16 Easter Games the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Updated: Mar. 04, 2024

After the egg hunt, keep the celebration going. These Easter games allow the whole family to get involved in the fun.

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Easter is a great day to celebrate with family, from hosting a beautiful Easter brunch to plotting the ultimate Easter egg hunt. Want the fun to continue? These ideas for Easter games are sure to keep the celebration going, whether you’re spending time in the backyard with other adults or keeping the kids busy all day long. They might just become your new favorite Easter traditions! And while you’re at it, be sure to check out these Easter toys to get both kids and adults in on all the fun.

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Pin The Tail On The Bunny Easter Party Game
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Pin the Tail on the Bunny

This birthday party favorite can be used for any occasion, including Easter. Craft a big poster with a bunny design, or purchase a vinyl poster to use year after year. Have fun taking turns pinning the fluffy cotton tail on the bunny. Don’t forget the blindfold!

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Group of children in egg spoon race
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Easter Egg Relay

This outdoor relay is a family favorite. With eggs and spoons on the materials list, it’s the perfect Easter activity idea. Give everybody in the group a decorated hardboiled egg and a spoon. Kick off the game at the start line and have everyone race to the finish as fast as they can while keeping the precious egg on the spoon.

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Cheerful easter bunny Piñata with easter eggs
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Easter Piñata

Keep the Easter candy fun going with a festive piñata. Purchase a bunny, an Easter egg or an adorable baby chick piñata from the store. Fill it with additional candy or even small toys. Hang it high, and take turns whacking it with a stick until it breaks open and it’s time to collect all the goodies.

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Backyard Lawn Bowling Game
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Lawn Bowling

Set up a bowling alley in the grass for after the egg hunt. You can purchase a lawn bowling set to use all spring and summer long, or craft your own Easter themed version. The whole family will love rolling the ball for a strike! Plan an adult Easter egg hunt with these clever ideas.

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Smiling young boy coloring Easter eggs with his father at home
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Egg Decorating Contest

Save Easter egg dying for the day of, and make a game out of it. Set up your table with supplies for everyone in the family to join in the fun. Once everyone has crafted their eggs, it’s time to vote on who has the prettiest designs.

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Giant 4 Connect In A Row With Carrying Case
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Giant Connect Four

This is the perfect lawn game for kids and adults alike. It’s sure to be a hit on a sunny spring day. Purchase a giant connect four set, and let everyone take turns playing. You can even make a competition out of it, having each player duel the continuous winner for a grand prize.

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Easter Bingo
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Jelly Bean Bingo

Easter bingo is a fun indoor activity after the kids have been running around outside all morning. Print your own bingo cards or purchase an Easter themed bingo pack. Call out carrots, eggs and flowers and have each player mark their spots on the cards with jelly beans. Try not to eat them while playing!

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Potato Sack Race Jumping Bags
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Bunny Hop Race

Why not turn a family picnic favorite into a holiday staple? Put a spin on a traditional sack race using burlap sacks or pillow cases with handcrafted bunny tails, or buy Easter themed sacks for the occasion. Choose a starting point, and race to the finish line while hopping along the whole way.

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carrots in a basket in the grass easter game
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Carrot Basket Toss

Collect carrots for the Easter bunny! This is a great way to use a beautiful Easter basket for a game. Place it on the ground, whether inside or outside, away from the throwing line. Have the kids (or adults) toss real carrots into the basket. Whoever lands the most carrots for the Easter bunny wins a prize.

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Jenga Giant
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Giant Jenga

Jenga is a classic indoor game, bound to provide plenty of laughs as players unstack wooden game pieces and hope they don’t tumble to the floor. Choose a giant Jenga set for an outdoor Easter celebration on the lawn. The kids will love playing with a tower that’s as tall as them.

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Easter Egg Cornhole Bags Set Of 8
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Easter Cornhole

This is a classic outdoor game, but it can certainly be dressed up for the occasion. Use a standard cornhole set, or purchase cornhole bags designed with Easter eggs. If the kids are playing, put the boards closer together. Separate them to the standard 27 feet to make it more challenging for the adults.

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Inflatable Bunny Rabbit Ears Ring Toss Game
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Bunny Ears Ring Toss

This inflatable bunny ears ring toss game is sure to make the whole family giggle. Use it indoors or out on the lawn and take turns having everyone in the family wear the rabbit ears. The player that gets the most rings on the bunny’s ears wins a golden egg!

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Gosports Six Player Croquet Set
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Play a few rounds of croquet while the kids are hunting for eggs around the backyard. This colorful croquet set comes with mallets, balls and wickets to set up a course. Up the stakes of the game with an Easter prize for the player who wins.

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Directly Above Shot Of Easter Eggs In Basket On Grassy Field
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Puzzle Piece Egg Hunt

Looking for clever Easter egg hunt ideas? Swap candy for puzzle pieces to put together a hunt the whole family will participate in. Set everyone off to hunt for eggs. Then, once all of the eggs have been collected, come together as a group to assemble the Easter themed puzzle.

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Children Playing Outside At An Easter Party
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Bunny Hop Race

This simple game requires no special equipment or materials at all. Have everyone in the family join in the fun with a bunny hop race. The player that can hop from the start to the finish line the fastest wins.

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Easter clue Message under a Windshield Wiper
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Easter Treasure Hunt

Want to keep the hunting going after a successful Easter egg hunt? Switch to hiding clues! Plan out a route through the house and backyard. Write clues on paper, leading hunters to different hiding spots with additional clues. Ultimately, lead them to a grand Easter treasure.