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10 Genius Ways to Use a Muffin Tin

We've rounded up the most surprising—and borderline genius!—uses for muffin tins around the house. Learn how to make the most of your tin today.

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Freeze Your Soups/Stocks

Proud of a soup you recently made? Have extra stock that you don’t want to go to waste? Use a large-diameter muffin tin and pour your leftovers in. Freeze, covered and you’ll have easy access to single-size portions. Get inspiration from these classic homemade soup recipes.

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Bigger, Better Ice

Top off your muffin tray with water and freeze it for quick access to large ice cubes. These cubes are ideal for keeping punch bowls and other large containers colder for longer. For added appeal, freeze the cubes with lemon or lime rinds inside to add more flavor. Pack ’em into this recipe for Pretty Pink Punch.

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Craft Supply Storage

Those little muffin cups are the perfect remedy for hard-to-store items like pins, buttons, baubles, jewelry, beads, and many other things you commonly find around a crafting station.

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Decorate with Votive Candles

Give your rustic-style kitchen a romantic accent by scattering of votive candles into a few cups of your muffin tin. This simple centerpiece gives off a little bit of light and works as an interesting conversation piece. This DIY works best with charming vintage copper or iron muffin pans.

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Plant a Series of Seedlings

Clean out the cups, add a little soil and fertilizer, and use your muffin tin to start seedling indoors. The tray also makes a good spot to grow small succulents and other plants that don’t need much water. Psst! These are the best herbs for your kitchen garden.

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Freeze Oatmeal in Portions

Love oatmeal in the morning? Here’s how to make it in a jiff: Find a muffin tin with cups that are just the right portions for your single-serve oatmeal, divide out portions, and put it in the freeze. Now you have morning portions at the ready for the rest of the week! Start with these inspiring recipes.

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Prep Quick Ingredients

Muffin trays make perfect holders for condiments when serving a crowd. Next time you host a cookout, fill the cups of your muffin tins with chopped jalapenos, onions, pickles and other tasty options for guests to top their burger or dogs. Try these other genius party-hosting tips.

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Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating

Here’s an odd but very effective use of an old muffin tin: Use it as a dog food bowl! Many dogs have problems with eating too fast, which can cause digestion issues. By spreading food out across different cups, you require your dog to slow down while eating. We recommend adding rubber feet or grips on the bottom of the tray before using it as a bowl.

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Flip It and Bake Tortilla Bowls

Flip your muffin tray over and lay down small tortillas between the cups so they fold into four sections. Now bake the tortillas this way, and they will stay in shape, so you have the perfect tortilla bowls for holding ingredients – and they’re just the right size for handheld foods when necessary.

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Hold Paints for an Art Project

An old tin also makes an excellent paint holder for artists or just fun family crafting projects. Simply squeeze a color into each cup and let your inner Picasso shine.

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