This Pineapple Mimosa From Aldi Makes It Feel Like Summer Is Starting Right Now

The premixed pineapple mimosa from Aldi is exactly what you need for an easy Sunday brunch.

You might remember last summer when Aldi released a bright pink watermelon wine. Now, the grocery chain is back with a beverage that’s even better!

Just in time for spring and summer, Aldi is set to release its legendary ready-to-pour pineapple mimosa, perfectly priced at just $8.99—just the same as last year! We’re lucky that Aldi keeps the prices so low. Now all you have to do is go grab a bottle, pop it and pour yourself a big glass.

Why We’re Very Excited About the Aldi Pineapple Mimosa

Alright, so making a mimosa isn’t the hardest task in the world. But when you can streamline the process and get a tropical twist at a super-reasonable price, what’s not to love?

Not only is Aldi re-releasing the coveted pineapple flavor this year, but we hear that they’re also bringing back the pomegranate mimosa that fans fell in love with in 2019. The easy-to-serve drinks clock in at 8% ABV and pair perfectly with these amazing Sunday brunch ideas. Plus, with all your ingredients in one bottle, they’re perfect for a picnic or a potluck.

The pineapple 750mL bottles sell for $8.99 each, and these are definitely worth a grocery delivery order! We’re already adding these tart and tasty drinks to our list of the many reasons to love Aldi. Even better, they’ll be available all the way till the end of summer, so you can grab a bottle whenever you need to go to the beach!

When Will They Be in Stores?

This bright and bubbly mixer, which has definitely joined the ranks of Aldi’s award-winning whiskey in our book, will be released in May, and even though they’ll be available all through the season, we recommend grabbing a bottle ASAP. Stocks are sure to run low as people race to get a taste of this tart, delightful drink. The bubbly bottles will also make the perfect gift for mimosa lovers, though you might not want to part with your stash!

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