10 Ways to Use Cookie Cutters That Don’t Involve Baking

Updated: Feb. 13, 2024

Turns out cookie cutters are good for a lot more than dessert.

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Christmas background made of cookie cutters
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Trim your tree with these DIY ornaments. Decorate a cookie cutter with just about anything—glitter, washi tape, paint—then tie a ribbon around the top to hang on the Christmas tree. These also make great gifts for your friends who love baking.

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Homemade Heart shaped pancakes with cranberries on white porcelain plate
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Pancake Cutouts

Prepare pretty pancakes by placing a cookie cutter in your pan on the stove. Fill the shape with a thin layer of batter (we love this recipe) and let it sit until the edges are set. Then carefully remove the cookie cutter and flip over. Serve warm with butter and syrup. You can do this same process with eggs, too.

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Plastic tree shaped biscuit cutter on blue napkin
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Napkin Rings

Use them as napkin rings. Pick the prettiest cookie cutters and slide them over a cloth napkin for an elegant DIY table setting. Guests can even take home their “napkin ring” as a party favor.

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Heart-shaped bird feeder
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Pretty Bird Feeders

Feed the birds with cute cookie cutter ornaments. Mix together 1 cup of bird seed, a package of unflavored gelatin and 1/3 cup water. Press the mixture into each cookie cutter and let sit in the refrigerator until hard. Then use string or ribbon to hang outside and watch the birds enjoy.

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Star shape Christmas chocolate gingerbread Cookie with icing and cinnamon on sacking
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DIY Air Freshener

Make yourself an air freshener. Mix equal parts cinnamon and applesauce to make a “dough,” and roll it out flat. Use the cookie cutters to cut out shapes, then bake at 150 degrees for about two hours in the oven.

Tip: Use a straw to press a hole at the top before baking so you can slip a ribbon through to hang the freshener.

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Lunch box with healthy meal for kids
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Snazzy Sandwiches

Snazz-up your sandwiches by cutting them into shapes with your cookie cutters (the flat ones work best). Lunch just got a lot more fun. Or just cut a cute shape from the top of the bread or roll for a clever presentation.

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Use it as a Stencil

Craft adorable cards. Simply place the cookie cutter of your choice onto a blank notecard, then use paint, markers or colored pencils to trace and color the shape. You can also dip the edges in paint to use as a stamp. Perfect for those Christmas cards you send out every year.

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Advent Christmas wreath made natural pine with Heart shaped gingerbread cookie
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Deck the Halls

Use cookie cutters to make a festive DIY wreath. Hot glue Christmas shapes onto a plain wreath and accent with strands of evergreen, faux poinsettias and glitzy ornaments. Top it all off with a giant holiday bow and hang on your front door.

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Christmas holiday background with red, white, festive decorations and cookie cutters against a vintage style dark green recycled wood background
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Go for a Garland

Similar to the wreath craft, you can make your own Christmas garland. String together holiday-shaped cookie cutters (bonus if you use a pretty ribbon) and hang in your kitchen to really get in the spirit of the season. Keep the cookie cutters bare and use twine for a natural look or decorate with sparkles and sequins for a shimmery strand.

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Dry mixing ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in a glass jar handmade gift
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Add the Finishing Touch

Tie onto presents with ribbon (especially if your friend loves to bake). Not only does it look festive and fun, it’s totally functional as they can use it again later (like for making these chocolate chip oatmeal cookies). You can do the same with invitations. If you’re hosting a Christmas cookie party, attach a cookie cutter to the invite for an extra special touch.