10 Ways to Use a Springform Pan (Besides Baking Cheesecake)

It's not that we don't love classic cheesecake. But your springform pan can be used in all sorts of clever ways!

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Is your springform pan collecting dust in a cabinet? This unique pan is often associated with one dessert and one dessert only: cheesecake. However, they can actually be used to make a variety of dishes, from breakfast to dinner and, of course, dessert.

Psst… Here’s our pick for the top springform pan.

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Deep-dish pizza

One way to get thick sides on deep-dish pizza is with your trusty springform pan. Just press the dough into the bottom and up the sides, then add all your favorite toppings. The result is a mouthwatering pizza that you can easily free from the pan.

Learn how to make Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

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Tortes are a type of multilayered cake that include ingredients like whipped cream, frosting, custard, mousse and jam. Did you know that tortes are easily made in springform pans? Another great application for this underused baking tool.

Try this pineapple torte with ladyfingers.

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Ice cream cake

When was the last time you had an ice cream cake? You don’t have to buy a premade cake to enjoy one. With the help of your springform pan, you can make your own ice cream cake at home—it’s the perfect dessert for any family party.

Take a look through our collection of ice cream cakes and pies.

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Nothing says weekend brunch like a delicious quiche! If you don’t have a pie plate or just want to try something different, you can actually make this egg-based dish in a springform pan. Just make sure it’s put together correctly so the eggs don’t leak.

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If you’ve ever tried to remove a Jell-O from a cake pan, you know it’s a delicate task. One wrong move and you mess up the edges! That’s why using a springform pan is so helpful when making a gelatin-based cake or dessert. You can quickly release it from the pan without damaging its beautiful finish.

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For an extra-special presentation, bake your favorite casseroles right in a springform pan. Just make sure the recipe you use has some sort of crust to keep all those ingredients inside once you release the sides of the pan. We recommend this tasty burrito bake or this five-star crescent turkey casserole.

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No trifle dish? No worries! You can make a beautiful, layered trifle in your springform pan. Once all those layers have set, simply release the sides and serve your creation to guests. They’re sure to be impressed!

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Pasta dishes

You read that right. You can make amazing pasta in your springform pan. Many people use these pans to make pasta bakes or pasta pies—the perfect cozy entree for a rainy day.

Indulge this weekend with a delicious garlic bread pasta torte.

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Soda bread

While we love the rustic presentation of soda bread, sometimes you want this classic to be a bit more refined. When you pop the dough into a springform pan, you get a perfectly round loaf that looks great on the dinner table or wrapped up as a hostess gift.

Give this technique a try with this recipe.

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Want to make it easier to serve up picture-perfect slices of your favorite lasagna recipe? Trade in your baking dish for a springform pan. It can be a little tricky to arrange lasagna noodles into the circular pan, but once it’s all baked, simply release the sides and your layered creation will be a centerpiece on the dinner table.

Find more savory recipes you can pop in a springform pan (and some sweet ones, too).

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