The Best and Most Unique Chili Recipes

Updated: Nov. 18, 2023

Looking for unique chili recipes? Try one of these comforting, top-rated favorites.

Chili is one of those dishes that feels like a hug whenever you have it. It’s savory, rich and the perfect comforting meal when it starts getting a little chilly outside. If you’re a chili lover, you’ll be delighted to find classic recipes, savory recipes, sweet chili recipes and our all time best chili recipes. So grab your spoons and get ready to chow down.

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Cincinnati Chili

This warm and inviting dish is one of the most unique chili recipes out there—it’s served atop a pile of spaghetti!
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Spicy Fajita Chili

This spicy chili is perfect with a dollop of sour cream. If you want to add even more of a kick, use a spicier V8!
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Smoky Peanut Butter Chili

This is a special kind of chili without any beans! The peanuts and peanut butter make this dish hearty and full of crunchy texture.
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Slow-Cooker Quinoa Chili

If you’re wary about quinoa or aren’t quite used to it yet, make this yummy quinoa chili! It’s just as delicious and equally nutritious.

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White Chili with a Kick

Store-bought rotisserie chicken makes this spicy chili easy, but you could also cook your own. It’s even better with sour cream, shredded cheese and some hot sauce.
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Meaty Mushroom Chili

If you aren’t a fan of beans, you can still make a delicious chili. The mushrooms add a wonderful earthy taste to the dish.
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Sweet Potato Chili with Turkey

This sweet potato chili is packed with flavor. Ground turkey is a lighter alternative to beef and sweet potato puree sneaks in some vitamin A.
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Steak & Beer Chili

A bowl of steaming hot chili is always a pleasant way to warm up on a cold day. This one has a combination of chuck steak and brats in a spicy broth.
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Tex-Mex Chili

Need a hot meal to look forward to for dinner? Look no further than this Tex-Mex recipe with meat, plenty of beans and tasty spices.
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Chunky Vegetarian Chili

This robust chili combines rice, kidney and pinto beans, and a variety of colorful vegetables for a hearty meatless meal.
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Effortless Black Bean Chili

This black bean chili is rich and hearty. It’s perfect for chilly evenings and we guarantee your family members will agree.
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White Turkey Chili

Are you over red chili? Here’s proof that chili doesn’t have to be red. This creamy and appealing-looking soup is just as good (if not better) than your classic chili recipe.
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Thai-Style Chicken Chili

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box dish to serve for weeknights, try this Asian-inspired chili.
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Chili Macaroni and Cheese

What could be tastier on a cold winter day than chili or mac and cheese? Put them together and you have a creamy and cheesy dish that will warm you up in no time.
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Chili for a Crowd

This chili is perfect when you have to feed a large crowd, whether it’s for a party or another special occasion. This chili will be eaten up in no time, we promise.
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Butternut Squash Chili

While butternut squash isn’t typically used in chili, we love the added nutrition. Add butternut squash to chili for a tasty, filling, energy-packed dish your whole family will love.
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Game-Stopper Chili

This hearty chili with sausage, beef, beans and barley is perfect for a big gathering. Veggie fans and meat lovers will adore this dish.
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Black Bean Turkey Chili

This easy chili recipe is full of flavor thanks to the black beans and chiles. Top with sour cream if it’s too hot for you.
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Chicken Butternut Chili

Everyone loves a good comforting, hearty, tomato-based chili with bold flavors! This recipe is chock full of veggies and flavor.
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Healthy Turkey Chili

This healthy turkey chili recipe is thicker and more robust than your typical healthy chili. This will surely be a family favorite, especially for the cooler months.
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Creamy White Chili

This chili is creamy, rich and hard to resist. It’s the perfect meal for when you want something nutritious and filling.
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Slow-Cooker Spicy Pork Chili

Tender pork adds extra heartiness to this slow-cooked chili. You can use pork tenderloin, boneless pork roast or boneless pork chops.
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Zippy Vegetarian Chili

Hominy and garbanzo beans are fun additions to this zippy chili recipe that uses canned goods from your pantry. We recommend serving this particular chili with cornbread on the side. Delicious!
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Contest-Winning Pepperoni Pizza Chili

Pizza and chili together—what could be better? This contest-winning chili will be loved by kids and adults alike. Prepare for your whole family to get seconds (or thirds).
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Beer Brat Chili

This beer brat chili is a fun and unique twist! The brats add a wonderful savory flavor to the dish.
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White Chicken Chili

This is the best chicken white chili we’ve ever tried! The green chiles add a wonderful trace of heat with every bite you take.
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Spicy Touchdown Chili

