We Tried the Top Brands of Cauliflower Pizza Crust. These Were the Best.

Taste of Home's discerning staffers taste-tested several brands to find the best cauliflower pizza crust. These were the top three.

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At Taste of Home, we have really strong feelings about pizza. Plenty of us bake our own pizza crust from scratch—we’re just not going to waste time on subpar crusts. So it’s no surprise that our taste testers were ready to get out their red pens when judging the best cauliflower pizza crust. We were happily surprised by how much we loved the top crusts in the bunch. Here are the crusts we awarded top marks.

What’s the Best Cauliflower Pizza Crust? We Found Out.

Taste of Home staffers blind-tasted several popular cauliflower pizza crusts. We chose brands that were readily available. Judges considered flavor, texture, smell, price and general appearance.

The Best Brand: 365 Everyday Value Cauliflower Pizza Crust

cauliflower pizza crustvia wholefoodsmarket.com

Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value Cauliflower Pizza Crust blew the competition out of the water. Our taste testers found this crust to be the closest thing to a wheat crust. One judge said, “I think our readers would easily be able to substitute this and their family wouldn’t know.” The crust didn’t taste like cauliflower but had a cheesy, herbed flavor. Tasters noted that “you can smell the Italian herbs and seasonings, which will match well with cheese and tomato.” The texture also scored high marks, with some describing the crust as “bready,” and several noting its golden-brown hue.

The crust is in fact, naturally gluten-free. Along with cauliflower puree, the dough is made with chickpea and potato flour, egg whites and mozzarella cheese. The cheese adds a savory flavor and rich texture.

Are you an avid home cook? Consider making a cauliflower crust from scratch.

Prices vary by location; available exclusively at Whole Foods.

More Top-Notch Crusts

cauliflower pizza crust green giantVia Merchant

Green Giant Cauliflower Frozen Pizza Crust

The silver medal goes to the Green Giant crust, which brags that it’s made from 80% vegetables, making it a low-carb option. Like the other winners, it’s made with a mix of gluten-free flours, including cornmeal, which samplers appreciated for its crunch. Tasters noted a unique texture, closer to a cracker or crispy flatbread rather than a thick, bendable wheat-based crust. The flavor was cauliflower-forward and slightly peppery, perfect for those who enjoy adding red pepper flakes to their ‘zas. This crust had top scores for price and value.

$5 for a 7.5-ounce crust; available at retailers nationwide.

trader joes cauliflower pizza crustVia Merchant

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Like many, we love Trader Joe’s! Not surprisingly, their cauliflower pizza crust was in our top three finalists. Tasters enjoyed the straightforward cauliflower flavor, without added spices or cheese, making it ideal for those with allergies or who want a more neutral taste for pizza toppings. They also noted that the crust had a nice chewiness and structure, which makes it a great vehicle for all your wildest toppings.

$4 for 10.6-ounce crust; available exclusively at Trader Joe’s.

Get Cooking

Whether your family needs to follow a gluten-free diet, aims to eat more vegetables or just loves to taste new foods, cauliflower pizza crusts are a trend worth trying. They’re cheaper than delivery pizza and quicker than pizza from scratch. Our favorite part? These crusts are a blank slate for any pizza sauce and topping combo you can dream of. Try these unbelievably delicious cauliflower pizza crust topping ideas that range from chicken zucchini to prosciutto and parmesan.

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