The Best 4th of July Games to Play with Your Family

Keep things hopping with these 4th of July games the entire family will enjoy.

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You’ve spent weeks planning the best picnic ever and preparing 4th of July recipes. Finally, it’s the big day. Let the 4th of July games begin! These fun ideas will appeal to everybody—from the energetic youngsters to the adults who just want to relax in a lawn chair on their well-earned holiday. Now, let’s play!

1. Red, White and Blue Marshmallow Golf

Marshmallows—they’re not just for s’mores anymore. Divide a bag of jumbo marshmallows into three groups, then use food coloring to dye one group red and one group blue. Keep the third group white. Once the ‘mallows dry, let each player tee one up and swing away using a golf club or hockey stick. The participant who hits their marshmallow the farthest wins. Have one prize for the kids and one for the adults.

2. Water Balloon Toss

It’s a warm-weather classic. Teams of two toss water balloons back and forth. Have the distance between the pair increase with each turn. The last team standing with an intact water balloon wins. If the big kids are feeling more competitive, save some balloons for a game of dodgeball. We recommend this jumbo pack of self-sealing water balloons that let you fill up 100 balloons in under a minute.

3. Fourth of July Bingo

While the balloon tossers dry off, bring things down a notch with some July 4th bingo. After all, you’ve made a picnic table full of tasty recipes—you deserve a break. This red, white and blue set keeps things festive and relaxed. Lure the kids to the table by handing out patriotic cookies as sweet prizes.

4. Patriotic Yard Bowling

Start saving your cans! You’ll need 10 of ’em for this fun game. Use paint or red, white and blue tape to decorate each can. Then, stack them in a pyramid shape and let the kids knock them down with a wiffle ball.

5. American History Trivia

Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence? Find out which of your guests knows their stuff with some American history trivia. Have a different set of questions for the kids and the adults. You can get some ideas from The Great Book of American Trivia.

6. Flag Hunt

Instead of eggs, hide tiny flags around the yard or picnic grounds for the kids to find. Mark one of the flags and give the finder a special prize.

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