What is a better pairing than football and chili? Watch your favorite team while enjoying this classic chili recipe that everyone will gobble up in no time.
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Chicken Chili with Black Beans

Thanks to the full, hearty flavor, this chili recipe is sure to become a weeknight favorite. It’s best served with warm cornbread.
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Spicy White Chili

The green chiles and other seasonings makes this chili spicy and vibrant. If you want even more heat, you can’t go wrong with a few drops of your favorite hot sauce.
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Pork Chile Verde

Say hello to your new favorite fall dish. In this chili, pork is slowly stewed with jalapenos, onion, green enchilada sauce and spices. It’s wonderful on its own or stuffed in a warm tortilla with sour cream. Don’t forget your hot sauce!
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Spiced Apple Chili

Nothing says fall like chili and apples. But have you ever had them together? The smoked paprika in this recipe gives this slightly sweet chili a smoky kick.
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Chicken & Bean Chili

This chicken and bean chili is a favorite for meat lovers. It’s a must for potlucks any time of year.
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Zippy Pork Chili

This comforting chili recipe is great served over a bed of rice, but it’s also fantastic scooped up in tortilla chips.
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Sandy’s Slow-Cooked Chili

This is a slow cooked chili that gets better and better over time. The slow cooker allows all the flavors to combine and blend together for a perfect bowl of chili.
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Mexican Chicken Chili

Corn and black beans give this hearty chili a Mexican flair the whole family will love. If you want it be less spicy, use less cayenne pepper seasoning.
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Slow-Cooked Chunky Chili

Pork sausage, ground beef and plenty of beans make this chili a marvelous meal. Feel free to add more vegetables like corn and carrots.
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Ground Beef Chili

This beef chili may be even better than anything you could get at a restaurant. It’s especially good with homemade cornbread.
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Texican Chili

This flavorful, meaty chili is a warm and comforting dish. It’s also so easy to prepare in the slow cooker.
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Easy White Chicken Chili

Chicken and white beans add a new twist on the regular bowl of red. It’s soothing comfort food that is perfect for a rainy day.
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Bean & Beef Slow-Cooked Chili

This chili is packed with everything from beans to beef to veggies. Feel free to add more toppings like pico de gallo, red onion, cilantro and cheese.
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Hearty Taco Chili

Ranch dressing mix and taco seasoning give extra special flavor to this dish. We won’t blame you if you go back for seconds.
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Meatball Chili with Dumplings

This is a fun take on a classic. This chili tastes like a hearty meatball stew with incredibly addictive dumplings.
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Quinoa Turkey Chili

This healthy turkey quinoa chili is not only tasty, it’s packed with vitamins and protein that will keep you feeling satisfied and energized.
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Firehouse Chili

This firehouse chili is hearty and satisfying. If you need to feed a crowd, look no further than this recipe.
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Spicy Pork Chili Verde

This chili is brimming with poblano and sweet red peppers for a kick. We recommend serving it with sour cream, shredded cheese and tortilla chips.
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Black Bean, Chorizo & Sweet Potato Chili

This recipe takes chili to the next level by changing up the flavors and adding a surprise—sweet potatoes. The addition of chorizo and black beans adds a southwestern twist.
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Creamy Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili

This creamy slow-cooker white chicken chili is extra rich thanks to the Alfredo sauce.
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Quick Pork Chili

If you want to whip up a quick and easy chili, this is the recipe for you. The pork in here is also a nice switch up from traditional beef.
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Santa Fe Chili

This hearty chili is full of protein! With black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans, you will be entranced by all of the textures and flavors.
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White Bean Chicken Chili

This chicken chili is loaded with white beans and flavor. The jalapenos adds a nice kick without it being overly hot.
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White Bean Turkey Chili

Attention turkey lovers! This chili is chock-full of ground turkey, white kidney beans and diced tomatoes. It’s so full of flavor, you won’t even miss having beef.
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Green Chile Chicken Chili

Shredded chicken and hot green chilis turn this chili into a masterpiece. Shredded cheese and sour cream will help combat the spice.
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Kids’ Favorite Chili

Kids will love this version of sweet chili. Plus, it’s easy to make and adults will be running back for seconds too.
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Chunky Chipotle Pork Chili

What more could you want on a cool evening for dinner? This chili is packed with a smoky flavor thanks to the chipotle pork.
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Lime Chicken Chili

Lime juice gives this chili a zesty twist, while canned tomatoes and beans make this easy and mess free. Top with tortilla strips for an extra crunch.