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12 Easy Easter Activity Ideas for Kids

These family-friendly Easter ideas keep your little ones busy so you can put the finishing touches on the holiday feast.

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Adorable little blonde toddler girl decorating with Easter eggs cherry tree branches standing in the kitchen next a window with garden view; Shutterstock ID 179985827CroMary/Shutterstock

Decorate an Easter Tree

Hang Easter egg ornaments on branches in a vase, a houseplant, or a tree or shrub outdoors to create an adorable decoration.

To make your own ornaments, simply hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the top of decorated Easter eggs or plastic eggs. (Psst: We’ve got 13 more fun things to do with plastic Easter eggs here.)

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Easter Egg Cookies Exps Diyd20 4565 E02 04 1b 1

Decorate Easter Egg Cookies

My mother started baking these cookies with me and my brothers and sisters, and I carried on the tradition with my youngsters when they were little. —Barbara Neuweg, West Point, Iowa
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Drawing points on kraft paper. Grunge background; Shutterstock ID 616148078Li Varnava/Shutterstock

Handcraft a Table Cloth

Roll out some disposable craft paper on your table, and let the kids go to town! Provide non-toxic crayons, markers and colored pencils for young ones to doodle with, then use the artwork as a tablecloth for dinner (these are our favorite Easter dinner recipes).

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Bird Nests Exps Hca18 118377 D08 29 2b 5

Make Bird Nests

This is a fun, kid-friendly recipe I pulled together a few years ago. My kids love helping me make these. —Jessica Boivin, Nekoosa, Wisconsin
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The boy and girl are playing colored Easter eggs; Shutterstock ID 372831721Nadiia Balytska/Shutterstock

Play Crack the Egg

To play, have each kid choose a hard-boiled egg (learn how to make them perfectly here), and hold it with the tip pointing outwards. Then, in pairs, the kids try to crack their opponent’s egg by tapping the tips against each other. Whoever’s egg cracks first has to eat the egg, and the un-cracked egg goes on to a new opponent. The last egg to survive wins.

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Peanut Butter Easter Eggs Exps Cwfm19 42493 E01 09 1b 14

Deck out Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Get the kids involved in making these chocolate and peanut buttery treats, well worth the sticky fingers! —Mary Joyce Johnson, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
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Build a Super Simple Easter Peeps Centerpiece

Have little hands help out with this bright and beautiful centerpiece. Just make sure they don’t sneak too many Peeps and jelly beans while putting it together!

Get Directions Here

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Make Jelly Bean Bark

Homemade Easter candy really doesn't get easier than this. It's so simple—all you need are three ingredients, a microwave and a pan! It makes a perfect gift. —Mavis Dement, Marcus, Iowa
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Family Having Egg And Spoon Race; Shutterstock ID 60510538oliveromg/Shutterstock

Have Easter Egg Races

Ask your kids to hold eggs on spoons (or check out this reusable no-break, no-waste kit) and race each other without dropping the egg. Up the fun by arranging an obstacle course in the backyard.

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Easter Bunny Treats Exps Hca20 20233 E03 13 7b 12

Make Easter Bunny Treats

Our whole family has fun making these bunny-riffic treats together. They are just so cute! —Holly Jost, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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Cornhole Game Board Bean Bag Toss; Shutterstock ID 327293555valbunny/Shutterstock

Play Easter Cornhole

Whether you call it cornhole, bags, bag toss or something else, this bean bag game is perfect for a sunny Easter Sunday. If you don’t already have cornhole boards, try this super simple DIY, or order kid-sized boards here.

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Little boy hunting for easter egg in spring garden on Easter day. Cute little child with traditional bunny celebrating feast; Shutterstock ID 516736762Maria Sbytova/Shutterstock

Host a Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Hide Easter eggs (or candy-filled plastic eggs) around your home and backyard for the kids to search for. You can even take it to the next level with these ideas for the best Easter egg hunt ever!

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