6 Best Christmas Cookie Delivery Services of 2023

Updated: Mar. 14, 2024

'Tis the season for sweets! Make your holiday exchange a little easier this year with the best Christmas cookie delivery options.

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9 Best Christmas Cookie Delivery Services of 2023TMB STUDIO

Most people can agree that many of their fondest holiday memories were created in the kitchen. Mine consist of my dad’s chewy molasses cookies, my sister’s luscious eggnog cheesecake and my mom’s tender cinnamon coffee cake. Every year, those treats were baked by hand with seemingly more love than the last. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to acknowledge that life happens and homemade cookies and cakes can’t always be in the cards.

Whether you’re far away from loved ones or your schedule is simply too packed, there are a number of equally valid reasons to turn to store-bought goodies, either online or in person. But because we’re not quite willing to forgo that homemade quality, the Taste of Home team made it their mission to hunt down the Christmas cookie delivery services selling sweets that might as well be straight from the oven.

Here, you’ll find our picks for Christmas cookie delivery. There are fancy offerings and homey favorites, inexpensive sweets and over-the-top bites, holiday-themed morsels and year-round winners. We tried all of them ourselves, so they’re guaranteed to satisfy cravings and cure Christmas-induced nostalgia.

Cookies BasketsTMB STUDIO

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Levain Bakery TMB Studio

Best Splurge

Levain Bakery

Fire up that oven because you’ll want to pop in your Levain cookies as soon as they hit the front porch. These monstrous-in-the-best-way bites bake at 350 degrees for five to seven minutes, but the wait is well worth it for the resulting ooey-gooey goodness inside. In the Signature Cookie Assortment (available in groupings of either four, eight or 12), there are chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Or, if you want something more in-your-face festive, try the dark chocolate peppermint cookies, sold separately.

I was lucky enough to take these desserts home with me, and the very cutely illustrated, partly full box is still sitting in my kitchen. And that’s not for lack of trying! Each one of these decadent cookies can feed two people. And of the friends I’ve shared them with, most agreed that they’re some of the best cookies they’ve eaten. “NYC’s favorite cookies”? Yeah, I get it—and the price tag to match. There’s something so special about Levain’s offerings—anyone would feel honored to receive a stack of this Christmas cookie delivery.

Levain BakeryTMB Studio


  • Decadent, delicious cookies that taste homemade (or better!)
  • Novelty of the Levain name
  • Cute packaging
  • Holiday and non-holiday flavors available


  • Expensive
  • Require some preparation

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David's Cookies TMB Studio

Best Budget

David’s Cookies

The thing that first struck Ellie Crowley, Taste of Home associate culinary producer, about this holiday cookies tin from David’s Cookies was the sleek, pretty packaging. “It would be great to regift as is,” she says. This is that much more remarkable when you consider that David’s Cookies is our budget pick. Talk about a beautiful Christmas cookie delivery that won’t break the bank. (Plus, a graphic cookie tin that won’t break its contents!) This particular assortment contains peanut butter cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, double chocolate chunk cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies.

Across the board, Ellie found these cookies to be flavor-packed without tasting artificial or cloying. The peanut butter cookie was her favorite, but she notes that all the cookies touch—a hazard for those with allergies. If that’s not a problem and you’re shopping for people who crave the classics, then this box is perfect for a co-worker, couple or small family.


  • Inexpensive, with affordable shipping costs
  • High-quality packaging, including reusable tin
  • Tasty cookies that come in classic, well-executed flavors
  • Freezer-safe for six months


  • No festive flavors
  • Not allergy-friendly

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Mrs. Field's TMB Studio

Best Classic

Mrs. Fields

When Mark Neufang, one of our culinary assistants, tested this box of Mrs. Fields cookies, he commented, “This is your standard Mrs. Fields cookie. You can’t argue with it. Nice toffee and brown sugar notes and nice chewiness.” And we’d consider that a good thing! Most of us know what a Mrs. Fields cookie tastes like when it’s fresh from the mall food court. As it turns out, that’s what it tastes like from the box, too. An Americana classic.

Although the generic packaging of this specific tin left Mark wanting a little more, Mrs. Fields does offer holiday-themed tins. Regardless, this assortment is great to share with chocoholics and cookie lovers alike, as it contains brownies, blondies, fudge (which Mark says is closer to a standard brownie), triple-chocolate cookies, nutty oatmeal-raisin cookies and chocolate chip cookies. The bars are scored for easy splitting, and the bold sweetness of each bite means you’ll only want a few.

This could easily satiate your whole holiday table! Or, as Mark suggests, pair your Christmas cookie delivery with a bag of coffee and give it as a gift.


