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How to Throw a Crazy-Fun Super Bowl Party

You can throw a legendary Super Bowl party—even when you're only watching for the commercials. Here's what to do!

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Diverse mix of friends sports fans watching winning football match on TV at home Celebrating winning goal huddled on couch shouting excited sharing snacks drinking beer; Shutterstock ID 326898893Aila Images/Shutterstock

It seems that the best parties in the winter all revolve around football. Even if you don’t love sports, fear not. Throwing a Super Bowl party can be just as fun for the host as it is for sports fans. Stock up on tailgate snacks and cozy cocktails and let’s get going!

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Happy male friends clinking with beer mugs in pub; Shutterstock ID 521300353Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

Bring on the Beer

Football wouldn’t be a great American sport without a great American beverage. Before the party, do some research on local beers from the cities of the two teams competing in the big game. Ice down a few 12 packs and surprise your guests with some local and festive flavor.

Psst! Here’s the best craft beer from every state.

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Nachos Tortilla Chips and jalapeÃ?os Chili Peppers or Mexican chili peppers with Tomato, Cheese and Guacamole dip.; Shutterstock ID 724792000beats1/Shutterstock

Do a Dip

Cheesy dips are a staple of any legendary tailgate, and a Super Bowl party is no different. Look for a few creative recipes and chose one that is cheesy, one that is meaty, one that is spicy and one that is vegan to appease all the different taste preferences of your group.

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Close up view of hands taking snacks from plates during party; Shutterstock ID 552645409Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Play Your Own Game

Keep the competition alive with an ongoing game of team and city trivia. Prepare a few questions about each team ahead of time and quiz your guests during time-outs. Bake some football-shaped cookies to hand out as prizes for the guest who knows their team the best.

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Super bowl snack stadium Taste of Home

Build a Snack Stadium

To be the envy of all your friends (and the star of their Instagram stories) build yourself a snack stadium. Fill a few cardboard boxes or aluminum pans with all your favorite snacks (including some of these healthy Super Bowl recipes, for a well-balanced selection). Make a field out of a frosted cake and place it in the center. Learn how to build your own with our step-by-step guide.

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Green Martini, White Martini and Orange Martini Cocktails Indian Flag Color; Shutterstock ID 1151192234; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): TOHShaikhMeraj/Shutterstock

Mix up Cocktails

Pick a signature cocktail for each team based on their city, mascot or team colors. Mix up a pitcher of each drink ahead of time with a little splash of food coloring to match each team’s jerseys. When one side scores a touchdown, give every guest a pour of the opposing team’s drink. Put together an epic home bar with these pro tips.

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Game day football party table.; Shutterstock ID 517775527Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Set the Scene

Make your guests feel like they’re watching the game from the sideline with plenty of creative decorations. From AstroTurf coasters to helmet drink stirrers, decorating for your party can be just as fun as the party itself. Decorate one half of the living room with one team’s colors, and the other half of the living room with the other team’s colors. Your guests can choose where they want to sit and cheer on their favorite team.

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Grilled-Cherry-Glazed-Chicken-Wings_EXPS_HC17_186176_D07_29_13bTaste of Home

Wing It

The staple of any great sports viewing party is a tray of sticky, sweet and tangy chicken wings. Prepare a range of flavors from extra spicy to sweet and mild and have a few dipping sauces (like cool ranch or blue cheese) on the side. Wings are the perfect finger food, but be sure to have plenty of cocktail napkins ready for these fall off the bone, finger-licking goods!

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American football fans among falling confetti; Shutterstock ID 559655947gpointstudio/Shutterstock

Show Your Spirit

Throw a competition to see who has the most (and most creative) team spirit in the group. Have face painting supplies at the ready with some colorful streamers and spray on hair dye. Challenge your friends to create the craziest costumes and have a makeshift catwalk for them to show off their team spirit.

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Young fans watching rugby match on TV with beer and snacks; Shutterstock ID 573576886Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Play Bingo

We know Super Bowl commercials are as important as the game, so why not make a sport out of the ads? Make bingo cards out of card stock and colored Sharpies using brands, logos and popular commercial themes. Hand them out to your guests and wait to see who gets the first line of five.

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Chewy-Cream-Cheese-Brownies_EXPS_H13X9BZ17_35887_D06_08_5bTaste of Home

Pick a Winning Dessert

What better way to wash down all those wings and beers than with some sweet and decadent dessert? Help ease the pain for the losing team with a crowd-pleasing classic like caramel brownies or ice cream and cookie pie. Even if their team lost the game, we bet your guests will leave with a full belly and happy heart.

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silver shopping or gift bags with rainbow accents - copyspace; Shutterstock ID 19054360debr22pics/Shutterstock

Make Swag Bags

To help your guests feel extra special, prepare swag bags as a parting gift. Fill them with homemade cookies, candies, Gatorade and your favorite hangover cure to help them recover after a night of overindulgence. Pack a mini water bottle in the bag to set them on the fast track to a feel-good Monday morning.

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