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For healthy eating recipes and tips, look no further than our collection below. It won’t take long to build your healthy eating plan!

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    Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

    5 reviews

    Don't be shy about loading up the spices and shredded chicken for this recipe. Slow-cooker chicken tortilla soup tastes amazing as leftovers the next day. Your family will thank you for this one! —Karen Kelly, Germantown, Maryland

    Slow-Cooker Al Pastor Bowls

    5 reviews

    You'll love this easy version of a traditional Mexican favorite. Serve this al pastor bowl over rice or in tortillas...

    Chili-Lime Air-Fried Chickpeas

    2 reviews

    Looking for a lighter snack that's still a crowd-pleaser? You've found it! These air-fried chickpeas will have everyone happily munching....

    Taco Turkey Meat Loaf

    2 reviews

    After buying a supersized package of ground turkey, I made this spicy taco turkey meat loaf using what I had...

    PB&J Bites

    These PB&J bites are fun to make and fun to eat! For a change of pace, replace the jam with...

    20 Football Snacks So Good, No One Knows They’re Healthy

    Getting the gang together to watch the game? Try these healthy football snacks that taste just as good as your...

    30 Healthy Tailgate Foods That’ll Make You Feel Like a Winner

    Here's how to keep your diet on track while enjoying the tailgate.

    Fall Vegetable Sloppy Joes

    1 review

    I make this dish in the fall and sneak grated vegetables into the sloppy joe mixture, which is especially good...

    Thai Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

    3 reviews

    I created this salad to replicate one I tried on a cruise several years ago. It goes over very well...

    Pressure-Cooker Beef and Veggie Sloppy Joes

    1 review

    Because I’m always looking for ways to serve my family healthy and delicious food, I started experimenting with my go-to...

    Pressure-Cooker Cilantro-Lime Chicken with Scoops

    1 review

    I came up with this recipe when I was preparing for a large party and wanted a healthy Tex-Mex chicken...

    30 Healthy Vegetarian Tailgate Appetizers for the Next Game Day

    Your health-conscious friends will thank you for these delicious vegetarian tailgate appetizers on game day.

    Green Tomato Salsa

    1 review

    I came up with this green tomato salsa recipe so I could use up all the fresh tomatoes from my...

    Zucchini Pico de Gallo Salsa

    7 reviews

    I love veggies and fresh ingredients this time of year. I make big bowls of this salsa, which we eat...

    California Burger Wraps

    5 reviews

    I love the way these fresh flavors blend. It's a snap to throw these wraps together for a quick, healthy...

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    Spinach Tomato Burgers

    1 review

    Every Friday night is burger night at our house. The tomatoes add fresh flavor and the cool spinach dip brings...

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

    23 reviews

    My son taught me how to make hummus, which is a tasty and healthy alternative to calorie-filled dips. Fresh roasted...

    Grilled Tilapia Piccata

    15 reviews

    We aren’t big fish eaters, but a friend made this for us, and we couldn’t believe how wonderful it was!...

    Texas Tabbouleh

    10 reviews

    I used to live in Texas. When I moved away, I missed those classic Tex-Mex flavors that were always such...

    Tex-Mex Popcorn

    3 reviews

    Spicy Southwest seasoning makes this snackin'-good popcorn ideal for any fiesta. —Katie Rose, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

    Fresh Green Bean Salad

    12 reviews

    I had a green bean salad at a local deli and enjoyed it so much that I tried to re-create...

    Grilled Mahi Mahi

    8 reviews

    Instead of grilling the usual hamburgers or chicken breasts, prepare this grilled mahi mahi and reel in raves! —Taste of...

    Summertime Tomato Salad

    1 review

    My crazy good salad has cherry tomatoes, squash and blueberries together in one bowl. Then I layer on the flavor...

    Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges

    6 reviews

    I love when an entire meal can be cooked outside on the grill and I don't need to heat up...

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    Radish, Carrot & Cilantro Salad

    2 reviews

    Bright carrots and radishes pop in this citrusy salad. My husband likes it with anything from the grill. I like...

    Summer Buzz Fruit Salad

    3 reviews

    For picnics, cookouts and showers, we make a sweet salad of watermelon, cherries, blueberries and microgreens. No matter where I...

    Moroccan Beef Kabobs

    My grandmother's homemade marinade adds tang and tenderness to these beefy kabobs. Her blend of herbs and spices punches up...

    Healthy Greek Bean Dip

    This crowd-pleasing appetizer is healthy to boot! Folks will love to eat their veggies when they can dip them in...

    Marinated Steak & Pepper Fajitas

    7 reviews

    These fajitas are the best, and a much healthier version of the typically pan-fried ones you find in restaurants. I...

    Grilled Bean Burgers

    16 reviews

    These juicy veggie patties have major flavor with cumin, garlic and a little chili powder. They hold their own against...