10 Easy 4th of July Crafts for Kids

Take your Independence Day celebration to the next level with these fun 4th of July crafts. We have kid-friendly ideas for decorations, toys, treats and more.

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Handmade paper wreath with red, white and blue stars for July 4th
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DIY Star Wreath

For a quick, patriotic craft, cut out paper stars from red, white and blue cardstock. Then, glue the overlapping shapes to a wreath form or wooden hoop. Your little one will love affixing this wreath to her bicycle when riding in the 4th of July parade, or even wearing it as a crown!

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Taste of Home

Bomb Pop Cookies

Skip the ice cream truck—you can make your own summery treats in the kitchen. Kids will love mixing up the dough, adding food coloring and sandwiching these Bomb Pop cookies together.

Get the recipe.

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red, white and blue ribbon wand
Mama in the Now

Red, White and Blue Ribbon Wand

As fun as these ribbons wands from Mama in the Now are to make, they’re even more fun to play with! Perfect for waving at the parade or dancing around the house, this cute craft will keep the little ones occupied for hours.

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Diy 4th of July decor color American flag, red, blue, white.
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DIY Rockets

3…2…1…Blast off! This clever rocket craft is made from empty paper towel rolls, craft paper and papier-mache. The kiddos may need a little help gluing their creations together, but they’ll have tons of fun decorating each rocket with patriotic colors and shapes.

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Mason jar lanterns for the 4th of July
Country Woman

4th of July Mason Jar Lights

Pave the way to a great 4th of July party with pretty mason jar lanterns. A few days before the big gig, have your kids help cut out star shapes, paint the jars and fill ’em with sand. Then, once night falls, place a battery-operated tea light in each jar.

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Preparing to sewing of pieces of fabrics that look like a flag of USA

DIY American Flag

Make your own Old Glory with this fun craft idea. Cut out red, white and blue squares of scrap fabric, card stock or even paint chips. Then, lay out the squares in the shape of a flag, using glue to adhere the pieces together. Your kids will love mixing-and-matching the patterns and proudly displaying their finished project.

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Crispy Star Pops

Everyone loves a crispy treat. And these easy pops are just as fun to make as they are to eat. Little ones will love cutting out the star shapes and decorating each pop with red, white and blue sprinkles.

Get the recipe.

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Firework salt painting
Busy Mommy Media

Fireworks Salt Painting

Table salt, glue and watercolor paints recreate the beauty of fireworks, thanks to this fun idea from Busy Mommy Media. Just make sure to lay down an old baking sheet first—this craft can get messy!

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Handmade Fabric Garland on Fence
Taste of Home

Gorgeous Garland

Need to spruce up your backyard with some festive decorations? Try making red, white and blue bunting out of old clothing and fabric scraps! Just cut the fabric into strips of varying lengths, then tie each piece to a length of rope.

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14 Diy 4th of July paper salute color American flag, red, blue, white.
Olya Detry/Shutterstock

Patriotic Vase

Need an easy centerpiece idea for your 4th of July table? Put the kids to work transforming empty cans into Insta-worthy vases. Just layer red, white and blue tape (plus some star stickers) on empty cans. Then fill ’em up with candy, flowers, sparklers, etc.

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