How to Build a Super Bowl Snack Stadium for the Ultimate Game Day Spread

Hosting a Super Bowl party? Show guests you're there to win! This Super Bowl snack stadium is stuffed with tasty treats and surprisingly easy to assemble.

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When it comes to hosting a game day party, there are two kinds of guests: people whose primary focus is the action and people who are there for the food. But what if you could combine the two, putting together a spread that’s touchdown-worthy for everybody? Introducing the Super Bowl snack stadium!

Part football, part snack and 100% over-the-top, a snack stadium is the ultimate showpiece for a Super Bowl party. And with a great selection of game day foods, you’ll be sure to score extra points with family and friends.

While it looks like putting together a Super Bowl snack stadium will take more time and effort than putting on the halftime show, this one is a cinch to assemble. We’ll walk you through how to build the ultimate snack stadium using simple household items, with plenty of ideas for the best snacks to pack the stands.

How to Build a Super Bowl Snack Stadium at Home

Though building this super-sized snack stadium does take time, it’s totally worth it. Plus, the materials are easy to find (your local dollar store or Dollar General will likely carry everything you need).

Superbowl Snack Stadium SuppliesTMB Studio

What You Need to Build a Snack Stadium

Instructions for Snack Stadium Set Up

Step 1: Build the skybox seating

Building Skybox Seating For Superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

Glue the bottoms of two aluminum loaf pans together. Repeat this step so you have two lower-level skyboxes. To create the upper-level skyboxes, glue the bottom of one aluminum loaf pan to the bottom of two cups side by side. Repeat this step so you have two upper-level skyboxes. Add extra cups to make the upper-level skyboxes taller as needed.

Step 2: Build the stands

Building The Stands For Superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

Draw a wide triangle on the long side of one soda carton. Cut the box to form a diagonal stand shape. Repeat this step with all eight boxes, resulting in 16 stands.

Step 3: Wrap and decorate the stands

Wrapping The Stands For Superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

Using craft paper or wrapping paper, wrap each soda carton stand. Line the interior with paper napkins and glue plastic straws around the edges to dress up each stand. Feel free to get creative with your team’s colors!

Step 4: Make the towers

Making Towers For Superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

Glue the bottoms of two plastic cups together to create tall towers for each corner of the stadium. Glue a small aluminum bowl onto two of the towers to hold dips.

Step 5: Assemble the snack stadium

Superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

On a large table, start by placing your sheet pan (the field) in the middle. Place the two small aluminum trays (the end zones) on either side. Place the prepared lower and upper skyboxes on each side of the field. Place the prepared stands around the field in the remaining empty space. Place the four towers at each corner to complete the stadium structure. Then, get ready to fill it with snacks!

What to Fill Your Super Bowl Snack Stadium With

Now, let’s get on to the part you’ve been waiting for—the snacks! Of course, when it comes to your own snack stadium, you can fill it to the brim with all of your favorite Super Bowl snacks, but we’ve got a few suggestions.

Creating the Field

Patchwork Quilt Cake as a Football Field for center of superbowl Snack StadiumTMB Studio

Just like in real life, all eyes are on the field. To make this snack stadium really pop, you need a centerpiece-style spread in the middle. We love the idea of the centerpiece of your stadium being a show-stopping gridiron cake. The bright green frosting and clean yard lines—not to mention our gumdrop players—really make this cake look like the real deal. Pop on a few yellow bendy straws as goalposts and you’re ready for kickoff.

Not interested in sweets? Make homemade guacamole the star of the show. Spread guacamole into a pan and then add goal lines using sour cream. Or, swap avocados for artichokes and put together a cheesy spinach and artichoke dip. It may not be as green as a field, but guests will love digging into this flavorful dip with a variety of chips and pretzels.

Another option is a combo of cheese, crackers and meats, like a classic charcuterie board. Pile plenty of sliced meats and cheeses in your “football field.” You could even display them on a bed of lettuce for a splash of green! Here are more cheese board ideas—and don’t forget to read up on cheese board pairings.

Filling the End Zones

Your snack stadium deserves its fair share of savory treats, and the end zones are perfect for bigger items. Here’s where you can show off your favorite Super Bowl recipes.

We packed the end zones full of spiraled tortilla roll-ups, including spinach and turkey tortilla pinwheels. For more end zone ideas, consider adding Buffalo chicken wings to the mix, or even stuffed pizza bites. Or, how about a variety of mini sandwiches such as Philly cheesesteak sliders and hot dog sliders? We also love the idea of using the end zones for a selection of sliced cheeses and meats.

Seating the Skyboxes

superbowl snack stadium boxesTMB Studio

It’s not a party without the best dip recipes, and the lower-level skyboxes are the perfect venue. We filled the skyboxes full of chunky salsa and beer cheese dip, but the options are endless. Consider adding homemade hummus or a delicious blue cheese dip to go with your wings.

superbowl snack stadium boxTMB Studio

For those craving something sweet, a few of the boxes can be filled with candies and our football-themed Touchdown Cookies. If you have leftovers after the game, these boxes can double as party favors. Wrap them up with plastic wrap and send your pals home with something sweet.

Packing the Stands

superbowl snack stadium boxes with chips, pretzels, popcornTMB Studio

To go with all those delicious dips, we’re in favor of filling the stands with snack-aisle favorites like potato chips, pretzels, crackers, pita chips and popcorn.

If you have time to spare, consider whipping up Zesty Snack Mix and homemade seasoned crackers, or turning a soft pretzel recipe into pretzel bites.

Decking Out the Towers

superbowl snack stadium towersTMB Studio

This snack stadium isn’t all about indulgence. Healthy Super Bowl recipes are fair game, too! On the exterior towers, we filled disposable dishes with a creamy veggie dill dip and packed plastic cups full of vegetable sticks.

Of course, you can also swap out the dill dip for other options like a Vegetarian Buffalo Dip or use the towers for even more room for snacks, such as long pretzel rods or breadsticks.

More Ideas for Snack Stadiums

superbowl snack stadium finishedTMB Studio

If you love the idea of building a spread for your fans but don’t love traditional game day foods, no problem! You can build and fill your stand any way you please. Get creative with a veggie-only stadium featuring a huge spread of sliced vegetables and an array of dips. More interested in charcuterie? Build the spread featuring the best charcuterie board meats and cheeses, with the stands full of crackers and sliced bread. The skyboxes are a great spot to offer other additions such as pickles, grapes and nuts.

No matter how you put it together, this Super Bowl snack stadium is a fun and festive way to celebrate, and it’s easy to customize for other big games.

Even More Ideas for Super Bowl Snacks
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