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Our Favorite Holiday Spices from The Spice House

We talked to the experts at The Spice House about which holiday spices and herbs are best to use this time of year.

What Is Curry Powder?

You won't find any spice labeled "curry" in a South Asian kitchen. So what is curry powder? And where did...

How to Make Poultry Seasoning

Next time a recipe calls for poultry seasoning, make it from scratch! You can prepare a whole batch with six...

What Is Jerk Seasoning? How to Make the Authentic Recipe at Home

What is jerk seasoning? It's a classic Jamaican spice blend that you can use to make chicken, pork—or your very...

16 Flavorful Recipes Using Garam Masala

Try one of these recipes that use garam masala for dinner tonight! Just a pinch of this aromatic spice will...

Homemade Turkey Seasoning

Use this simple rub over your turkey to create the delicious flavors your family craves during the holidays. While the...

Classic Onion Soup Mix

1 review

You can prepare soup, make dips and even season meats with this handy mix from June Mullins of Livonia, Missouri....

All-Around Seasoning Mix

2 reviews

I always keep this all-purpose seasoning mixture on hand. It’s good on anything, especially grilled pork, chicken and vegetables. We've...

Italian Seasoning

Who needs added salt when you can give breads, pasta, spaghetti sauce and other dishes an Italian flair? Use this...

Chinese Five Spice

1 review

I regularly mix up my own spice blends, such as this Chinese five spice recipe. I make Indian and Mexican...

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Ditch Packet Blends and Make Your Own Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Skip the store-bought stuff. We're making taco seasoning from scratch.