You Can Snag One of These Super Limited Super Bowl Snack Scented Candles—Here’s How

Here's how you can win a limited-edition candles scented buffalo wing, ranch dressing, potato chip and french onion dip.

My home smells like a tailgate party right now. Or maybe a sports bar. Aromas of buffalo wings, onion dip, ranch dressing and fried potatoes waft around the living room. However, I’m not preparing any of these game-day favorites. Nor is the smell coming from my kitchen. And the big game is still weeks away. I’ve simply lit a collection of limited-edition Super Bowl candles created by Heluva Good!, the dip company. If you thought the butter candle sounded pleasantly strange, these snack-scented candles smell even stranger (and actually rather pleasurable too).

Wait… What? What Are Super Bowl Snack Scented Candles?

Heluva Good Dip Superbowl Candles Jason Wilson For Taste Of Home OverheadJason Wilson for Taste of Home

The Heluva Good! Game Day Candle Collection is a “flight” of scented candles that brings together your favorite snacking aromas. The candle collection includes Potato Chip, French Onion, Buffalo Wing and also Buttermilk Ranch. “To celebrate this delicious time of year, the dairy dip brand created a collection of limited-edition candles that bring to life the scents of the best Big Game foods,” says Heluva Good!, in a press release. I mean, who wouldn’t want their home to smell like buffalo wings and ranch dressing? These candles may not win Yankee Candle’s “Scent of the Year,” but they certainly smell almost good enough to eat.

Seriously, Are These Candles for Real?

Yes, the candles are real (they are burning next to me as I write this). But they are only available in a super limited supply and are available only through a giveaway contest. Only 50 lucky winners will receive their own Game Day Candle Collection. Fans can enter for a chance to win from Jan. 23 through Jan. 31 at Winners will receive their scented candles in time for the Super Bowl.

Now, if I could only find some beer-scented candles, my pre-game Super Bowl aroma therapy would be complete.

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