Here’s Where to Find Festive Glass Gem Corn

Updated: Dec. 08, 2022

These seeds aren't just gorgeous—they also make tasty homemade popcorn.

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Flint corn has long been a fall decor staple thanks to its muted, earth-toned hues and the variety in its kernels. Just like our favorite bunny ear succulent, it’s a way to celebrate the season using festive, natural decor. Now, a new type of decorative corn has hit the market—and it’s one you can eat!

Not only does Glass Gem corn come in an array of stunning gem-like shades, but its seeds also make a healthy snack when popped in the microwave or on the stove. Best of all, you can grow it in your backyard.

What Is Glass Gem Corn?

Glass Gem is a variety of corn created by part-Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes. He bred corn with spectacular colors and passed the seeds along to one of his students, Greg Schoen. Schoen then gave some to Bill McDorman, a seed saver and writer who was astonished by the colorful kernels—just like us.

You don’t have to know Bill personally to get the seeds, though. You can buy Glass Gem seeds that grow beautiful red, pink, green, blue and orange hues of corn. Each cob looks slightly different, but you can expect dazzling colors.

What Can You Do with It?

The rainbow corn looks gorgeous, but don’t expect to use it like regular sweet corn. This type of corn has a hard outer shell, so you won’t be able to bite into it easily. However, rainbow corn is perfect for making homemade popcorn or drying and using as fall decor.

To get the most out of your purchase, though, you may want to consider planting these seeds in your garden to enjoy a true harvest. Glass Gem seed sellers recommend sowing them a half inch into the ground and keeping the soil moist while growing. While corn is typically planted outdoors, an indoor environment may be better if you’re planning on planting during the fall or winter because the corn grows best in temperatures around 70 degrees. When it’s time to harvest, you can enjoy bowl after bowl of fresh-popped popcorn. (Sorry, the popped kernels will be a typical white color.)

Where Do I Find Glass Gem Corn?

This gem isn’t something you’ll see at your everyday garden store. You can buy the seeds on Etsy for just $5.29. Each packet comes with 25 seeds. If you want your garden or indoor planter to be full of rainbow corn, you can buy as many as 57 packets at a time.

Here’s a handy list of tools to get your vegetable garden started!

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