27 Best Christmas Gift Baskets for Everyone On Your List

A Christmas gift basket—brimming with delicious things to eat and drink—is just the thing to send to friends, family members and colleagues. Here are the top picks to show you care.

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I’m all about themed gifts—a collection of three to four items that I handpick to match the recipient’s personality, interests and needs. I’ve done this for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays, but pulling this off at Christmas proves nearly impossible. When gifting to so many people at once, I’m hard-pressed to find time to plan, buy and package multiple themed presents for each of them.

That’s where Christmas gift baskets come in clutch. They’re exactly the type of themed gift I’m looking for—but without any of the work. And Christmas gift baskets go way beyond the typical pretzels, popcorn and nuts these days. Although those traditional assortments fit the bill for some giftees, like coworkers or neighbors, there are more niche selections now, too, so you can find perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

I’m already eyeing the mulling cider kit for my dad and the cupcake and wine box for my newly married-sister. The coffee basket, on the other hand, will be ideal for my friends who own a coffee roastery. I hope you’ll, too, find as many just-right gifts on this list for the loved ones in your life. Happy holiday shopping!

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Sweet & Savory Gift Tower

For the Charcuterie Cutie: Sweet and Savory Gift Tower

Hickory Farms is a standby for Christmas gifts—and for good reason. For the past 70 years, the company has been crafting baskets filled with irresistible food gifts that appeal to nearly everyone. I sampled this gift tower with my vegetarian and meat-eating friends and everyone enjoyed the array of sausages, cheeses, mustards, graham crackers, cherry candies and taffy equally. Not to mention the striking presentation!

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Supreme Christmas Gift Basket

For the Whole Family: Supreme Christmas Gift Basket

There’s no cross-generational pastime quite like snacking! The little ones and elders in your fam will enjoy this Supreme gift basket just as much as Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, did. “Wow! This basket is very bountiful and has an excellent assortment,” she says. “It just kept going and was so fun to unwrap.” Among the chocolates, cheese, salami, crackers, tea and more, it was the pears and peppermint bark that stood out to her most. If you have no kiddos in your clan, consider upgrading to the version of this basket that includes wine.

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Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower
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For the Chocoholic: Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Tower

The elegant blue and gold packaging of this Ghirardelli gift set calls to mind a city Christmas with glowy holiday lights and a dusting of fresh snow. As far as chocolate lovers are concerned, the contents of the boxes are just as special: hot cocoa, chocolate caramel corn, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate, chocolate drops and the brand’s signature chocolate squares. See more hot chocolate gift sets!

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Christmas Morning Brunch Gift

For the Morning Person: Christmas Morning Brunch Gift

Even sleepyheads will enjoy waking up for this Christmas morning brunch gift basket. It contains English muffins, a quiche, a cranberry orange loaf cake, Santa’s Cinnaberry Kringle, blueberry preserves and caramel-pecan coffee that will fill the house with an amazing aroma. Kringle is the official pastry of Wisconsin, so we’re tough critics here at Taste of Home headquarters in Milwaukee. Our editor who tested this declared the Kringle in the box is her new favorite flavor. Psst! Learn where to order Christmas dinner, too.

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Christmas Cookie Collection

For the Cookie Monster: Christmas Cookie Collection

Featuring 22 sugary treats such as shortbread and macaroons, this Christmas cookie gift box comes with adorable packaging. Plus, the $45 price tag is a steal compared to other Christmas gift baskets. Our studio assistant’s favorites? The raspberry-filled shortbread and the chocolate-covered peppermint cookies. “This would fit perfectly under any tree,” he says. Overall, Harry & David is one of the best places to order Christmas cookies online.

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Warm Winter Wishes Gift Basket

For the Wintry One: Warm Winter Wishes Gift Basket

Sometimes, miniature treats are better than full-size ones (good things come in small packages, right?), and this Warm Winter Wishes gift basket is filled with them. Featuring a white and gold snowflake motif, the box contains kettle corn, dark chocolate, fudge, cookies and other treats in the teeniest sizes around. Plus, our set stylist Stacey Genaw comments this has the prettiest packaging of all the gift baskets we tested. And she doesn’t say that lightly!

