Costco Is Selling Beautiful Citrus Trees Right Now—and It Officially Feels Like Spring

You can grow fresh citrus at home!

Spring is almost here, which means the weather is getting warmer, flowers will be in bloom, and… Costco fruit trees are back in stock!

What Trees Are Available?

Instagram user @costcohotfinds recently shared some photos of the citrus trees they found at their local Costco store in Texas, including lemon, mandarin, red grapefruit and blood orange trees. Take a look:

Depending on where you live, Costco offers a variety of fruit trees that are best for the climate you live in. Some other types of fruit trees that have been spotted at Costco stores include pear, peach, apple, cherry and pomegranate trees.

How to Take Care of a Citrus Tree

Growing a fruit tree in your backyard requires a fair amount of TLC. When picking a spot in your yard, look for a place that has the highest elevation and most available sunlight—fruit trees need approximately 6-8 hours of sun a day. Dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball to help roots to grow easily. The depth of the hole should be as deep, but no deeper then the root ball.

It’s important to remember not to overwater your tree; once a week is more than enough.

Here are some other tips from Birds and Blooms:

  • In early spring and again in late spring, fertilize your established fruit trees with an all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Once small, green fruit begins to appear, you need to “thin” out your tree by removing some of the small, unripened fruit to promote growth.

How long it will take your tree will start producing edible fruit depends on the maturity of the tree when you purchase it.

How Much Do the Trees Cost?

Like most things at Costco, you’ll find a pretty great deal on these trees. We’ve seen them range from $16.99 to $25.99. At prices this low, it’s no wonder these trees sell out super fast when they show up!

Now that we’ve got citrus on the mind, here are some of our favorite desserts made with fresh lemon.

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