Healthy Eating Recipes & Tips

For healthy eating recipes and tips, look no further than our collection below. It won’t take long to build your healthy eating plan!

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Home Chef Review: It’s Endorsed by Food Celebrities for Good Reason

It might be a favorite among food celebrities, but Home Chef is very much made for its namesake: the average home chef. Our shopping editor attests in this full Home Chef review.

Trifecta Meal Delivery Is the Easiest Way to Enjoy Healthy Dinners

Trifecta Nutrition is a macronutrient-based meal delivery service that takes the work out of healthy eating.

The Best Protein Bars for 2023

After taste-testing several products and reading hundreds of user reviews, we've narrowed down a list of the best protein bars....

13 Best Healthy Coffee Creamers of 2023

These healthy coffee creamers are an addition to your daily cup o' joe that you can feel good about.

18 Healthy-ish Candy Options for Every Craving

From chewy and fruity to smooth and chocolaty, it's easy to enjoy all kinds of "healthy candy" in moderation.

8 Best Diabetic Meal Delivery Services—From a Health Editor

Our Health Editor takes the guesswork out of preparing a meal that's low in carbs and sugar with these convenient...

11 Plant-Based Pastas for Healthier Weeknight Dinners

Whether you're craving more protein, fewer carbs or tons of veggies, these pasta alternatives are both healthy and tasty.

12 Best Healthy Cookbooks of 2022

These nutritious and delicious recipes will make your taste buds happy while keeping you on track to reach your health...

14 Healthy Frozen Meals for the Easiest Weeknight Dinners

When packing lunches or rushing to get dinner together, sometimes you just need a quick fix. Instead of settling on...

Product Spotlight: Amazon’s Favorite Oil Spray Bottle

An oil spray bottle enhances your healthy cooking game and adds mouth-watering crispiness to your favorite dishes.

I Tried the NutriBullet Go Cordless Blender​ for Healthy Breakfasts on-the-Go

The NutriBullet Go cordless blender makes mornings faster, healthier and easier to clean up after. Dump, blend, sip and go!

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21 Low-Cholesterol Snacks for a Heart-Healthy Diet

Don't think a heart-healthy diet can be delicious? These low-cholesterol snacks will change your mind.

The Best Salad Dressings for People with Diabetes

We found the best bets for salad dressing for people with diabetes. You can find all of the brands at...

14 Healthy Snacks to Buy This Year, According to an RD

The year 2020 has changed the face of snacking and food developers are listening. In 2022, the top healthy...

10 High-Protein Foods You Can Buy on Amazon

Stick to your goals with these high-protein foods you can buy on Amazon. Each meal, side dish or snack has...

15 Healthy, Crunchy Snacks

It's time to step away from the cheesy poofs! These healthy, crunchy snacks will satisfy your chips craving without blowing...

6 Healthy Snack Box Subscriptions You Should Try

Eating right has never been easier with these healthy snack box subscriptions! Find out which one is best for you.

10 Healthy Frozen Food Brands You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Need a meal that's super quick and good for you, too? With these healthy frozen food brands, you've got the...

10 Healthy Carbonated Drinks You Can Indulge in Guilt-Free

Kick soda to the curb and sip on these healthy carbonated drinks.

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10 Tools That Make It Easy to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

If you're trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, these genius gadgets should be in your kitchen drawer. From an...

19 of the Best Healthy, On-the-Go Breakfast Foods

We know you're busy! Instead of skipping the most important meal of the day, opt for these healthy, breakfast-to-go items...