Starbucks’ Secret Menu Fruit Punch Drink Is PERFECT for Summer—Here’s How to Order

The Starbucks secret menu is full of all kinds of summer beverages—including this gorgeous Fruit Punch Drink we can't stop sipping .

If you’re looking for a caffeine kick in the morning or something to cool off with in the afternoon, the Starbucks secret menu has you covered. We seriously can’t get enough of the Cookies and Cream Frappuccino or the Skinny Pink Drink! But these aren’t the only refreshing bevvies on the secret menu.

You won’t find this Fruit Punch Drink anywhere but the Starbucks secret menu. It’s as pretty as it is delicious—here’s how to order one of your own.

This Is Almost Too Pretty to Drink

Start your order off with a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade—unsweetened and with light lemonade. Next, ask your barista for two pumps of Pineapple Ginger syrup and one pump of Raspberry syrup. (Raspberry is pretty sweet, so if this drink isn’t suited to your taste, start small and ask gradually for more pumps.)

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Next, ask for a splash of Peach Infusion Tea and Mango Dragonfruit Refresher juice, then top it all off with berry chunks. That’ll be one scoop strawberries, one scoop blackberries and one scoop of decadent dragonfruit. The barista will shake it all together, and voila! Your perfect summer sipper.

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Keep Your Barista in Mind

Like all secret menu drinks, you’ll have to have the recipe for the Fruit Punch Drink pulled up at the register. (If there is no register, you can easily type in your order via the Starbucks app.) Starbucks baristas aren’t trained on secret menu drinks, and this one packs quite a few steps into a Venti cup.

Plenty of Starbucks secret menu items are available year-round, but this one may be a summer exclusive. You can only order this drink for as long as Starbucks has Pineapple Ginger syrup, so get to your nearest location ASAP. You won’t want to miss this!

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