You Can Make FRESH Apple Juice In 30 Seconds—Here’s How

Updated: Feb. 08, 2024

Add fresh apple juice to the list of things you have TikTok to thank for.

Fall might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten tired of apples yet. Is there anything better than a fresh, juicy apple—sweet with just the right amount of tang? Apple cider, apple pie, apple vinaigrette—you name it; I’m here for it.

I’ve been working my way through these apple recipes to make this fall, but my true passion is learning how to make apple juice. I’ve been on a quest to find a way to quickly make apple juice that tastes great. I think I’ve finally found the TikTok hack to answer my prayers.

How to Make Fresh Apple Juice

Good apple juice starts with good apples. I’m partial to Honeycrisps, but honestly, you can’t go wrong in the fall. (Cosmic Crisp, anyone?) If you’re feeling indecisive, check out this guide to the best apples. Once you’ve selected your best juicy red—or green—apple, slice it up. You should remove the core, but make sure to leave the skin.

@salt_to_tastereposting the fresh homemade apple juice, it was big a request on my IG inbox, so making for all who was asking for the apple juice recipe ❤️♬ original sound – Salt to taste

Next, add one tablespoon of sugar. You should also salt to taste. Appropriately dubbed user @salt_to_taste on TikTok uses about a pinch. Put all of these ingredients in your blender, and finish it off with one cup of water. Blend the mixture well. After blending, use a strainer to isolate the liquid apple juice from any remaining chunks, pour your golden juice into a cup, and enjoy all that fresh appley goodness!

Why We Love This Hack

I love how simple this trick is. I can roll out of bed in the morning, pop a bagel in the toaster and make a glass of apple juice before the bagel’s done. The juice has just the right level of sweetness finished off with that signature apple tang. TikTok continues to deliver with fresh food hacks like this one, and I can’t get enough. My new favorite from the miracle platform is this toaster grilled cheese.

If you’re like me and aren’t ready to let go of fall and apples yet, check out this trick for how to make hard apple cider.

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