13 Creative Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs

Don't ditch your plastic Easter eggs after just one egg hunt—put them to good use and keep them for crafting, décor and other fun DIY projects instead.

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Easter Egg Garland

A quick paint job, combined with colorful yarn in assorted hues, turns a few plastic Easter eggs into the perfect eye-catching décor for stringing together as garland. Kim Six, blogger behind The Kim Six Fix, chose a metallic bronze spray paint to coat her eggs, which really makes the color of the tassels pop.

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Tiny Terrariums

Terrariums are still as popular as ever, and these mini versions crafted by Brittany Watson Jepsen at The House That Lars Built are as simple to make as they are adorable. All you need are a few materials to get the job done, including clear plastic Easter eggs, moss and dirt.

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DIY Wreath

An inexpensive Easter wreath that takes less than an hour to put together might sound too good to be true, but Amber Price of Crazy Little Projects proves it can be done. Choose any size styrofoam wreath—depending on how large or small you’d like the wreath to be—and use hot glue to keep the plastic eggs in place.

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Wobbly Toys

Kids will love these adorable weebles all year round, not just during the Easter holiday. Leslie Manlapig, the mind behind Pink Stripey Socks, decorated her leftover plastic Easter eggs with Sharpies, pipe cleaners and felt, placing nickels inside each one so that they’ll stay true to their name and not fall down.

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Mini Garden Display

Alli Ward, blogger of Made with Happy, turned ordinary plastic Easter eggs into tiny table-top flower pots using hot glue to hold both halves of the eggs together. Fill them up with any small floral you’d like, but keep in mind that you might need to remove part of the root ball to make sure the flowers fit.

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Holiday Lights

These whimsical plastic Easter egg string lights can be hung anywhere—like the fire place or a doorway—since they’re made using a battery-powered LED light strand. Laura Silva, owner and editor of Laura’s Crafty Life, drilled a hole through each of the see-through plastic eggs she used before stringing them together.

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Bird Feeder

Take your bird watching experience to the next level with these simple and beautiful Easter egg birdseed ornaments, crafted by Doug Scott of Reedeem Your Ground. The bird-friendly treats are made with flour, water, corn syrup and birdseed, and molded using any extra plastic eggs you have lying around the house.

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Crazy Caterpillar

Just a few pipe cleaners and googly eyes transform a handful of plastic Easter egg tops and bottoms into sweet, colorful caterpillars. Originally designed by her child, Melanie Artz of Artzy Creations loves these so much because they’re not just fun for her kids to play with—they’re fun for them to make, too.

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Rockin’ Maracas

Keeping kids occupied while you’re cooking dinner has never been easier, thanks to these DIY maracas made by Dana Willard, blogger behind MADE Everyday. Using two plastic spoons, fill a plastic egg with popcorn kernels, cover in white tape and decorate with sharpies to make each of the musical instruments unique.

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Paper Eggs

Papier-mâché is a timeless craft that kiddos and parents alike can enjoy. Sara Wellensiek, blogger behind Mom Endeavors, used tissue paper, glue and ribbons to kick traditional plastic Easter egg decorations up a notch, turning them into papier-mâché perfection. Place the newly decorated eggs in a bowl, or scatter them around the house for kids to find.

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Adorable Animals

If you’re handy with a crochet needle and have a little time to spare, you can turn a plastic Easter egg into an unbelievably cute pocket-sized Easter bunny. ChiWei Ranck, blogger behind One Dog Woof, made hers with yarn, felt and embroidery thread—she even provides a free crochet pattern so others can easily make it as well.

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Easy Signage

Acrylic craft paint and colored ribbon give boring, plain Easter eggs just the right touch in this rustic DIY Easter greeting wall art by Shaunte Wadley, contributor for Consumer Crafts. Leaving them plain and letting the bright, cheerful colors speak for themselves is an option, but you can also write a fun message on the eggs using glitter alphabet stickers.

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Candle Holders

Laurie Reis and Nancy, the bloggers behind Two Sisters Crafting, make plastic Easter eggs look almost unrecognizable after treating them with glistening seed beads (you can find them at any local crafting store), and transforming them into elegant, festive candle holders. Whether you place them on the table or atop of a mantle, their stylish appearances will look anything but homemade.

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