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Turnip Greens Salad

1 review

My Turnip Greens Salad was created using items from my garden. Because most people cook turnip greens, I wanted to present those same greens in a way that would retain their nutrient content. You could also add different kinds of meat to this salad. I have used cooked shrimp, chicken or beef. —James McCarroll, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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40 Healthy Southern Recipes

Slow down and enjoy these healthy Southern recipes around the kitchen table with family and friends.

Smoked Brisket

This smoked brisket recipe is always a crowd favorite—it really melts in your mouth! —Jodi Abel, La Jolla, California

Pressure-Cooker Country Captain Chicken

2 reviews

Whether it was brought by a British sailor or not, the recipe for Country Captain Chicken has been around Georgia...

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Slow-Cooker Country Captain Chicken

19 reviews

Legend has it that the recipe for country captain chicken was brought to Georgia in the early 1800s by a...

Fried Green Tomato Stacks

This dish is for lovers of red and green tomatoes. When I ran across the recipe, I just had to...

Carolina-Style Vinegar BBQ Chicken

22 reviews

I live in Georgia, but I appreciate the tangy, sweet and slightly spicy taste of Carolina vinegar chicken. I make...

Truly Tasty Turnips with Greens

2 reviews

These savory greens are a hit at every church dinner I take them to. Adjust the seasonings as you please...

Oven-Fried Green Tomato BLT

2 reviews

For years I have used this same idea to cook eggplant slices, and recently I decided to try it on...

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6 reviews

You can't get more southern than this succotash recipe. It comes from my mother, who was a fantastic cook. This...

Black-Eyed Peas & Ham

5 reviews

Every New Year's Day we have these slow-cooked black-eyed peas to bring good luck for the coming year. —Dawn Legler,...