7 Inventive Ways to Use Cupcake Liners (That Aren’t for Baking)

Paper cupcake liners aren't just for baking! We've got seven clever uses for this supply staple, so stock up.

When it comes to cupcakes, who can get enough? These pretty, pint-size treats are a great addition to any party or special occasion. And when it comes to decorating, well, you can get pretty wild with the toppings and even use some funky cupcake liners to boot. But it turns out these festive wrappers can be used for more than just dressing up your baked goods.

With a little ingenuity, cupcake liners be pretty useful throughout the kitchen. So next time you’re at the grocery store, grab an extra package.

1. Top off a mason jar

Canning jars laying on their sides filled with candy hearts and for Valentine's Day on a rustic wood table. The jars have blank heart shaped gift tags hanging from the neckPhoto: Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

Homemade gifts delivered in mason jars are the cutest! Jazz up the presentation by slipping a cupcake liner under the lid before screwing on the metal band. A fun, patterned liner will give the topper some color and the crinkled edges will create a pretty ruffle.

2. Try them as single-serve dishes

Variety of healthy snacks overhead shot laying on the table; cupcake linersPhoto: Shutterstock/Elena Veselova

Serving up small snacks at your next party (like this tasty nut mix)? Use these muffin tin liners as small dishes to hold these miniature munchies.

3. Tell bugs to buzz off

Picnic theme: group of friends holding drinks, toast , close-upPhoto: Shutterstock/Ekaterina Iatcenko

While there’s nothing better than a summer picnic, the bees and flies can be a real pain. Keep them out of your beverages by popping a cupcake liner over the top of your glass. Take the next step and punch a small hole in the bottom to make room for a straw.

4. Use them as disposable containers

Christmas Treats. Handmade cookie; sprinkes; cupcake linersPhoto: Shutterstock/Dmitry Melnikov

Decorating cookies? Instead of dipping into that giant bag of candy or narrow jar of sprinkles, use cupcake liners as small dishes to hold all your decorations. The wide opening gives you easy access to what you need plus they’re a breeze to clean up!

And don’t stop at sprinkles—cupcake liners are great as small prep bowls for measuring small ingredients, like a few teaspoons of dried herbs.

5. Keep ice pops from dripping everywhere

popsiclePhoto: Shutterstock/Edward Fielding

Anyone with a kiddo knows that homemade ice pops are a great treat, but they can be incredibly messy. Keep popsicles from melting everywhere by slipping a cupcake liner onto the stick to catch all those melty drops.

6. Keep sticky jars from making a mess

Honey drip in jar on the tablePhoto: Shutterstock / Oksana Shufrych

Even the most organized pantries are subject to the sticky mess that’s the squeezable honey bear or molasses bottle. To keep those gooey drips from making a big mess, simply set your containers inside a cupcake liner. This will catch any extra drips and keep your shelves clean.

7. Keep kids snacks organized

Mother making school lunch in the kitchen; cupcake linersPhoto: Shutterstock/Oleksandra Naumenko

Sending the kids off the school with a homemade lunch is always a great idea. But not every mom or dad has a beautiful divided bento box to keep the carrots from running into the grapes from running into the cheese. For discerning kids that prefer their snacks not to touch, nestle a handful of cupcake liners into a larger plastic container to keep all those treats organized.

While I still think that cupcakes are the best fillings for these liners, some of these hacks are pretty handy!

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