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For healthy eating recipes and tips, look no further than our collection below. It won’t take long to build your healthy eating plan!

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    Chili Verde Esquites (Mexican Corn Salad)

    Chili verde sausages add a wallop of flavor in my version of esquites, a kicked-up Mexican corn salad. We leave half the kernels raw for crunch, and quickly pickle shallots and chilis in lime juice for brightness. Half the Cotija cheese gets added for creaminess while the mixture is hot, and the other half is added as a topping once it’s cooled down slightly. —Cara Nicoletti, Seemore Meats & Veggies

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    30 Healthy Corn Recipes to Try Tonight

    From grilled corn to chowder, these healthy corn recipes are anything but boring. Whether you use fresh, frozen or sweet...

    Farro Salad with Charred Shishito Peppers and Corn

    This farro salad can be enjoyed warm or cold. I am lucky that my mom has an amazing garden every...

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    Instant Pot Corn Chowder

    8 reviews

    Enjoy this chowder’s rich, slow-simmered flavor in record time by using an Instant Pot. Corn chowder is a classic staple,...

    Tangy Cilantro Lime Confetti Salad

    5 reviews

    I love standout salads that burst with flavor—the kind that make you feel as if you're splurging without having to...

    Sweet Corn-Tomato Salad

    7 reviews

    I always make this for family events and parties. It reminds me of all the fun barbecues and picnics over...

    Zippy Turkey Zoodles

    1 review

    Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrificing flavor—and these spiced-up zoodles prove it. If you don't have a spiralizer, simply slice the...

    White Balsamic Blueberry, Corn and Feta Salad

    6 reviews

    I'm not typically a huge fan of summer corn, but when it comes to this sweet, salty, refreshing salad, I...

    Tomato, Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad

    2 reviews

    With ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and grilled corn, this bright salad tastes just like summertime! —Angela Spengler, Tampa, Florida

    Corn Okra Creole

    2 reviews

    This dish is representative of my area of the country, and particularly the Texas-Louisiana border. The okra, corn and Creole...

    Sweet Corn and Potato Gratin

    8 reviews

    This tasty potato gratin side dish combines great garlic and onion flavor, and kids love the nice crispy topping, too!...

    Fiesta Corn and Beans

    1 review

    Bursting with southwestern flavors, the zesty veggie medley here can be served as a side dish or a meatless meal-in-one....

    Basil Grilled Corn on the Cob

    2 reviews

    Corn on the cob is a comforting and cherished Midwest dish. It's amazing when grilled, and my recipe adds a...

    Grilled Chicken and Mango Skewers

    4 reviews

    The inspiration for this recipe came from the charbroiled chicken skewers I used to enjoy while strolling along Calle Ocho...

    Satisfying Beef Stew

    10 reviews

    This beef stew is so hearty and tastes even better the next day—if there are leftovers! It goes great with...

    Chicken Ole Foil Supper

    9 reviews

    These Tex Mex–style chicken packets can be assembled ahead and frozen if you like. Just thaw them overnight in the...

    Southwest Chicken Corn Chowder

    4 reviews

    “My family really enjoys this recipe. It's super fast, easy and filling. Even my little grandson like it!” The fat-free...

    Southwest Corn Salad

    I first saw this Southwest corn salad recipe in the Omaha paper a few years ago. It's ideal for family...

    Creamy Corn Crab Soup

    7 reviews

    This creamy soup is fast, easy and very tasty. Corn really stars in this delectable recipe, and crabmeat makes it...

    Skillet Chicken Burritos

    7 reviews

    This is a go-to dish when I'm in a rush to make dinner. Preparing them in the skillet not only...

    Black Bean Turkey Chili

    4 reviews

    This busy-day chili is packed with flavor. We make it ahead and freeze some to eat later. —Marisela Segovia, Miami,...

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    Black Bean & Corn Quinoa

    23 reviews

    Some vegan quinoa recipes are boring, but this one definitely isn't. My daughter’s college asked parents for the best quinoa...

    Hearty Beef Veggie Soup

    6 reviews

    Here's a slow-cooked meal-in-one just perfect for chilly winter nights. It's nice to come home to a hearty soup that's...

    Corn ‘n’ Cucumbers Salad

    3 reviews

    This cucumber corn salad was one of my mother's recipes and I think of her whenever I make it. It's...

    Chicken Tacos with Avocado Salsa

    16 reviews

    A few people in my family have special dietary needs, but luckily, these chicken tacos work for all of us....

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    Ricotta, Tomato & Corn Pasta

    1 review

    I love to make healthy meals with produce from my latest farmers market trip. This pasta takes just 30 minutes...

    Cheese Tortellini with Tomatoes and Corn

    36 reviews

    Fresh corn and basil make this dish taste like summer. I think it's a good one for bringing to picnics...

    Quick Corn Salad

    3 reviews

    This sensational yet easy corn salad is a delight to serve because you can make it ahead, and it's an...

    Fresh Corn & Potato Chowder

    10 reviews

    This corn chowder recipe was one of my favorites as a child in upstate New York, and I still love...

    Corn, Rice & Bean Burritos

    15 reviews

    No one will miss the meat when you dish up these satisfying burritos bursting with a fresh-tasting filling. They’re fast...

    Curried Chicken Corn Chowder

    17 reviews

    This recipe is close to one my mom used to make for us kids when the weather turned cold. Hers...