We Tried the Most Popular Bacon Brands. Here’s What You Should Know.

Updated: Jul. 14, 2022

What's the best brand in bacon? Find out, below.

When it comes to bacon in America, there’s certainly no shortage. Over the years, sales have skyrocketed. Bacon has become a multi-billion dollar industry. And you can find evidence of this strolling through the meat aisle of any grocery store. Companies are offering us tons of options to satisfy our appetite for that smoky, sizzling delight. At my own local grocery, I spotted a whopping 23 varieties of packaged bacon: hickory-smoked, maple-flavored, thick-sliced and precooked, to name a few. (Caught you drooling? Here are top 10 bacon recipes.)

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Needless to say, these foods shed new light on the phrase bringing home the bacon. With so many options out there—how do you decide which bacon brand is best?

Along with a crew of Taste of Home staffers, I put this question to the test. We conducted a blind taste test to compare the most common brands of packaged bacon. Our Test Kitchen experts prepped the bacon in bulk, allowing us to compare the crispy slices side-by-side. In total we tried 6 brands of bacon: Applegate, Great Value, Hormel Black Label, Oscar Mayer, Wellshire and Wright. Follow along to see which bacon brand we thought tasted best.

Taste testers debating about baconPhoto: Taste of Home

For Fans of Sweet-Smoky Bacon

Wright Hickory Smoked Bacon

Average score: 6.4/10

“It’s thicker, yet it doesn’t have a strong flavor.”

“I can taste a little bit of the smoky flavor!”

“It has a slight maple aftertaste…”

This brand stood out from the bunch because of its hearty, thick slices. Additionally, it had a meaty flavor which was far juicier than competitors’. One taster said, “It tasted really porky,” The group was split 50/50 on whether they preferred this flavor, as some gave it top marks while others claimed it left a strange maple-like taste in their mouth.

For Simple-Ingredient Bacon

Wellshire Classic Sliced Dry Rubbed Bacon

Average score: 7.2/10

“This is the kind of bacon you get from a butcher.”

“Bring on the big one!”

“I could taste the streaks of fat.”

Wellshire’s bacon had an appealing dark, golden brown color. It was cut thick and had crispy edges which I adored. The panel decided that this brand was the most like bacon you’d get from a deli counter. Unlike other brands, it had a strong smoky flavor. Tasters also appreciated that these slices tasted less salty than the others. It’s worth noting that compared to other brands with preservatives like sodium phosphates and nitrites, this bacon had a more natural ingredient list: pork, sea salt, raw sugar, celery powder and spice.

Bacon being passed around the testing table from person to personPhoto: Taste of Home

Best in Show

Oscar Mayer Naturally Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Average score: 8/10

“Flaky and crisp. I like this one!”

“Whoa—I can taste butter. And I like it?”

“I could eat a thousand pieces of that because it’s so thin.”

At the top of everyone’s list was Oscar Mayer. The thin-sliced bacon had a crispy-crunchy texture our gang of tasters couldn’t resist. Believe me, the whole plate of bacon vanished in moments! Aside from its crave-worthy texture, Oscar Mayer’s bacon distinguished itself with a unique flavor profile. What’d it taste like? Butter. Note: our Test Kitchen did not use any butter to prep any of the bacon. This brand is just inherently buttery. For that very reason, it was our group’s favorite. I’d readily serve this brand alongside my Sunday morning pancakes or on a BLT.

What You Should Take Away

Plates of unmarked bacon sitting on a table ready for testingPhoto: Taste of Home

Price Matters

Though we all love a good deal, the quality of bacon is mostly indicated by how much it costs. Toward the top of the list were bacon brands like Wright and Wellshire which cost around $9-10 per pack. More budget-friendly options, like Great Value and Applegate which cost around $5, fell to the bottom. Though our winner’s price point was right in the middle at about $7 per pack, it’s probably best to splurge a little on your bacon for the best quality.

Thin- Versus Thick-cut Is All about You

Our panel was divided when it came to the preferred thickness of their bacon slices. Some fawned over the thin-sliced brands like Oscar Mayer because they were able to chow down on several pieces without feeling full. Others liked the heartiness of thick-cut bacon slices and commended brands like Wellshire and Wright.

When going out for your next bacon run, consider your preference and choose the bacon that’s right for you. And when you’re ready to fry it up, try our best bacon recipes. If you’re looking for a new way to cook bacon, try baking bacon in the oven.

Curious what brand we use in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen?

Nueske’s is a locally owned, third-generation family business that provides Taste of Home (and lots of our favorite restaurants) with their best-quality bacon for our taste tests. Though we’re positive their meat would receive top marks, we excluded this brand from our test to prevent any biases. Click here to check out our favorite bacon varieties.

Eat more bacon.
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