The 11 Best Pancake Toppings You’ve Never Tried

Updated: Dec. 12, 2023

Move over maple syrup, there are some new morning mainstays in town!

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Peanut Butter

Is there anything peanut butter doesn’t pair well with? Smother this on your pancakes for a filling, protein-packed option that will keep your energy up all day.

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Fried Chicken

The pancakes’ soft texture perfectly holds up to the chicken’s crunch (we love this crispy fried chicken with our breakfast). For a flavor combination that will blow away your tastebuds, top with hot sauce and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar!

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Pizza Toppings

Food mash-ups are all the rage, like cronuts (croissant-donuts) and sushi burritos, but pizza pancakes are an unsung hero. Deck your short stack with cheese, pepperoni and any other go-to toppings for a drool-worthy dish that can be enjoyed any time of day.

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Smoked Salmon and Avocado

Say goodbye to avocado toast. It’s time for avocado pancakes to steal the spotlight. Paired with smoked salmon and some creme fraiche, they are perfect for breakfast or lunch. It’s a bonus that these toppings are loaded with omega-3s.

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Spinach and Caramelized Onion

There’s nothing like breakfast for dinner, so what’s stopped us from dinner for breakfast? You’ll want to wilt the spinach while frying sliced onion until golden brown. Finished with ground pepper, chopped chili and grated Gruyère cheese.

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Pancakes topped with caviar are popular in Russia, although it is still an underrated delicacy in the United States. The fusion of salty and sweet reinvents your ideas about what a traditional breakfast can achieve. A dollop of creme fraiche will add an additional authentic touch.

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Most likely, when you’ve encountered tahini in the past it’s been with savory dinners (we’re partial to roasted cauliflower with tahini), but it’s time to bring this ingredient to breakfast! The ground sesame paste is the perfect way to incorporate other non-traditional toppings, like dates and nuts, as well.

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Pear and Blue Cheese

Not sold on blue cheese? It might be because you’ve never had it like this. Opt for poached pears and a creamy cheese to mix up your morning. To add protein, ham or prosciutto is a natural choice.

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Salsa and Guacamole

Forget the chips and dip—pancakes are where salsa and guac shine! The acidity of the tomatoes and creamy avocado will bring your breakfast to a whole new level. For added substance, fry an egg to put on top.

Looking for inspiration? This spicy, chunky salsa will wake you up.

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Combine two breakfast favorites in one indulgent dish. Take it to another level by topping your short stack with scrambled eggs or sweeten the deal with a scoopful (or several) of Nutella. You might want to mix some bacon pieces into the batter, too.

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Cabbage and Mayonnaise

Hear us out! While this might not sound like a combo you’d try even without the pancake, this traditional Japanese recipe is a sleeper hit. Add whatever leftover meat is in your fridge and Worcestshire sauce for the full okonomiyaki, or “as-you-like-it” pancake, experience.