Trader Joe’s Secco Bellinis Are Absolute Summer Must-Haves

Trader Joe's just kicked off summer in the sweetest way possible.

If you’re as addicted to Trader Joe’s as we are (how can you not be?!), this just might be the best news you’ll hear all day. Everyone’s favorite grocer is giving us a sip of summer with sweet secco Bellinis. Now, these aren’t necessarily new—in fact, the peach one has been around since 2017—but the price tag on these puppies never gets old.

Here’s how you can jumpstart the warm-weather season just by dropping by Trader Joe’s.

All the Flavor, Half the Price

It looks like a bunch of major retailers—we’re looking at you, Aldi—are hopping on the low-budget booze bandwagon, and we’re not complaining. If you need an easy beverage to wow your guests, this line from Trader Joe’s has your back. For the humble price of only $6, you can get a readymade Bellini in one of these mouthwatering flavors:

  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Strawberry Raspberry

The prosecco-laced beverage comes from a family-owned German winery, and with 8% ABV, it’s sure to go along with a good time, whether it’s for brunch, over apps or with dessert. The back of the bottle doesn’t give a calorie count, so if you’re looking to indulge this summer while watching your figure, you may want to tread lightly. (Or try one of these skinny cocktails instead.)

So…why is Trader Joe’s so cheap?

Get Your Bottle STAT

Got a craving for these sweet secco Bellinis? Hit up Trader Joe’s ASAP (they’re sadly not available online). Rumor has it they’re even cheaper—around $5—in specific locations, though you’ll have to pop by TJ’s to find out if your store is one of them.

If there’s no Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, make sure to stop at Aldi for these satisfying and budget-friendly hard seltzers.

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