30-Minute Chicken Breast Recipes

Chicken breasts are tasty, juicy and versatile enough to dress up or down with sauces, seasonings and sides. With these great chicken breast recipes, you can have dinner on the table in 30 minutes, tops.

Chicken breast recipes are easy to make on busy weeknights. No matter your preferences, you’ll find something to love—from chicken wraps to chicken pasta dishes to comforting chicken curries. We even have delicious chicken salad recipes that are tasty and satisfying. Plus, all these dishes can be made in just 30 minutes, so you won’t be cooped up in the kitchen for too long.

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Easy Chicken Piccata

This chicken piccata recipe is perfect for people who don’t want to spend all their time in the kitchen. This dish needs just 5-10 minutes in the oven and is delicious for any weeknight.
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Chicken Artichoke Skillet

This chicken entree featuring artichokes and olives brings Greek flair to your table. Seasoned with lemon juice and oregano, the chicken is moist and tender.
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Bacon & Swiss Chicken Sandwiches

This sandwich may seem simple, but it tastes out of this world. The combo of bacon and swiss cheese makes this sandwich a real winner.
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Cumin Chicken

This chicken dish comes together with ease in no time at all. It’s perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t have much time to spare.
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Chicken Pizza

Making this pizza is an excellent way to use up leftover pesto. It’s loaded with protein-rich chicken and black beans and is hearty enough to satisfy everyone!
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Artichoke Chicken Pasta

This chicken dish is as tasty as it is colorful. With the help of seasonings like oregano and garlic, the sauce is the real star!
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Chicken Provolone

This cheesy chicken dish is sure to be a new weekly favorite for your household. It’s easy to prepare and the kids will love it.
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Speedy Chicken Marsala

You can’t go wrong with chicken marsala. And with this recipe, you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.
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Angel Hair with Chicken & Cherries

Nutmeg and cherries are an unusual but delectable pairing. If you like pasta, this is the one for you.
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Grilled Basil Chicken and Tomatoes

Nothing says “summer” quite like fresh basil. This tender chicken dish is great for summer gatherings and potlucks.
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Penne Gorgonzola with Chicken

This rich, creamy pasta dish is easy to throw together for any day of the week. Feel free to switch out the gorgonzola cheese for something else, like Parmesan.
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Smothered Chicken

You can’t go wrong with this tasty recipe. Tender chicken breast topped with mushrooms, bacon, green onions and cheese makes for a delicious family meal.
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Cheesy Chicken Subs

This flavorful sandwich combines seasoned grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions. It’s quick and simple, but quite satisfying.
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Cashew Chicken with Ginger

With standout flavors from the fresh ginger and the crunch of the cashews, this Asian-inspired dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Eat up!
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Chicken with Cherry Wine Sauce

This saucy chicken is heaven on a plate. The cherry wine sauce adds summer flavors to this tender and juicy chicken recipe.
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Roasted Pepper Chicken Penne

For a weekly night staple, you can’t beat this pasta dish. The roasted red pepper sauce is a great alternative to tomato sauce.
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Chicken Alfredo with Grilled Apples

If you’ve never grilled apples before, here’s your excuse to start. This chicken Alfredo is creamy and hard to resist.
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Berry Chicken Salad

Bright berries and creamy goat cheese make this one a winner! This light salad is great for a side at dinner or an easy and mess-free lunch.
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Mediterranean Chicken

This flavorful chicken recipe is full of tomatoes, olives and capers. It’s sure to be a knockout at dinner.
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Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Chicken

This tender chicken pairs perfectly with its spicy sauce. Peach preserves add just a touch of sweetness, while the salsa adds a light kick of heat.
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In-a-Pinch Chicken & Spinach

If you have leftover spinach, this recipe is great if you’re in a pinch. Plus, the chicken is tender and never overcooked.
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Contest-Winning Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

This mouthwatering chicken and mushroom sauce comes together in no time. Say goodbye to your usual Italian take out and hello to your new favorite meal.
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Chicken and Black Bean Soup

This spicy soup is comforting and great for when the weather gets a little cooler. It’s quick to make but tastes like it simmered all day.
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Chicken Reuben Roll-Ups

This fun roll-up is great for kids and adults too. It’s quick, easy to make and delicious, of course.
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Saucy Peach-Balsamic Chicken

This sweet-savory chicken dish comes together in no time. Serve it with a fresh salad or steamed green beans on the side.
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Skillet Chicken with Barbecue Onion

Barbecue chicken will always be a good idea. This skillet creation is tasty and bursting with flavor.
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Chicken Cheese Strata

The spices in this simple strata with chicken, broccoli and cheese offer an extra special taste. Get ready for some extra cheesiness and smiles all around.
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Chicken with Peach-Cucumber Salsa

This chicken recipe is great for hot summer days. The peach cucumber salsa adds a wonderful cooling effect to the dish.
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Italian Chicken and Penne

