13 Best Sleepover Games for Kids

Wondering how to throw the ultimate slumber party? Start with these sleepover games to get the party started.

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Throwing the ultimate girls’ sleepover is an overwhelming ask. How can you throw a party when you’re not even invited? The answer: sleepover games. Keep your daughter and her friends entertained for hours with a few pre-planned activities and one of these kid-friendly charcuterie boards. Then keep your fingers crossed that everyone falls asleep.

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Girls talking to each other sitting on bed
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Truth or Dare

Truth or dare: It’s a classic for a reason. There is no equipment needed, and it can keep a group of kids, tweens or teens busy for hours. Let your daughter and her friends choose some of their favorite slumber party snacks, then sit in the next room and enjoy the sound of laughter.

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Would You Rather?

Here is another equipment-free sleepover game that can entertain kids of all ages. Questions included in the would you rather game can range from silly to serious and help your daughter’s sleepover guests get to know each other better. It’s a great option for friends who haven’t spent much time together yet. Set out some kids’ snacks and let them chat away.

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Have some loose-leaf paper and a pencil? Your daughter can relive your glory days with a few rounds of M.A.S.H. Look for a free printable online or go old-school and make your own. Simply write M.A.S.H. at the top of the paper and list your categories. Then sit back as the girls find out their fortunes.

Don’t forget to look at our ultimate sleepover checklist and here are things to do at a sleepover.

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Musical Sleeping Bags

Musical chairs may feel a bit young for your slumber party guests, but musical sleeping bags bring new life to this game. Have the kids set up their sleeping bags in a large circle and pump up the tunes. Don’t be surprised when everyone’s competitive sides come out. After the game, let the girls cool down with a fun punch recipe.

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Scavenger Hunt

Looking for more of a structured activity? Take back control of slumber party madness by creating an activity for them. If the weather is nice, send the girls outside to find different colored leaves, flowers or other nature treasures. Then welcome them back with a delicious, kid-friendly dinner and a movie.

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Need a quick activity to get the sleepover fun started? Set out a game of Twister, and let the colorful dots do their magic. The girls can take turns spinning and announcing each move. And once they’re tired of turning their bodies into pretzels, set out some chewy soft pretzels for an on-theme treat.

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Ghost Stories

As long as your guests aren’t too young to enjoy some spooky fun, ghost stories are always a hit. They’re also a nice way to wind down the sleepover energy. Once everyone is in her sleeping bag, dim the lights, pull out a flashlight, and get creative.

Serve some mini s’mores to really get the campfire vibes going—no campfire necessary.

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Even the older kids love hide and seek, especially with this silly slumber party game. To play sardines, have the kids choose one player to hide. Then the rest of the group searches for her. When a player finds the hider, they join her, and on it goes until everyone is crammed together like sardines. Then it’s on to the next party game!

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Minute-to-Win-It Building Games

Not all girls are content to spend a slumber party painting their nails and styling their hair. For the ones who enjoy some friendly competition, set out supplies for a minute-to-win-it game. This could include plastic cups, popsicle sticks or any small objects that can be stacked. Then set the timer for 60 seconds and challenge them to a building competition.

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Freeze Dance

Need to wear out some sugared-up tweens? Once they’ve finished dinner and make-your-own sundaes, push the furniture to the side of the room and get ready for a dance party. Your guests can take turns being the DJ.

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Who Am I?

Does your daughter have a new group of friends? Try the “who am I” game to break the ice and help everyone get to know each other. Hand out paper and pens, and ask each girl to write down five things about herself that most people don’t know. Then mix up the sheets of paper and ask the girls to take turns reading and guessing.

Need another icebreaker for new friends? Let your guests take over the kitchen and make their own pizzas.

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Heads Up

Heads Up is a fun game for just about anywhere. Holiday parties, road trips and, of course, sleepovers are perfect for an exciting game of clues and guessing. Simply download the app, purchase the game or make your own themed cards.

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Have some quieter guests at your sleepover? They may not love freeze dance and Twister but could excel at a different type of activity. Please the budding artists of the group with a game of Pictionary. You could buy the board game or simply write down clues on slips of paper.

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