The Best Day of the Week to Go Grocery Shopping

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024

To save money on groceries, start shopping on Wednesdays.

Fewer crowds, fully-stocked shelves and freshly delivered produce—welcome to any given Wednesday at a grocery store near you!

This mid-week day is when to shop if you’re looking to save money on groceries. It’s all the better if you can swing an afternoon or evening trip when perishable items are more likely to be marked down.

Wednesday Is the Best Day to Grocery Shop

The reason Wednesdays rule at the grocery store is really two-fold. In addition to it being the day when new specials take effect—hence all the new endcaps you see—it’s also that weekday grocery workers are most likely to give you a little grace. Whether it’s for a raincheck you forgot to use or a manufacturer’s coupon you remembered for last week’s sale item that’s now full price, clerks and store managers are more likely to honor those discounts on Hump Day. Here are the best budget grocery list ideas to keep your bill low.

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Best Day to Grocery Shop for the Best Quality Meat, Dairy and Seafood

Dairy departmentKatrina Wittkamp/Getty Images

Another plus of shopping on Wednesdays is that the meat, dairy and seafood section should be newly restocked with fresh picks. For the best selection, you’ll want to get to these sections as close to opening hours as possible. This leaves you with first pickings, whereas going at the end of the day could result in fewer options remaining.

Best Day to Grocery Shop for the Best Deals

Wednesdays win this category too. As we already mentioned, this day is not only when most retailers roll out their new weekly specials and coupons, but they’ll most likely still take last week’s coupons as well. This means double the deal!

Most retailers will also start to mark down the prices for perishables during Wednesday evenings, so make sure you get there in time before they’re all out.

Best Day to Grocery Shop for the Best Produce

Fresh greens and vegetables on a display in a supermarketAlexander Spatari/Getty Images

Restock days could depend on whether your local store is a larger company or a smaller one. Larger company stores restock their produce everyday whereas smaller stores have a specific day of the week of when they get their fresh produce in. Either way, it’s best to ask an employee or store manager so you can get the correct restock day straight from the source.

Best Day to Grocery Shop for Less Crowds

While we suggest avoiding the weekends for their obvious busyness, shopping during the weekdays when it’s less crowded mostly depends on the time that you’re going. Experts recommend going shopping Monday-Thursday, during the early morning or late at night—closest to the store’s opening and closing hours. You’ll also want to avoid shopping during the weekdays around 5 pm, as this is when stores become crowded with people just getting off work and picking up their dinner ingredients.

Best Day to Grocery Shop for the Best Selection

The best day of the week to get the best selection is Wednesday, specifically during the afternoons. By then, Tuesday night’s deliveries should be fully restocked on shelves, so you’ll have dibs on the freshest goods before the hungry after-work crowd arrives.

Best Day to Grocery Shop to Beat Holiday Crowds

We’ve all seen the chaos that can occur when the holidays are getting closer. Last minute shopping leads to more than usual crowded grocery stores. The best way to get ahead of these crowds during the holiday is to grab your groceries a few days in advance. Two to three days before the holiday is recommended—specifically the Tuesday before Thanksgiving—or even a few weeks ahead for the grocery items that can be stored frozen.

Now that you’re in the know, check out our expert tips to create a well-organized grocery list and then get going!

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