I’m Hooked on Dollar General! Here’s Why This Discount Store Deserves a Try

Dollar General is more than cheap party decor and paper plates. Find out how this discount shop changed the way I prep for dinner, take care of last-minute meals and more.

New Dollar General store in this Florida beach town.James R. Martin/Shutterstock

If you’re like me, you find yourself in need of odds and ends more often than you like to admit—you know, like a gallon of milk, loaf of bread or that roll of wax paper (have you seen these 13 ingenious hacks?). And if you’re like me, you also like to save a penny or two when you shop. Enter Dollar General! With low prices, speedy shopping experience and huge selection (in-store and online), Dollar General has become one of my favorite places to shop. Here’s why!

1. Perfect for party extras

For parties, I often need storage containers for leftovers or extra paper plates and napkins. In each case, Dollar General is the perfect solution. I can make a quick stop at Dollar General before the party to stock up on all these day-of essentials. Plus, the affordable prices mean I don’t mind seeing those plastic storage containers go home with a friend.

2. Full stock of school snacks

Dollar General is the perfect stop for quick snacks, whether they be for a party, soccer practice or just everyday noshing. When you’re putting lunch boxes together, it’s great to have a go-to source for pudding cups, crackers and other easy snacks.

3. More fresh foods than ever

Recently, Dollar General expanded to start including more fresh produce. I love this change, because sometimes there’s that one ingredient or craving that sends you to the store, only to get stuck in a long checkout line. Now, I can stop at Dollar General and grab oranges, lettuce, even meat—and a few other necessities—in half the time. Check to see if yours is one of the stores with all the goodies.

4. Shopping time is extra speedy

Consumer Reports recently noted that dollar stores like Dollar General are a particular quick way to shop, with an in-and-out experience that typically only takes around 10 minutes. That makes Dollar General the perfect stop for last-minute fixes for your favorite budget-friendly dinners.

5. Digital coupons and savings

We all know that shopping at Dollar General is a great bargain, but you can get even lower prices when you browse their coupons online—one of my favorite features. This gives you access to all of the store’s best deals, plus, when you create an online account, you get access to even more savings.

6. Stellar seasonal selections

Whether it be Christmas, Fourth of July or Halloween, Dollar General packs plenty of seasonal items to make sure that you’re prepared for what the calendar brings. In the throes of winter, that means I can grab an extra pair of gloves, an insulated coffee mug and many of the essentials for making warming comfort foods, too.

7. Dollar General brands mean bigger savings

In addition to offering national brands, Dollar General also has a whole host of private-label brands to help you save even more. DG Home, DG Health, DG Baby, Clover Valley, Heartland Harvest and many more brands are sold exclusively at Dollar General. Products from these lines are often the most budget-friendly, meaning you can really stretch your budget!

From savings to selection to the speedy checkout experience, shopping Dollar General is more appealing than ever! Don’t know where to get started on your next trip? Check out these top 10 dollar store items for your best savings yet.

T. Lacoma
I have owned a freelance writing business for the past three years, writing a variety of articles on finance, technology, environmental issues, home repair and other topics.