  • Reusable tin, with festive options available
  • Nostalgic Mrs. Fields flavor
  • Mixture of cookies and brownies
  • Affordable


  • Not as fresh as some others

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Milk Bar via merchant

Best Untraditional

Milk Bar

The New York-based bakery is best known for its multi-layer cakes and truffles, but it’s no surprise that James Beard award-winning pastry chef Christina Tosi pulls off a mean cookie, too. And they’re not your mother’s chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, either. In her Milk Bar box, Maggie Knoebel, Taste of Home test cook and associate recipe editor, received compost cookies, blueberry and cream cookies, confetti cookies, corn cookies and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies. That’s a mouthful—literally!

She liked some experimental flavors more than others (the confetti was her favorite), but that’s half the fun of trying creative, new-to-you treats—sampling and sharing them with loved ones. This activity is made especially easy because Milk Bar individually wraps all its cookies so they arrive fresh, unscathed and ready to distribute. These trendy, conversation-starting cookies are perfect for your next party with foodie friends.


  • Variety of exciting flavors
  • Individually wrapped cookies to promote freshness
  • Novelty of the Milk Bar name
  • Reusable tin


  • Uninspired packaging
  • On the pricier side

5 / 6
Harry And David TMB Studio

Best Assorted

Harry & David

When you open this adorable, snowflake-sprinkled Harry & David box, it’s hard to know where to begin. There are nine varieties of cookies inside, amounting to 22 cookies total, arranged in separate pleated paper wrappers. Because there’s no informational printout included, our tester and studio assistant, Dylan Fischer, turned to the website to discover the contents of the box: fruitcake cookies, walnut shortbread, raspberry-filled shortbread, chocolate-covered peppermint cookies, coconut macaroons, gingerbread sandwiches and chocolate-covered cranberry-orange shortbread. (You can also find amazing gift baskets on the Harry & David site.)

According to Dylan, the raspberry-filled shortbread and the chocolate-covered peppermint cookies shine brightest. Of the former, he says, “The flavor, appearance and texture are all spot-on. Both adults and kids would enjoy the flavor, as it’s sweet but not overly so.” And, to him, the peppermint cookie is just as pretty as it is tasty. “The cookie has a dynamic zig-zag pattern that wraps around like garland on the Christmas tree,” he says. The whole family would have so much fun passing around this box of cookies and picking out their favorites.

Harry And DavidTMB Studio


  • Cute, festive box
  • 22 cookies total, including 9 different types
  • Quality, fresh treats with pronounced flavors
  • Lowest price-per-cookie cost


  • No classic flavors, so picky eaters might not enjoy as much
  • No pamphlet/informational guide about the cookies

6 / 6
La Fournette via merchant

Best from Goldbelly

La Fournette

It’s a wonderful life when you receive a 24-pack of La Fournette macarons. Of all the Christmas cookie vendors on Goldbelly, this Chicago-based bakery has some of the highest ratings, with 95% satisfaction from customers. And can we blame them when the flavors include pistachio, hazelnut, espresso and Cassis? Owner, master baker and native Frenchman Pierre Zimmerman sure knows what he’s doing.

These delicate sandwich cookies will delight your bougie friends and foodie family—a truly fancy treat fit for the holiday’s festivities. And the air of exclusivity that comes with eating desserts from a famous one-off bakery doesn’t hurt either. Between La Fournette macarons and these gourmet hot chocolate gift sets, Christmas gifts don’t get much classier.

For a gift that keeps on giving, try a Goldbelly subscription box.


  • Two dozen cookies in eight flavors
  • Free shipping
  • Quality, elevated-feeling macarons
  • Small business with French roots


  • No festive flavors

How We Found the Best Christmas Cookie Delivery Services

We rolled up our sleeves and got to sampling. Although we and our sweet tooths would’ve liked to test every Christmas cookie delivery service out there, we needed to narrow down our search beforehand. We did so by noting our audience’s past favorites; scouring the internet for highly rated, sought-out cookie brands; and taking into account price, variety and accessibility. Once we had the tins, boxes and tubs in our hands, we divvied them up among team members from various departments to nibble at their leisure. They then provided feedback on topics such as packaging, variety, flavor, freshness, appearance, gift-worthiness and monetary value, which was compiled and analyzed to inform this list.

Why You Should Trust UsTMB Studio

Why You Should Trust Us

There’s no shortage of homemade Christmas cookies in the Taste of Home office. Each year, our culinary professionals, a few of whom helped with this piece, develop and test new, creative Christmas cookies to feature on our website and in our print products. So apart from our own personal experiences with baking and eating Christmas cookies, the Taste of Home staff at large has also enjoyed many a Christmas cookie developed and baked by expert bakers. Let’s just say: We know a good Christmas cookie when we see (and taste!) one.