20 Charcuterie Boxes and Gift Baskets You Can Order Online

Updated: Mar. 12, 2024

Take all the pain out of prep with these ready-to-serve (and eat!) charcuterie gift basket sets.

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Birthday Charcuterie BoxVIA MERCHANT

There’s a reason meat and cheese platters remain an enduring gift option for anyone who enjoys a savory snack. After all, what says “party” louder than charcuterie?

Whether it’s for an event, to give as a gift or to simply satisfy a snack craving, securing a charcuterie gift basket is easier than ever thanks to online ordering. While these charcuterie boxes and gift baskets arrive right on the recipient’s doorstep, any perishables are safe to eat thanks to insulated mailing methods and clever packaging.

Even better? No trip to the store is necessary for these tasty care packages. Plus, many of the selections on this list of editor favorites include meats, cheeses and accoutrements that you can’t find in your local grocery aisles.

These gift baskets and boxes are so much more thoughtful (and far more delicious) than sending a gift card. Springing for one of these fun food gifts may also cost less than curating your own board from scratch. Some of the picks on this list even arrive fully assembled, so there’s no need to waste valuable time slicing, dicing and arranging. Now that’s a lazy kitchen hack we can get behind!

Campo Grande

For Epicureans

Spanish Charcuterie Sampler

If you’ve ever been to Spain, you’re likely familiar with jamon Iberico. The specialty charcuterie meat comes from a rare breed of Iberian pigs that primarily eat acorns, making for an especially rich, nutty flavor. It’s on practically every menu in its home country, but you’ll be hard pressed to find it in your local grocery store. Enter Campo Grande, the meat delivery service bringing you Spain’s finest type of pork in a charcuterie gift basket no matter where you live.

Our Deputy Shopping Editor, Reina Galhea, sampled Campo Grande charcuterie meats and found them exceptionally rich and flavorful. “I’m a charcuterie lover, and I’ve eaten (more than) my fair share of cured meat,” she says. “The Iberico versions of those familiar meats turned my tastebuds up to 11. The salchichon was pepperier than typical salami, the chorizo saltier and more crumbly than grocery store versions and the coppa super rich and funky in a good way, like a French cheese.”

Platterful Charcuterie Kit on white surface

For the Frequent Snacker

Charcuterie Subscription Box

Whether it’s a date night dinner or a casual snack, charcuterie is easy, elegant and enjoyable for almost any occasion. Frequent snackers can rely on a monthly delivery of meats, cheeses, spreads, crackers and accoutrements with a subscription to Platterful. This editor-loved gift lets you choose from a large box that feeds up to eight, or a standard shipment with enough goodies for up to four folks. In her testing, Reina was particularly impressed with the variety and flavor, especially for the price point.

For the Casual Snacker

Simple Charcuterie Box

For a simple collection of three cheeses and three types of salami, this charcuterie board from Harry & David has a lot to love. The sweet and savory flavors are curated to complement each other—all you need to do is add crackers and wine. Talk about the ultimate cheese board pairing!

Boarderie Boards

For the Hands-Off Host

Premade Charcuterie Board

Boarderie’s boards blew us away in our review of the service. These ready-made options are perfect for those who want the full spread experience, but without the pain of slicing, dicing and plating. Each beautifully curated board arrives already assembled in its own acacia wood serving board that your giftee can reuse over and over. Save time and enjoy 17-37 hand-selected artisan cheeses, meats, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates and olives? Count us in!

“I’m a known charcuterie fanatic, so it wouldn’t take a lot for me to love this board. And yet, it offered a lot anyway,” says Product Testing Manager, Annamarie Higley. “Although the price tag is high, an individual certainly couldn’t craft a board with as much quality and variety—and with as little food waste—for cheaper.”

Foodie Charcuterie Boards

For the Meat Lover

All Meat Charcuterie Board

Those that are dairy-free or simply prefer salted meats, we hear you. This all meat charcuterie gift comes with nine meats and five pairings for a fun spread that doesn’t dip into the dairy side of things. While you can always bring your own cheese (BYOC?), the board is already chock full of flavor between the Pâté de Campagne, Spanish honey comb and savory duck prosciutto.

Hickory Farms Charcuterie Board Set

For Any Occasion

Budget-Friendly Charcuterie Box

This charcuterie assortment comes with delicious sausage, salami, cheeses and hot mustard—all on a mango wood board. It is one of the more budget-friendly selections, and even comes with a cleaver for cutting. Gifting to a loved one? Pair it with these cheese board gift ideas.

Tapas Box

For the Tapas Taster

Tapas Box

Tapas are charcuterie boards with a focus on Spanish flavors that typically include olives and oil drizzles along with the standard meat and cheese fare. Available as either a one-time box or monthly subscription, the Tapas Box Club builds its boxes around one central flavor. Past snack boxes include tapas pairings for tuna, truffles, seafood and chorizo, but every box is a surprise!

