20 Easter Ideas to Celebrate a Hopping Good Holiday

Updated: Apr. 21, 2024

Hosting the holiday this year? These Easter ideas will keep your guests entertained between bites of chocolate bunnies.

This year, try some new Easter ideas to celebrate the holiday! Make a few cute Easter treats or shake up your Easter dinner menu.

And don’t forget plenty of activities to keep the kiddos (and grown-ups) entertained. Easter games, crafts and outdoor activities are all welcome on this spring holiday. If you need inspiration, check out these Easter party ideas.

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Marshmallow Easter Eggs
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Make Your Own Easter Candy

Everyone loves a Resse’s peanut butter egg or a handful of jelly beans on Easter, but you can really make the holiday special by making homemade Easter candy. These recipes for marshmallow eggs, jelly bean bark and chewy caramels all have top ratings.

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Dye Eggs

Is it even Easter without dyed eggs? You can dye eggs easily with vinegar, food coloring and hot water. You can also try other fun Easter egg decorating ideas.

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Make a Bunny Board

Who doesn’t love a good grazing board? These spreads encourage guests to sample all sorts of tasty treats. On Easter, that means favorites like Peeps, Robin’s Eggs, chocolate bunnies and homemade Easter candies.

For more inspiration, check out details on how to make a bunny board for your party.

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Set a Festive Table

Easter is the perfect time to adorn your table with fresh flowers and your best dinnerware. You can also make an easy place setting with a napkin, twine and an egg (you can use a plastic one if you like!).

Just twist the napkin into a long, thin strip and pull around an egg. Tie with twine or a ribbon and place one of these bunnies on each plate. You can go a step further by writing guests’ names on the eggs or drawing a bunny face.

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Traditional Hot Cross Buns Exps10278 Th143191d11 12 4b Rms 4
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Bake Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are baked to celebrate the end of Lent. While they’re traditionally enjoyed on Good Friday, these fruit-studded buns are the perfect accompaniment for an Easter breakfast or brunch.

By the way, looking for Easter breakfast ideas that won’t take all morning? Try these Easter Breakfast ideas that are easy and delicious.

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20 Easter Ideas To Celebrate A Hopping Good Holiday, Decorated Easter Tree
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Decorate an Easter Tree

Easter trees are a fun way to adorn your home. There are plenty of decorative trees for sale during this spring season, but you can make your own easily! Nestle branches into a tall vase and adhere brightly colored pompoms or felt balls to the twigs with hot glue. You can even dust these baubles with a bit of glitter.

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Dye Deviled Eggs

Don’t limit dyeing to eggshells! You can even dye the egg inside to make festive Easter deviled eggs. To dye the eggs, boil and peel the eggs first, then dip the hard-boiled eggs in a food dye bath.

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Easter Lilies In A Glass Flower Vase
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Decorate with Easter Lilies

Bright white lilies have been part of Easter celebrations for ages. Add these flowers to your Easter centerpiece or even buy an Easter lily plant to adorn your home all season long. Don’t have a green thumb? Our guide on caring for an Easter lily can help.

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Easter Lamb Cake Exps Diyd19 172378 E03 20 1b 29
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Make a Lamb Cake

Time to break out your mold! A lamb cake is a traditional Easter dessert that many families consider a tradition. Have everyone participate in making and decorating this cake. Some folks can make the batter while others can frost and others can finish off the creation with colored coconut and jelly beans.

Don’t have a lamb-shaped pan? Try making a bunny cake instead!

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Flower vase for easter with peeps and candy in the bottom
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Build a Candy Centerpiece

Take your flower arranging skills to a new level by including Easter candy! This centerpiece is made by nestling two vases together. Between the walls of the vases, you can layer in your favorite holiday treats like jelly beans, Peeps and malted milk eggs. With the candy in place, you can fill the center vase with water and flowers.

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Resurrection Rolls, Empty Tomb Rolls
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Bake Empty Tomb Rolls

These empty tomb rolls, sometimes called resurrection rolls, are the perfect treat to bake up on Easter morning. Marshmallows are wrapped in crescent dough and baked. When baked, the marshmallow melts away leaving an empty space inside these sweet treats.

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20 Easter Ideas To Celebrate A Hopping Good Holiday, Easter Bingo
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Play Easter Bingo

If Easter turns out to be a bit too chilly or rainy for outdoor games, try an easy Easter game like bingo. Use jelly beans or small foil-wrapped eggs as markers.

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A Young Boy Out In A Park Learning To Fly A Colourful Kite
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Fly a Kite

In Bermuda, it’s long been tradition to fly a kite on Good Friday. Now, folks elsewhere have caught on to this activity. Flying a kite is a great way to spend some family time outside on Easter (and all spring long).

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Easter Sugar Cookies Exps Hca20 17304 E03 13 3b 4
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Decorate Easter Cookies

If your family isn’t big on hard-boiled eggs but you can’t resist the idea of decorating treats, make a batch of Easter cutout cookies. Be sure to have plenty of royal icing on hand for decorating.

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Two Kids Playing With Easter Eggs
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Host a Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Hide Easter eggs (or candy-filled plastic eggs) around your home and backyard for the kids to seek out. There are so many fun Easter egg hunt ideas to take your celebration to the next level, from hiding glow-in-the-dark eggs at night to stuffing a big golden egg with plenty of treats.

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Pineapple Carrot Cake Exps Hca18 12965 C06 08 6b 14
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Use Edible Flowers

An easy way to add springtime flair to any dessert—including our favorite Easter cakes—is by adding edible flowers. Flowers like pansies, roses and chamomile buds are all safe to eat and look so elegant when garnishing sweet treats.

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Easter Egg Hidden In Grass
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Host an Easter Egg Roll

Since 1878, the White House has hosted an official Easter egg roll. You can host your own this holiday and have kids (and even the adults) race to roll their eggs across the lawn using a wooden spoon. Be sure to have a prize for the winner!

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Easy Italian Easter Bread Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Bake a Traditional Easter Bread

Decorative breads are an important part of many Easter celebrations around the world. Italian Easter bread is braided and baked with colored eggs. You can also try Greek tsoureki, Polish paska or Austrian kugelhopf. These breads are often rich and slightly sweet—ideal to celebrate the end of Lent and the start of springtime.

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Courtesy Reminisce

Take Time to Reminisce

While Easter bonnets may have fallen out of fashion, it’s still fun to take a look back at their heyday—and all the fashions of the past. Take a few moments on the holiday to look at old photos or watch old home movies. These vintage Easter memories might inspire a new tradition next year!

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Brunch Bash Gift Basket
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Make Baskets for Everyone

Kids don’t need to be the only ones who reap the Easter Bunny’s benefits this holiday! Make Easter baskets for all your loved ones. While you’ll want to stuff youngsters’ baskets with candies and toys, you can build grown-up-friendly gift baskets filled with small gifts based on their interests.

Gardeners might appreciate a new pair of gloves and some seeds. Crafters would appreciate a skein of pretty yarn or a new set of calligraphy pens. And when all else fails, everyone loves Easter candy and treats!