10 Places to Buy Amazing Pumpkins This Fall

Updated: Nov. 01, 2023

If you're wondering where to buy pumpkins for your fall decorating (and baking) needs, these in-person and online retailers have you covered.

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Halloween Pumpkins
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Local Farms

Many local farms—both large and small—grow pumpkins to sell in the fall, and you can quickly find what’s around you by Googling “farms near me.” Not only is this a great way to support your community and its businesses, but many farms offer a variety of fun seasonal activities, such as hay rides and corn mazes, as well as delicious treats to snack on.

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Pumpkin patch
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Pumpkin Patches

Once September rolls around, chances are that pumpkin patches will start springing up left and right. Sometimes they’re associated with local farms, but others might be stand-alone features. Either way, they’re a great local source of fresh pumpkins, and many offer pick-your-own, which is always fun for families.

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Shopping for pumpkins
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Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores bring in pumpkins by the truckload during the autumn season, and you’ll often find large bins of pumpkins to sort through by the entrance or in the produce section. The pumpkins might not be as fresh as the ones you get from local farms, but they’re still great for carving or cooking.

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Side view of couple shopping pumpkins at market stall
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Farmers Markets

Your local farmers market is probably winding down in the fall (unless it’s year-round), but if you stop by during its last few weeks, chances are there will be lots of pumpkins and gourds. Plus, you can get your hands on some delicious fall produce, like apples, cranberries and figs.

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Pumpkin and orange flowers on a porch during Halloween
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Autumn Harvest Pumpkins

Can’t find any pumpkins locally? Autumn Harvest Pumpkins allows you to buy pumpkins online, and they’ll ship them anywhere within the US. They offer several varieties of pumpkins, and your order will typically arrive in around a week.

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Pumpkins on shelves
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Local Nurseries

Your local nursery or garden center will likely have pumpkins available come fall. They often partner with local farms to get the freshest gourds available, and while you’re there, you can pick up some festive mums for your porch or another houseplant to add to your collection.

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Pumpkins For Sale At Market Stall
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Your local Lowe’s will likely have plenty of pumpkins in their garden center throughout the fall season. You’ll  have to buy them in-store, as they’re not available for shipping. While you’re there, you can pick up other fall decor.

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Close-up of autumn pumpkins in grocery store bins
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You can often score great deals on pumpkins at your local Costco or other warehouse-style retailer. Just keep in mind that these stores typically require a membership, and there’s no guarantee that certain products will be available at a specific location.

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Full Frame Shot Of Pumpkins At Market
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Walmart is another big-box retailer that stocks up on pumpkins during the fall. Their jumbo pumpkins are ideal for holiday displays, carving and cooking, but you do have to buy them in-store.

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Shopping for pumpkins
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Home Depot

While it may not be the first place you think to buy holiday decor, Home Depot usually sells more than a million pumpkins per year. Check out the garden center at your local Home Depot to see what they have for a selection, and grab the supplies for a fun DIY project while you’re there.