7 Amazing Snack Stadiums for the Super Bowl

Updated: May 03, 2024

For competitive foodies, the most edible holiday of the year is the Super Bowl. Win bragging rights with a towering snack stadium. We found seven snack-adiums you just might want to re-create for this year's big game.

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Snack Stadium
Photo: Taste of Home

Super Bowl munchies are some of the most irresistible foods around. This year, take your buffet the extra mile—er, yard—with these Super Bowl snack stadiums from Instagrammers across the country.

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stadium snack super bowl party tray
Courtesy @blurred_limes/instagram

Edible End Zones

For an easy and portable snack stadium, @blurred__limes found the answer with this tray of snacks and dips. Using a disposable aluminum tray, she spread dips in the shape of a field; one type of dip in the center, and two other dips—in team colors, natch—along the end zones. Add yard lines using sour cream and a piping bag. Line the field with a crudités platter and crackers and you’re ready to play!

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super bowl snack tray on wooden table
Courtesy @joannalmiller/instagram

Fancy Field

Have a smaller space? Go for a chic and simple cheese board stadium like this one by @joannalmiller. The minty feta-and-pea-dip playing field is flanked by veggies and charcuterie, and gourmet cheeses like Gouda and Brie fill the sidelines for extra flavor. For a pop of color, add watermelon radishes and pickles.

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Indoor Super Bowl Snack Stadium
Courtesy @blogaboutitall/instagram

Sweet vs. Savory

Using football-shaped cupcakes as a border, Instagrammer @blogaboutitall made the ultimate Super Bowl party treat. Flanked by recycled soda boxes filled with everything from color-coordinated Rice Krispies treats to Cheetos, this snack stadium is easy to assemble and will absolutely wow your guests.

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elaborate Super Bowl snack stadium with iPad scoreboard
Courtesy @rtgdesigns/instagram

Three Tiers for Snacks!

This elaborate snack stadium from @rtgdesigns has three tiers and tons of snacks. Perfect for a larger party, this stadium is fit to feed a football team and will please even your hungriest guests. Filled with deviled eggs, sliders, pizza and chocolate-covered strawberries, a stadium like this would be an impressive addition to any game-day party. Bonus points for the iPad scoreboard.

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three-tiered Super Bowl snack stadium with guacamole field
Courtesy @rtgdesigns and @b3njamin14/instagram

Appetizer Pile-up

This tiered snack stadium—designed by @b3njamin14 and @theianklein—towers above the fray. Sliders and tacos surround a field of guac, with chips taking their position in the end zones. Team flags make it extra festive.

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Super Bowl snack stadium with shrimp
Courtesy @b3njamin14 and @theianklein/instagram

Flag on the Play

Featuring everything from mixed nuts to shrimp cocktail, the snack stadium posted by @chefamberbailey (it’s her mom’s!) is made of cardboard dividers with colorful straws as goal posts. The field is adorned with dips such as guacamole and queso, and the enthusiastic crowd is made up of chips, nuts and mini sandwiches.

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Super Bowl Snack Stadium with beer and soda cans
Courtesy @mmsbussey/instagram

Sip and Snack

Instagrammer @mmsbussey made sure her crowd was well hydrated, thanks to the soda and beer in the grandstands. Using a slow cooker filled with chili as the field, she filled in the sidelines with dip and veggies. This field is easy to re-create at home, because it can be as big or as small as you like. Just add (or subtract) snacks to suit your Super Bowl soiree!

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