in compliance with the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. That means that all ingredients are listed on their labels, including ingredients that contain gluten.

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For the Snacker

Classic Gluten-Free Gift Basket

Experience the best of gluten-free snacks delivered to your doorstep. This classic basket is filled with sweet and salty bites that have been carefully curated to present some of the gluten-free world’s tastiest finds. Inside, you’ll find cookies, trail mix, jerky, crackers and tea, along with other more health-conscious snacks. Have it on hand for when hunger strikes.

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For the Chef

Baby Vegetables Gift Box

Know someone who prefers to spend their weekends relaxing at home rather than running errands? Send them the gift of groceries. Brimming with fresh veggies—including artichokes, radishes, cauliflower, squash and onions—this baby vegetables gift box boasts a seriously healthy haul. Seasonality determines the contents, but no matter the month your recipient can expect a huge variety of garden-fresh veg in one of these gluten-free gift baskets.

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Milk Bar Gluten Free Cake Box via merchant

For the Birthday Boy or Girl

Milk Bar Gluten-Free Cake Box

Milk Bar won widespread acclaim for its baked goods, and this birthday gift basket lets gluten-free eaters have their cake and eat it too. It includes one birthday cake slathered with layers of frosting, along with birthday cake truffles with a thin white chocolate coating. While this package is birthday-themed, we think it’s appropriate for any occasion.

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For the Host

Charcuterie Kit

A good charcuterie platter is a piece of art, and this gluten-free bundle provides everything you need for happy hour, picnics or just because. Gluten-free gift baskets come in two kit sizes, and both include cheeses, meats, gluten-free crackers, spreadables, accompaniments and guides to help your board become a masterpiece.

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Gluten Free Soup Sampler VIA MERCHANT

For the Cozy Queen

Gluten-Free Soup Sampler

Nothing rings in the cozy season quite like gourmet soups. This soup sampler is fully gluten-free and features three pre-made soups: chicken tortilla, coconut lentil and creamy potato and piquillo pepper. The collection will provide some nourishment if you’re feeling under the weather. It also makes for a hearty dinner or care package for friends. Oh, and if you like this, discover more of our top picks for soup gift baskets.

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For the Cookie Monster

Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

Love the smell of cookies baking in the oven? Us, too. That’s why we’re fans of this collection of assorted handcrafted cookie dough from Sweet Laurel bakery, featuring three gluten-free flavors. Indulge in chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and gingerbread, with each tube of cookie dough making about 9 to 12 cookies, depending on how thickly you slice them. The cookie dough is also vegan.

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As stunning as it is delicious, this deluxe fruit basket brims with delicacies in a handwoven basket. Each basket contains seasonal apples and pears alongside an assortment of other delicious picks, like kiwis, papayas, pineapples, avocados, mangos and more. You’ll get your vitamins and satiate your sweet tooth.

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For the Baker

Gluten-Free Baking Basket

For the home cook, this gluten-free baking basket offers mixes for delectable brownies, cornbread, pancakes and waffles. There are also two boxes of gluten-free crackers to snack on while everything else is baking. It all comes in a charming basket perfect for reusing for picnics come warmer weather. Take allergen-friendly cooking to the next level with these gluten-free meal kits.

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Women Owned Wines via merchant

For the Vino Lover

Women-Owned Wines

Maybe they prefer gifts they can drink, rather than nibble. This collection of Maker wines is a toast-worthy treat because 1) the wines have zero sugar, 2) Maker’s canned wines have scored numerous gold medals and 3) each of these six wines come from women-owned or women-led wineries. And did we mention that each can contains 1/3 of a bottle? Pair these wines with a cheese of the month club subscription.

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For the Breakfast Club

Gluten-Free Brunch Sampler

When I first went gluten-free, what I missed most were cinnamon rolls. Thanks to this brunch sampler from a 100% gluten-free bakery, unsatisfied cravings are a thing of the past. Inside, you’ll find cinnamon rolls, sour cream coffee cakes with a cinnamon walnut streusel and lemon cakes topped with a citrus glaze. It’s also a great holiday or Christmas gift basket for gluten-free friends dreaming of sweet mornings.

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For the Cake Boss

Georgetown Cupcake Gluten-Free Sampler

I went to college down the street from Georgetown Cupcake and popping in for one of their gluten-free options was a weekly highlight. This GF cupcake sampler introduces some of their popular gluten-free flavors—the salted caramel is my go-to—and offers an allergy-friendly introduction to the brand. Need a gift for a friend going through a hard time? Start with this.

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Vegan Gluten Free Donuts Best Seller 12 Pack VIA MERCHANT

For the Coworker

Gluten-Free Donuts

I first fell in love with Erin McKenna’s when I lived in LA and used as many excuses as possible to stock up on their gluten-free treats. This donut gift box includes mocha crunch with a drizzle of chocolate, cinnamon sugar and vanilla sprinkle donuts that are all gluten-free and vegan. Watch out for your gluten-eating friends: they won’t be able to resist these either.

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No Grain No Pain Gluten Free Gift Box VIA MERCHANT

For the Sweet Tooth

Gluten-Free Treats

Packed with 13 treats, this gluten-free gift box is bursting with delicious, whimsical goodies. It leads with an inspired range of truffles—sometimes boozy, sometimes citrusy, sometimes spicy and always chocolate-y. You’ll also enjoy fudgy brownies and a chocolate ganache sandwiched with two chocolate chip cookies. Martha Stewart is a fan, so you know you’re in good hands.

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