Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese Is Everyone’s New Obsession—for Good Reason

TJ's fans cannot wait to pick up Pizza Bread Cheese!

Every time Trader Joe’s drops a new product, I hold my breath. It could be the next cauliflower gnocchi (one of the best Trader Joe’s frozen foods of all time) or a total flop. So when the grocery chain dropped a brand-new cheese this month—the all-new TJ’s Pizza Bread Cheese, to be specific—I had to look into it.

Now, when it comes to cheese, I like to think I know my stuff. Born and raised in Wisconsin, I’ve tasted a lot of cheeses—cheddar, provolone, Colby, Gouda—even halloumi, a cheese that crisps up when seared to perfection. But I’ve never sampled juustoleipa, the Finnish inspiration for Trader Joe’s Pizza Bread Cheese.

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What Is TJ’s Pizza Bread Cheese?

Trader Joes Pizza Bread CheeseVia @trader_joes_treasure_hunt/instagram

This “bread cheese” is named for its texture and consistency; there’s no bread here. The texture is comparable to a squeaky cheese curd when raw. But when it’s heated, it doesn’t melt completely. The cheese gets a little gooey, but still maintains its block-like form.

Throwing “pizza” in the title might be confusing, because this cheese isn’t meant to meet its end with a grater and sit atop your deep-dish. The pizza flavor is baked into the cheese, so expect flavors of oregano, basil, fennel and sun-dried tomato bits. Basically, it sounds heavenly, and I can’t wait to try it!

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How Do I Eat Bread Cheese?

Tiktok Collage Showing Trader Joe's Pizza Bread CheeseVia @traderjoesfoodreviews/Tiktok (3)

If you tried out the Garlic Bread Cheese at TJ’s, you’ll eat this pizza version no differently. Trader Joe’s recommends enjoying the product warmed, whether that’s a quick sear in a skillet or a few seconds in the microwave. And even though it’s not bread, you might want to eat it like garlic breadsticks from your favorite pizza joint—sliced into strips and dunked in warm marinara sauce.

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