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Air-Fryer Coconut-Crusted Turkey Fingers

1 review

My granddaughter shared this recipe for turkey fingers with me. With a plum dipping sauce, they're just the thing for a light supper. —Agnes Ward, Stratford, Ontario

Turkey Gyros

4 reviews

Greek seasoning, feta cheese and dill-cucumber sauce give this gyro an authentic taste. It was my family's introduction to how...

Slow-Cooked Turkey with Berry Compote

5 reviews

We love to eat turkey, and on hot summer days, here's how we get our fix. For golden-brown turkey, broil...

Mushroom Turkey Tetrazzini

13 reviews

This creamy, comforting casserole makes a fantastic way to use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey. And it’s a real family-pleaser!...

Turkey Cutlets in Lemon Wine Sauce

4 reviews

After I ate something like this at a local Italian restaurant, I figured out how to make it at home...

Garlic-Mushroom Turkey Slices

2 reviews

My daughter is a picky eater, and even she likes this enticing dish! There’s minimal fat, and it’s delicious, easy...

Horseradish-Crusted Turkey Tenderloins

4 reviews

Looking for a low-carb entree ideal for company? Consider this specialty. It won a local recipe contest and was featured...

Spicy Turkey Tenderloin

Here's a full-flavored dish that will really wake up your taste buds.

Peanut Turkey Satay

3 reviews

I found this recipe years ago and immediately served it to dinner guests. It’s easy and fun and takes only...

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Turkey Cutlets with Pan Gravy

15 reviews

Using cutlets or any boneless meat speeds up cooking time for this quick entree. You can use thin boneless, skinless...

Turkey Spaghetti Casserole

13 reviews

My mom made this creamy and comforting dish while I was growing up. Whenever I have leftover chicken or turkey,...

Garlic-Ginger Turkey Tenderloins

5 reviews

This good-for-you entree can be on your dinner plates quicker than Chinese takeout—and for a lot less money! Ginger and...

Turkey in Cream Sauce

5 reviews

I've been relying on this recipe for tender turkey since I first moved out on my own years ago. I...

Turkey Mushroom Tetrazzini

17 reviews

Your family will flip over this turkey and mushroom casserole. In fact, the creamy Parmesan-topped tetrazzini is so satisfying, no...

Turkey Pinto Bean Salad with Southern Molasses Dressing

1 review

This salad is a welcome alternative to the usual post-Thanksgiving fare. It's a tasty main dish loaded with good-for-you protein....

Turkey a la King with Rice

15 reviews

I like to make this dish with our leftover turkey. It's a nice change from casseroles and so simple. Serve...

Pastry-Topped Turkey Casserole

1 review

My friends tell me this is the best potpie they've ever had. Hearty and full-flavored, my comforting classic never lets...

Turkey with Orange Sauce

I found this recipe in one of my mother's cookbooks. It's a quick way to fix turkey. My family likes...

Turkey Fajitas

1 review

I prepare these quick and easy fajitas about once a week, and my family never gets tired of them. I...

Turkey Chop Suey

2 reviews

Field editor Ruth Peterson of Jenison, Michigan uses leftover turkey for her fast-to-fix chop suey. Canned bean sprouts and water...

Italian Turkey Sandwiches

14 reviews

I hope you enjoy these tasty turkey sandwiches as much as our family does. The recipe makes plenty, so it's...

Jamaican Jerk Turkey Wraps

6 reviews

After tasting these spicy wraps at a neighborhood party, I got the recipe. The grilled turkey tenderloin and light jalapeno...

Mustard Turkey Cutlets

2 reviews

Grilled turkey cutlets are treated with a slightly sweet sauce that mustard-lovers will thoroughly enjoy. This recipe feels fancy, but...

Turkey Ginger Noodle Soup

1 review

I wanted something comforting yet healthy, and ginger is my favorite spice. This recipe was a must-try for me, and...

Turkey & Bulgur Salad

Cranberry juice concentrate gives this wonderful luncheon salad a burst of flavor. I like to line a serving platter with...

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Low-Fat Wild Rice Turkey Salad

This tasty turkey salad from Meredith Berg of Hudson, Wisconsin offers a wonderful blend of flavors. With sweet grapes and...

Quick Turkey Scallopini

10 reviews

Here's one of my most-requested recipes, thanks to the special white wine and mustard sauce. It makes an ordinary weeknight...

Turkey White Chili

9 reviews

Growing up in a Pennsylvania Dutch area, I was surrounded by excellent cooks and wonderful foods. I enjoy experimenting with...

Curry-Roasted Turkey and Potatoes

2 reviews

Honey mustard is the condiment around here, so I wanted a healthy recipe to serve it with. Roasted turkey with...

Cashew Turkey Salad Sandwiches

10 reviews

One bite and you'll be hooked on this slightly sweet turkey salad sandwich. It's protein-packed so you can feel good...

Thanksgiving Turkey for Two

4 reviews

One of the hardest meals to plan is a holiday meal for two. You want all the smells and feelings...