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Royal Riviera Christmas Pears

For the Vegan: Royal Riviera Christmas Pears

It can be tricky to track down a gift for someone who doesn’t eat animal products, so that’s where this pear-filled basket comes to the rescue. Harry & David is famous for its fresh, juicy pears. Your vegan friend or family member is guaranteed to savor these gold foil-wrapped delights. Our plant-based expert and Culinary Producer, Sarah Tramonte, was pleasantly surprised by how delicious (and pristine!) these pears were. “Pears can be hard to find in stores with little blemishes,” she says. “But these were perfect.”

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Holiday Cutouts Bow Gift Box

For the Icing Queen: Holiday Cutouts Bow Gift Box

Whoever invented the phrase “the icing on the cake” must’ve just eaten a Cheryl’s cupcake. The bakery’s famous buttercream frosting features four ingredients: vanilla, butter, confectioners’ sugar and evaporated milk. Who knew something so simple could make everything so much better? That includes the cookies from this box set. I’ve been enjoying Cheryl’s for nearly a decade and never grow tired of the luscious frosting and tender cookies. My favorite in this assortment was the classy monochromatic white cookie. Read my full review.

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Spa Christmas Gift Set

For that Stressed Someone: Spa Christmas Gift Set

Most Christmas gift baskets are overflowing with sweets and snacks, but maybe, what your special someone really needs this season is an excuse to relax. This thoughtful box boasts a champagne tumbler, monogrammed compact, lip balm, ring dish, candle, bath bomb and personalized postcard. See the same seller’s Christmas gift basket curated specially for men.

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Cheers Gift Set

For Your Bubbly Bud: Cheers Gift Set

Christmas outshines New Year’s Eve in most people’s minds, but if you know someone who’s counting down to midnight long before the 31st, then consider this champagne-inspired gift set. It includes a sparkling nonalcoholic drink akin to champagne, wine-flavored gummies, a champagne-scented candle, a champagne stopper, champagne-infused chocolate-covered popcorn, Compartes chocolate and gold noisemakers.

“The curators did an excellent job collecting items that feel celebratory and festive,” our tester and Executive Culinary Director Sarah Farmer says. “From the superior packaging to the array of products, this box nails it for any occasion that calls for a cheer.”

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Moose Munch Holiday Tin

For the Snacker: Moose Munch Holiday Tin

Go beyond the typical popcorn gift basket and order one with some seasonal style. We love this Moose Munch tin that features bags of gourmet popcorn in three flavors (milk chocolate, dark chocolate and classic caramel). I stick to plain salted popcorn most of the time, so this was a departure for me, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The popcorn was fresh and not at all chewy or stale, despite shipping and intense toppings. It was indulgent and rich, but still, I couldn’t help myself from going back for handful after handful. The plaid vessel and festive lid tie this sweet gift together.

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Winter Treats To Share

For the Sweet Tooth: Winter Treats to Share

Most gift baskets straddle the line of savory and sweet to appease all different tastes, but this one goes all in on the latter. If an upscale sugar rush is what you’re after, choose Winter Treats to Share. Our tester and Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, likened it to a “candy charcuterie board,” with its rum caramels, chocolate-covered Oreos (her favorite), red Aussie licorice, rocky road popcorn, white chocolate gummy bears and more. It’s available in petite, medium, large and extra large sizes to fit your budget and recipients’ needs.

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Holiday Artisan Iced Cookies

For Your Bougie Bestie: Holiday Artisan Iced Cookies

Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok have made the royal-icing craze that much more intense. Did you even have a wedding shower, birthday party or holiday celebration without a platter of these stunning treats present? Unlike some, these Holiday Artisan Iced Cookies deliver just as much on taste as they do on appearance.

Beth Tomkiw, Taste of Home‘s chief creative officer, wasn’t so sure at first, but she was quickly won over. “With holiday-themed shapes and colorful decorative icing, these charming cookies definitely delight,” she says. “Flip the iced cookie over and the back side is an ideal golden color. The cookies look hard, but wow, was I surprised? These are some super buttery cookies. I couldn’t believe how soft and satisfying they are.”

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Eat, Dip & Be Merry
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For the Hostess: Eat, Dip & Be Merry

This splendid assortment has everything the host or hostess could want for a sophisticated holiday soiree. Think crackers, dips (lobster spread, anyone?), popcorn, cookies and nuts. Plus, this food gift comes with three holiday-themed bowls for serving the included delicacies so that guests can graze and gab the night away. We truly can’t think of a better gift than alleviating holiday-hosting stress.

