12 New Ways to Repurpose Cookie Cutter Shapes

You can repurpose your tried-and-true cookie cutters to bake something completely different. Here's how!

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Elf Cookies

A sweet frosting glaze, colorful candies and well-placed almond slices turn these sugar cookie diamonds into a big batch of Santa’s helpers. TIP: Bake a batch of the adorable elves as a classroom treat or use a few to brighten each of your cookie trays. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Watermelon Made With a Moon Cutter

Patti Paige, the author of You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter and creator of Baked Ideas, transforms a crescent moon cutter into a slice of watermelon using a fresh color palette. The summer-themed cookie even looks like it’s been nibbled on.

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Santa Star Cookies

Cookie baking can't get any more fun than when you are making—and decorating—these adorable Santa cookies. But they're not too cute to eat! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Bee cookies
Fresh Cut Flours

Bumblebees Made With a Heart Cutter

Terri of Fresh Cut Flours put her Valentine’s heart-shaped cookie cutter to good use by reimagining it as a tiny bumblebee. After baking the plain heart cutouts, use icing to turn the rounded edge of the heart into fluttering wings.

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 Rose cookies with an acorn cutter
Clough'd 9 Cookies

Roses Made With an Acorn Cutter

Fall-themed cutters can be turned into different objects as the weather changes. Clough’D 9 Cookies flipped an acorn-shaped cutter upside-down to make a rose. Turn the acorn cap into the rose’s stem and leaves, decorating the acorn’s body as the petals.

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Touchdown Cookies

With some simple touches, you can transform regular sugar cookies into a special sweet treat for the football fans at your party. —Sister Judith LaBrozzi, Canton, Ohio

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Farm Animals Made With a Tulip Cutter

Elizabeth of The Circle Bake Shop had an idea when she saw her spring tulip cookie cutters. Decorating the tulip’s petals as a head and ears, she made the flower cutters into friendly farm animals.

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Christmas Bellies Cookie
Klickitat Street

Elf Dresses Made With a Butterfly Cutter

While finishing up her holiday baking, Sarah of Klickitat Street decided to flip a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter upside-down to make a festive elf “belly.” She used icing to turn the butterfly’s antennae into curly elf shoes, the large wings into the skirt and the smaller wings into the top of a dress.

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Decorated Nurse Cookies
Sweet Sugarbelle

Nurses Made With a Skull Cutter

Skull cookies don’t have to be scary! Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle transformed her skull-shaped cutouts into friendly nurses’ heads. The skull cutter can be flipped so that the jaw and mouth become nurse hats, and the large portion of the skull becomes the nurse’s face.

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Ghosts Made With a Christmas Bell Cutter

Holly and Gabe of Baked to Measure are certainly not afraid of ghosts—and these adorable ghost Halloween cookies are no exception. The bakers remade a Christmas bell as a cheerful ghost, keeping the same shape of the original cutter but decorating it with icing for a festive face-lift.

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Snowman as Dream Catcher

Move over, Frosty! When Holly of The Doughmestic Housewife was all done with her snowman-shaped cookie cutter, she turned it on its head to resemble a whimsical dream catcher. Use multiple colored accents and a white icing background for a nice touch.

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Hungry Hungry Hippo Cookies
Baking in Heels

Easter Cutters as Hungry Hippos

Egg-shaped and carrot-shaped cookie cutters are perfect for Easter, but they don’t have to be stashed away once the holiday is over. Giselle of Baking in Heels combined her egg and carrot shapes to create a classic Hungry, Hungry Hippos head, using the “egg” as the mouth and the “carrot” as the face.

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