With fresh green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes, you’re going to want seconds. This tasty pasta dish is perfect when you want to throw something together quickly.
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Strawberry Mint Chicken

You can’t go wrong with fresh strawberries paired with savory chicken. The mint in this recipe also adds a wonderful earthiness to the chicken.
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Skillet Chicken Fajitas

These fajitas are the perfect dish to make when your’e craving Mexican food. We recommend topping with sour cream and salsa.
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Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

This baked rosemary chicken with a tangy lemon sauce is light and tasty for kids and adults alike. We recommend serving this dish with angel hair pasta or steamed brown rice.
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Cheesy Onion Chicken Skillet

This cheesy skillet recipe is oozing with delicious flavors. Plus, it’s easy to make and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen prepping.
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Crispy Asian Chicken Salad

This Asian-inspired chicken salad is refreshing and bold. The crunchy almonds and crispy breaded chicken make this salad a sure family favorite.
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Spicy Lemon Chicken Kabobs

These easy chicken kabobs are anything but bland. The grilled lemons add a signature smoky tang to this chicken recipe.
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Easy Chicken Paprikash

In this dish, chicken and tomatoes come together to create a masterpiece. Serve over steamed rice or noodles.
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Grilled Chicken, Mango & Blue Cheese Tortillas

This outdoor appetizer is simple to make, but not simple in taste. It’s sure to be a crowd favorite and is bursting with summer flavors thanks to the mangos and blue cheese.
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Spicy Apricot-Glazed Chicken

Looking for a new chicken idea? This spicy chicken recipe will become your new favorite. The chili sauce, mustard and apricot preserves come together to create a delightful glaze.
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Country Chicken and Gravy

Craving southern comfort food? This recipe is a lighter take on a classic.
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Bruschetta Chicken Wraps

Garlic, tomatoes and fresh basil come together to create wraps that are oh-so good. It’s great for a quick lunch or an easy dinner.
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Black Bean Chicken with Rice

Chicken, black beans and rice come together perfectly. It’s so easy and simple, but it’s full of bold flavors.
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Bacon & Rosemary Chicken

With the help of savory bacon and earth rosemary, this dish will turn out beautifully every single time. Say hello to your new favorite chicken recipe.
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Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Orzo

Broccoli and rice come together to make a perfect weeknight staple. If you aren’t a fan or orzo, you can substitute it with your favorite small pasta.
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Chili Chicken Strips

Seasoned crushed corn chips coat these slightly crunchy chicken fingers. If your family likes a little heat, use the full 1-1/2 teaspoons of chili powder. If not, put less in.
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Tapenade-Stuffed Chicken Breasts

If you’re an olive lover, you’ll fall in love with this quick chicken dish. Serve with rice, angel hair pasta or a light summer salad.
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Quick Cajun Chicken Penne

This creamy pasta dish isn’t your ordinary Alfredo pasta recipe. Thanks to the Cajun seasoning, it’s packed with a bold punch and zesty flavor.
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Rosemary-Lemon Grilled Chicken

This dish brings out bold flavors thanks to the lemon and rosemary. It’s great on its own or atop a bed of lettuce or rice.
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Mango Chutney Chicken Curry

When you’re craving Indian food, you won’t have to call for takeout anymore. This creamy and comforting chutney is a weeknight superstar!
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Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with Mixed Greens

This pretzel-crusted chicken recipe is crispy and satisfying. Feel free to change up the pretzel flavor with hot buffalo wing or buttermilk ranch pretzels.
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Mini Chicken & Biscuit Sandwiches

You will love these mini chicken sandwiches that are simple and easy to make. It’s a good lunch to take on the go.
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Caribbean Chicken

This chicken is full of flavor thanks to the show-stopping marinade. It’s perfectly zesty and spicy!
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Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

This hearty soup combines tender chicken, sweet corn, and zesty spices to create a comforting dish with a southwestern twist.
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Parmesan Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken

Chicken and yellow squash tossed with bow tie pasta makes for a wonderful summer meal. Add extra fresh grated Parmesan on top before serving.
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Bruschetta-Topped Chicken & Spaghetti

This recipe is a fresh and satisfying twist on a classic pasta dish, making it a delightful choice if you’re looking for a light yet flavorful meal.
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Rosemary Chicken with Spinach & Beans

This chicken recipe is simple, yet bold in flavor. Bursting with rosemary, you’re going to enjoy every single bite of the moist and tender chicken.
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Cara’s Crunchy Chicken Strips

Get ready to dunk these strips into your favorite sauce. The croutons make a delightfully crunchy and fun experience.
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Ginger-Cashew Chicken Salad

This gingery, crunchy salad is a crowd pleaser for a reason. It’s tangy, flavorful and refreshing.
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Spicy Peanut Chicken Kabobs

A little sweet, a little sour, and a whole lot of flavor! These kabobs are amazing, especially for a big summertime gathering.

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