Costco Shoppers Just Discovered This Pull Apart Cheese Bread

It's so perfect for a last-minute get-together!

Costco’s glorious Pull-Apart Cheese Bread (aka Pain Au Fromage) is here! It’s just in time for all your holiday dinners and happy hours, too. Honestly, this Costco cheese bread looks so good you might even look forward to unexpected guests, just so you have an excuse to pop one in the oven.

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We Have All the Cheesy Need-to-Know Info

First discovered by Instagram accounts @costcobuys and @costcoguy4you, these pre-sliced crusty loaves are filled with Brie, Emmental and mozzarella cheese. Each loaf will give you about 52 pieces. (Plus that crusty bottom layer. Don’t forget to call dibs!) It will be gooey goodness after only 14 to 16 minutes in the oven, and the best news is you get two loaves in each package.

You’ll find the cheese bread in Costco’s refrigerated section, but we’d recommend grabbing a few and throwing the extras in your freezer. It’s cold out there—and you never know when you’ll be craving a cheesy warm-up! Learn how to make cheesy pull-apart bread at home.

Is this one of the things chefs buy at Costco? Probably not. But we’ll love it anyway.

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