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Holiday Dog Paw Print Gift Basket
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For the Pet Parents: Holiday Dog Paw Print Gift Basket

The pet parents in your life definitely consider their four-legged friend a part of the family—so they’ll want some Christmas gift baskets under the tree for the cutest and furriest member, too. Any dog’s tail would wag for this gift box that includes a bandana, bow tie, rope dog bone, multiple plush toys, biscuits, treats and more. There’s even “Dog Nog.” Let playtime commence!

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Holiday Treasures Basket
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For the Traditionalist: Holiday Treasures Basket

From the classy holly print on the exterior of the box to its equally traditional contents, this basket of holiday treasures is quintessential Christmas. Perfect for vegetarians, too, this assortment contains pears, apples, mandarin oranges, mint meltaways, nuts and chocolates. It’s a gorgeous gift that will warm their hearts during winter’s cold.

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Christmas Brunch Box

For the Kid at Heart: Christmas Brunch Box

This brimming breakfast box that serves up to 10 people is Buddy the Elf-approved. Give them a sugary rush on the best morning of the year with this collection of red velvet pancakes, French toast squares, Belgian waffles, Pop Tarts, Twinkies, favorite candies like Reese’s and M&M’s, sauces and condiments galore such as vanilla icing and Nutella, and so. much. more.

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Holiday Caramel Apple Gift Basket
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For the Friend Who Misses Fall: Caramel Apple Gift Basket

If you’re going for a gift basket the foodies in your life will adore, start with Williams Sonoma, particularly this holiday caramel apple gift basket. It features two triple-chocolate caramel apples, a chocolate-walnut caramel apple, chocolate-covered pretzel rods, mini pretzel twists, chocolate toffee and the company’s famous peppermint bark. It’s an ideal gift for your brother, boyfriend or anyone else who could use something sweet.

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Enchanting Brews Tea Treasure Box

For the Tea Drinker: Enchanting Brews Tea Treasure Box

We’re absolutely smitten with this stunningly detailed tea treasure box, and your mom, girlfriend or grandma will be too. The 20 sachets, filled with flavors of jasmine green tea, raspberry violet green tea, coconut almond rooibos and cocoa hazelnut rooibos, were handwoven in France to resemble strawberries, flowers, a crescent moon and a heart. If tea is a wintertime staple that she savors, these packets make her daily cuppa that much more special. Or, if you’ve got a coffee drinker on your hands, check out these holiday blends.

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Kona Coffee Christmas Gift
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For the Coffee Fiend: Christmas Coffee Gift Pack

Your favorite coffee lover deserves a caffeine-packed gift they’ll enjoy every morning. This Christmas coffee gift pack, featuring Kona coffee blends they can’t buy at the grocery store around the corner, should do the trick. Dad, Grandpa, your coworker—or anyone else who can’t resist a cup of joe—will love this perky gift.

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Gluten Free Biscotti Gift Basket
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For GF Folks: Gluten-Free Biscotti Gift Basket

In years past, their snacking options at cookie exchanges and Christmas movie nights might have been limited, but no more! Thanks to this set of biscotti, your GF BFF can enjoy just as many sweets as you this holiday season. They’ll delight in flavors such as cinnamon sugar, white chocolate Craisin, dark chocolate peppermint, and dark chocolate cappuccino. Talk about an amazing holiday gift under $50! For more, check out these gluten-free gift baskets, too.

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Mulling Spice Gift Crate
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For the Cider Connoisseur: Mulling Spice Gift Crate

If spiced cider is more their speed than peppermints and sugar cookies, then look no further than this crate of supplies. Christmas gift baskets like this one crafted by Williams Sonoma include mulling spices, cinnamon sticks, a hammered metal mulling spice ball and two double-walled cups. Bonus: The mulling spice ball, essentially an infuser, can also be used to infuse homemade stocks and soups with extra flavor. Speaking of, you can also consider these soup gift baskets to warm up their bleakest winter days.

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Holiday Cupcakes & Wine Set
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For the Newlyweds: Holiday Cupcakes & Wine Set

Consider your favorite couple’s next holiday date night planned. The happy pair will find six jarred cupcakes (three red velvet and three Christmas sprinkle) and one bottle each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in this romantic care package. It’s the perfect way to toast to the together time that comes with the Christmas season.