Sweet And Spicy Charcuterie Box

For the Sweet and Spicy Friend

Sweet and Spicy Charcuterie Box

If fiery flavors married with zippy cinnamon sweetness sounds delightful, let me introduce you to the sweet and spicy charcuterie box. This tasty assortment takes zesty to a new level with savory pepperoni and cheese, plus olive oil flatbread crackers and cinnamon drops. It’s salty, spicy, sweet and comes in a fun and colorful gift box.

Charcuterie Serving Board Set

For the Fancy Pants

Charcuterie With Serving Board

Don’t let a lack of plating essentials ruin a party. This charcuterie serving board set combines an assortment of curated snacks with a beautiful bamboo serving board and cheese knife set. Each box comes with two handcrafted cured meats and up to four pairings. Possible accompaniments in this charcuterie gift basket include mustard, olives, crackers, cheese, jams, dried fruits, nuts and pickled goods.

Charcuterie Cheer Gift

For the Epicurean

Charcuterie Cheer Gift

Know someone who needs a little cheer? This charcuterie gift set is sure to shake up their night. They’ll snack on small-batch American farmstead cheeses and cured meats, including truffle-infused salami and an award-winning triple cream cheese. Spring for a bigger charcuterie gift basket that feeds up to 10 people, or opt for a smaller box for a more intimate occasion.

Murrays Cheesemongers Picks Of The Month Club

For the Vegetarian

Cheese-Only Charcuterie Kit

No meat? No problem. This vegetarian-friendly charcuterie kit may be missing meat, but it’s still chock full of tasty goodies. Top the gruyère, manchego, brie and cheddar with a dollop of spiced cherry preserves for a burst of flavor alongside almonds and a stack of sea salt and olive oil crackers. Enjoy more creamy dairy offerings by supplementing this charcuterie gift basket with a cheese subscription.

Wines And Antipasto Gift Set

For the Wine Drinker

Wines and Antipasto Gift Box

A double decker gift box that’s bursting with wine and meat and cheese? Sounds like a party we’d like to be a part of! This Italian-inspired antipasto charcuterie gift basket includes nearly every flavor profile, from sweet cream-filled puff pastries to creamy fontina cheese, spiced sliced salami and two bottles of red wine. Give this present a pop of color with a custom ribbon for an additional fee.

Not Too Sweet Charcuterie Gift

For the Friend Who Prefers Savory

Not Too Sweet Charcuterie Gift

Between maple-glazed smoked salmon, fig and walnut jelly, smoked dark chocolate and small wheel of brie, this elegant charcuterie gift box is perfect for those that appreciate the savory side of life. Aside from the delightful curated snacks, each keepsake box comes with a pretty paddle board and matte brass spoon for serving.

International Charcuterie Gift Box

For the Traveler

International Charcuterie Gift Box

You may not go around the world in 80 days, but your tastebuds sure will with this international charcuterie gift box. With selections like Emmentaler from Switzerland, Irish shortbread and Canadian cranberry chevre with cinnamon, it’s easy to see why the wannabe jetsetter would find this assortment almost as enlightening as hopping on a plane.

Taste Of Di Bruno Charcuterie Box

For a Little of Everything

Taste of DiBruno Charcuterie Box

Order it for the famous port wine spread and stay for the assortment of snacks. The Taste of DiBruno gift box comes with a diverse spread that has a little something for everyone. Candied nuts, crunchy twice-baked crostini and air-cured Di Bruno Bros salami offer a selection that’ll satisfy any palate.

Diy Charcuterie Board Kit

For the DIYer

Build-It-Yourself Charcuterie Box

With its cheeses, dried fruits, salami, seeds and other accompaniments, this super-packed DIY charcuterie sampler from Beauty and the Board easily serves up to six. Each of the accouterments comes prepped and individually wrapped, so you can focus on your charcuterie board design skills. If you’re giving it as a gift, add a a sweet handwritten card at checkout.

Birthday Charcuterie Box

For the Birthday Boy or Girl

Birthday Charcuterie Box

Make your special day a little sweeter with this birthday-themed charcuterie box. Along with the charcuterie board staples of salami and cheese, it also comes with white chocolate-covered pretzels, confetti cookies and dried pineapple rings. It’s a unique blend of a classic and a chocolate charcuterie board.

Delux Charcuterie Board Box

For the Salami Stan

Salami Charcuterie Box

Hey salami lovers, this charcuterie collection from Salty Pork Bits is for you! While still including spreads and pickled accompaniments, this charcuterie gift basket leans heavy on the meat. Six five-inch salamis, all with their own unique flavors, are the centerpiece.

Oversized Charcuterie Box

For the Hostess With the Mostest

Oversized Charcuterie Box

This super-sized charcuterie spread from CheeseBoarder comes with a whopping selection of charcuterie staples—33 total meats, cheeses, spreads and accompaniments, to be exact. It’s a must-have charcuterie gift basket for any big event, and its array of miniature serving utensils makes sharing easy.

Simple Charcuterie Board

For the Fruit Fan

Fruit-Based Charcuterie Box

Cheese, salami, nuts and dried cranberries—there’s a lot to love about this fruity charcuterie assortment! What sets this board apart from others is the added fresh fruit, including Gala and Granny Smith apples and juicy red or green pears.