Here’s Why You Need a Cast-Iron Skillet Handle Cover

It will stand up to high heat—and save your hands.

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Hands down, one of the most useful tools in your kitchen is a cast-iron skillet. It wasn’t hard for us to dedicate a whole cooking guide to cast iron!

From an array of breakfast foods to sweet and savory breads and rustic, golden pies, that skillet is a workhorse. But there’s one downside to cooking with cast iron: an extremely hot handle.

The Problem: Your Skillet Is Too Hot to Handle

We love cast-iron skillets for their durability and ability to retain heat. But if you’ve ever absentmindedly reached for the handle of a hot skillet, you know that heat retention can lead to a big problem: burnt hands!

It’s easy to forget the handles of cast-iron skillets are hot, especially when you have other pans on the stove. But grabbing a hot handle can lead to burns, messes and potentially smashed toes. (These lightweight cast-iron skillets could help prevent that from happening.)

While oven mitts seem like a good option, not all are made to handle hot cast iron—some oven mitts will melt! Dish towels are risky too, since it’s easy for them to slide around, exposing the hot handle.

So what’s a cook to do?

The Solution: Invest in Handle Holders

Enter silicone handle holders, the best accessory for your cast-iron skillets. Not only are they thick and durable enough to handle high heat, but they offer you a better grip on the handle than a bulky oven mitt.

Here’s an option we love, which includes helpful silicone grips for both sides of the skillet, as well as a silicone pot holder that will stand up to high heat.

We don’t recommend leaving the silicone cover on in the oven—just pop it on when your dish is done cooking. For best results, pair with our Test Kitchen’s favorite Lodge skillet!

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