Are Fresh Eggs Really Better for Baking?

Fresh as can be, or a couple weeks old—which eggs make the most delicious cakes and cookies?

When it comes to baking, eggs are obviously an essential part of the recipe. They create structure and help add moisture to whatever tasty batter you are whipping up. But the question is does the freshness of the eggs affect the final baked treat? From flavor to texture, let’s find out if fresh eggs or old eggs are best.

Does the freshness of the egg change the taste of baked goods?

The fresher the egg, the better the flavor. Your omelets, scrambled eggs, and egg sandwiches will be noticeably more robust in flavor if you use the freshest eggs possible. But when it comes to baking, the freshness of the egg doesn’t have a big impact on the taste of your baked goods. If you’re making a yellow cake, for example, the quality of your sugar, butter, and vanilla will affect the taste of your cake much more than the freshness of your eggs.

Do older eggs make cakes rise higher?

As eggs age, the whites of the egg thins. Some believe that these thinner egg whites and weakened proteins can stretch more than fresh eggs making a cake that rises higher. But when this theory is put to the test, it doesn’t hold up. A cake baked with fresh eggs and a cake baked with older eggs rise to the same height. So the next time you’re craving a rich and decadent chocolate cake, don’t worry about how fresh your eggs are.

Older eggs are best for meringues.

When it comes to meringues, it’s all about the whisk. Using an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, egg whites are whisked until you have stiff peaks. (Here’s the difference between soft and stiff peaks and how to get them.) Older egg whites are easier to beat because the runnier whites to create more volume. It also helps to bring the eggs to room temperature before whisking. A quick way to bring them to room temperature is to put them in warm water for about five minutes.

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How should I store my eggs?

Whether you want to bake with fresh eggs or aged eggs, what’s the best way to store them? If you want to keep eggs fresh as long as possible, store them in the back of the fridge as opposed to the door (it’s cooler back there). This will keeps eggs for several weeks.

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