How to Build a Snack Stadium: The Ultimate Centerpiece for Your Super Bowl Party

When it comes to your game day party, show guests you're there to win! This snack stadium is stuffed with tasty treats, and it's easy to assemble.

When it comes to game days, there are two kinds of people: those whose primary focus is the action and folks who came mostly for the food. My feet are firmly planted in the latter camp (I mean, who doesn’t love a great chip and dip combo?). But in the past few years, a new trend has sprouted up that really brings these two sides together: the snack stadium.

Part football, part snack and 100% over-the-top, these stadiums are the ultimate showpiece for your upcoming Super Bowl party. Don’t believe us? Check out these amazing stadiums from across the internet. Now, you might be thinking that these displays might take more planning than your average halftime show, but trust me: this one is a cinch to put together. To get you prepped for the big game, I’ll walk you through how to assemble our ultimate snack stadium and give you a few tips on the best snacks to pack the stands!

How to Build a Snack Stadium at Home

When I say building this stadium is simple, I truly mean it. Though building this super-sized snack stadium does take time, the finished set-up it totally worth it. Plus, the materials are a cinch to find (your local dollar store or Dollar General are great sources!).

What You Need to Build a Snack Stadium

Instructions for Snack Stadium Set-Up
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What to Fill Your Stadium With

Now, let’s get on to the part you’ve been waiting for… the snacks! Of course, when it comes to your own snack stadium, you can fill it to the brim with all of your favorite Super Bowl treats, but we’ve got a few suggestions for a great game day spread.

The Field: Game Day Cake

Recipe: Gridiron Cake

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack Stadium

Just like in real life, all eyes are on the field. To make this snack stadium really pop, you need a centerpiece-style spread in the center. Though we’ve seen people make fields out of guacamole or green serving trays, we love the idea of the centerpiece of your stadium being a show-stopping cake.

The bright green frosting and clean yard lines—not to mention our gumdrop players (add in the colors of your favorite teams!)—really make this cake look like the real deal. Pop on a few yellow bendy straws as goalposts and you’re ready for kick-off.

Psst! If you don’t have time for an entire snack stadium, this cake is a great centerpiece on its own!

The End Zones: Party-Starting Pinwheels

Recipe: Quick Tortilla Pinwheels

The snack stadium deserves its fair share of savory treats, too. We packed the end zones full of spiraled tortilla roll-ups and spinach and turkey pinwheels. These pack all the flavors of your favorite sandwiches, but are easier to make for a crowd.

Find more party-ready pinwheel recipes here. 

The Skyboxes: Dips and Desserts

Recipes: Spicy Chunky Salsa, Beer Dip, Touchdown Cookies

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack Stadium

If you ask me, it’s not a party without a few good dips. We filled the skyboxes full of fresh salsa and beer cheese dip. These two go head to head in the good vs. good-for-you games (I think it’s a tie between these two recipes).

Want more ideas for how to dip your chip? Don’t miss our best-loved dip recipes.

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack Stadium

For those craving something sweet, a few of these boxes are filled with candies and football cookies. If you can’t muster through all the sweets, these boxes make adorable to-go gifts. Wrap them up with plastic wrap at the end of the game and send your pals home with something sweet!

Want more sweet-tooth satisfying options? Sport out these perfectly sweet snacks on game day.

The Stands: Store-Bought Munchies

To compliment those delicious dips, you need lots of nibbles. We’re in favor of filling the stands with snack-aisle favorites like pretzels, crackers and chips.

Pro tip: Don’t go it alone! Draft your friends and family to bring their favorite snack to help fill the stadium.

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack Stadium

If you have time to spare, try filling your stands with zesty snack mix and seasoned crackers. They’re perfect for munching during commercials.

The Towers: Healthy Options

Recipe: Veggie Sticks and Veggie Dill Dip

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack Stadium

This snack stadium isn’t all about indulgence (though much of it is!). On the exterior towers, we filled disposable dishes with a creamy dill dip and packed plastic cups full of veggie sticks.

Psst! These healthy Super Bowl recipes won’t weigh you down.

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field; Snack StadiumTaste of Home

In the end, this Super Bowl snack stadium is such a fun and festive way to celebrate—though this would work for other big games like the Rose Bowl or even homecoming! Filled with treats and sweets, this stadium is a one-stop stop for game day snackers.

Get More Ideas for Super Bowl Snacks
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