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Holiday Classic Basket
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For Under $30: Holiday Classic Basket

Thinking ahead during the holiday season is harder than it sounds. If you find yourself in a pinch, money- or time-wise, then this Amazon Prime pick is perfect for you. They’ll never know this box, complete with caramel corn, mints, Ghirardelli chocolate squares and chocolate-covered pretzels, was a last-second “Add to Cart.” Check out more Amazon Christmas gifts.

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Family Movie Night Basket
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For the Hallmark-Channel Watchers: Family Movie Night Basket

It’s fun to give Christmas gift baskets to families because many appeal to every age group, including parents to teens. If the family loves nothing more than to stay in for a movie marathon every weekend, consider this movie-themed gift basket. Piled into a popcorn tub, the basket includes a variety of popcorn and sweet favorites, tied together in a movie ticket ribbon.

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Holly Jolly Characters Basket
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For the Littlest Elf on Your List: Holly Jolly Characters Basket

The kiddos deserve a specially curated collection, too, and the nuts and dried fruits of other Christmas gift baskets likely won’t strike their fancy. This little bucket of fun is just the thing for them—in fact, it can even be customized with their name and the character of your choice. Inside, they’ll discover a new seasonal stuffed animal as well as favorite sweets.

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Party Ready Tray
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For the Nutty One: Nuts Party Tray

Nuts and Christmas have always gone hand in hand, and any snacker will appreciate this party-ready nuts gift basket. Ideal for a holiday gathering or a post-sledding snack, this tray includes cheese crisps, pecans, pistachios, cashews, dried apricots, salami, olives and mission figs. Plus, it ships for free.

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Best Christmas Gift Baskets

How We Found the Best Christmas Gift Baskets

We found the best Christmas gift baskets through research and firsthand testing. We perused the internet for gift baskets with a range of contents and price points (oh, and good reviews) so that both gifter and giftee could feel equally excited about the present. Then, we called in the handful of gift baskets that our readers responded to best in order to ensure they were as great and gift-worthy as we expected. Taste of Home staffers from various departments and with various tastes took these baskets home to share with loved ones and then provided thorough and honest feedback to our writers.

Why You Should Trust Us

You should trust us because these gift baskets and Taste of Home have the same basis: food. Whether tested by our shopping editors who sample products, oftentimes consumables, for a living or our culinary professionals who have decades of combined kitchen experience, these baskets were vetted by people who know—and love—food. If we say these baskets contain food gifts we’d be proud to give, we’re confident you’ll agree.

Opened Gift Basket on wooden table


Is a gift basket a good Christmas gift?

Gift baskets are a great gift for a number of reasons. First, they range widely in terms of price. You can go all out for your spouse or parents with a $200 gift basket while spending $25 or $50 for a co-worker or Secret Santa giftee. Also, they’ve become so niche that there’s an option out there for everyone. Beef jerky, candles, coffee, macarons and bath bombs all have gift baskets dedicated entirely to them. Lastly, they’re made to be shipped. With online shopping as the primary mode of gift-buying, it makes sense to buy presents that are intended to travel across the country. You know they’ll arrive to your recipient safely and soundly.

Are gift baskets worth it?

You might find the price on some of these gift baskets to be higher than you anticipated, but there’s something to be said about a thoughtfully curated gift with various items, oftentimes sourced from multiple vendors, that’s wrapped into a beautiful presentation. Not all of these baskets are over-the-top festive, but those with ribbons, frills and reusable containers might cost a bit more. The time it would take to shop for, handpick, order, wrap and potentially re-ship these items is worth something. For this reason, we definitely feel gift baskets are worth it. Plus, you can find options that cost under $30, so not all gift baskets break the bank.

Additional research contributed by Shelby Deering

Annamarie Higley
Annamarie is Taste of Home’s Shopping Editor and previously worked on the brand’s magazine and special issues. It was during this time she tapped into her love language, gifts, and spearheaded the print holiday gift guides in 2021 and 2022. She’s thrilled to continue creating gift guides full time for the shopping team, in addition to testing and reviewing products, spotlighting viral gadgets and editing freelanced content. A midwestern transplant from the San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys hiking, crafting and—you guessed it!—shopping and cooking.